Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had high hopes for the evening. At first, everything was going perfect. I looked good in my new jumper. He seemed happy to see me. We were talking/joking around with each other. And more importantly, I was going to eat a hamburger! Yes, I could tell the evening was going to be fun.

Uh Houston...we have a problem!

Blogger World, I have no idea what happen when we arrived to the BBQ. The talking/joking around with each other dwindled down. At one point, we weren't even talking to each other. Instead he was playing on his phone, and I was watching a six year old lean back in a Buzz Light Year chair. I'm dead serious. Of course, I couldn't talk to others at the BBQ because I didn't know them, and neither did Pistol Pete. I tried to engage in conversation with one girl, but she looked at me like I had two heads. Maybe it wasn't that bad, but she didn't seem overly friendly. After some painfully awkward silences, someone at the BBQ suggested moving locations for a better view of the fireworks. I jumped up so fast I got a headache. I was ready for a change of scenery. Sidenote: I had been sitting still for over 2 1/2 hours. Have you guys met me? I don't sit still for 2 1/2 hours.

When we arrived to our new location, the local park, I was pleasantly surprised to see a band playing. The band was a God send because now Pistol Pete and I had something to talk about, and we did talk. It wasn't a ton of communication but there was communication in between songs. I was just starting to get comfortable again when Pistol Pete looked at me and said....I see my friends over there, I'm going to go talk to them real quick.

Poof...he was gone. Wait these aren't your friends? Who the crap am I sitting behind?

So there I am, in my cute jumper, sitting with a random group of people I did not know. I tried to be cool and enjoy the music, but all I could do is review my childhood to see if I did something bad as a youngster; because surely God is punishing me! To be fair, Pistol Pete was only gone for about 5 minutes, but it seemed like eternity.

When Pistol Pete arrived back, things turned up. Mostly, because I saw an old high school friend and decided to go chat with her. Hey, if he can leave me, I can leave him. To be fair, I was gone longer. But before you get mad, he was talking to someone while I was gone. It worked out fine. Besides, at this point I had been sitting in a lawn chair for about 4 hours. I needed to move around.

The rest of the evening was good. The firework show was fantastic. Really, Hometown USA can put on a show. Pistol Pete and I did talk more, to each other, and I ate a cookie before the firework show. The last half of the evening was fun.

At the end of the evening I was beyond confused. Is he into me? Is he annoyed with me? Do I look stupid in this American Eagle jumper? I knew I shouldn't have worn it.
I decided the only way for clarity is to test the waters. I threw out my plans for 4th of July and invited him to come. He said yes. Good sign.

Blogger World, this took place on Saturday evening. I have not heard from him since Saturday evening. SO it can be assumed that the second date, was probably the last date.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

I'm trying for formulate a post about the BBQ with Pistol Pete. I swear it's coming. I'm having a hard time explaining the awesome awkward moments we had. I can't decide if I should focus on the times we sat in silence, or the time he left me sitting with random strangers while he went to chat with friends. Good times!

Until the right words come to me, I give you another Favorite Things post. This Favorite Things post is a special food addition. I'm hungry, therefore you guys should be hungry too. It's only fair.

1. Greek Yogurt
I discovered this yogurt earlier this summer. I was lacking protein in my life and needed something with lots of protein. This yogurt filled the protein void. Also, Sam's sales these babies which saves me money, and you guys know I'm cheap.
2. VitaTops
You have not lived until you've had aVitaTop. These yummy cakes are only 100 calories and they stop me from buying every chocolate bar in the vending machine. I like to warm one up and smear PB on top. It's good!
3. Peanut M&Ms
When I have zero willpower I turn to these babies. In the spring one of my coworkers went to the M&M Factory and brought me back a 2lb bag of purple Peanut M&Ms. Needless to say, I love this coworker, he's my favorite, and I'm having his children.
3. Blueberry Fiber Crisp
I only bought these because I had a coupon. I didn't expect greatness. Last night I opened the bag, and pretty much ate the whole bag in one setting. And of course, I ate them while cooking dinner. I have no shame. I'm slightly worried because according to Quarker's website, I ate enough Fiber for the rest of my life. Awesome.
4. Food Should Taste Good Chips
These are by far the most expensive chips I have ever purchased! I do not recommend walking down the chip aisle at Target when you are hungry. You end up buying $5.00 chips, and loving them. While eating the overpriced chips, I tried to tell myself that they are healthy and it's ok to spend $5 on chips. But, I have never bought them again. However, I highly recommend the chips if you have lots of money lying around.

5. Stonewall Bluerberry Jam
Confession: I'm a jam snob. It's true. When I was working at the kitchen store I discovered this sweet goodness. I haven't looked back since my discovery. In fact, I pretty much swore off all other jams besides this one. This jam is very good. It's like you're eating fresh blueberries! It's amazing!

Well there you have it, another favorite things post. I hope I made you hungry so you can feel my pain. Good's almost lunch time!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Up in the mountains, down by the ocean.

Today, I'm going to pretend I'm a billionaire. I'm going to pretend I'm on the cover of Forbes Magazine with Oprah and the Queen. When you are a billionaire you do not have to worry about cost when planning a vacation. Wouldn't that be nice? I know you'd agree.

LB, posted her top picks for vacation spots. I'm going to do the same. These are the places I would like to go, someday. These places are in no particular order. They are in the order Blogger loaded them.

1. Washington DCI find it a shame that I have never been to my nation's capital. I need to see this stuff. Sadly, my family does not agree. I've been begging to go for years. They keep putting it off. I believe my parents are waiting until they are too old to walk, so The Sisters and I will have to push them around in wheelchairs. Genius plan on their part.

2. Fiji IslandsOne time I told my coworkers that if I ever got married, I wanted to honeymoon in Fiji. I want to stay in one of those huts that are on the water. There's really no other place I want to honeymoon. Fiji or nothing. My coworkers quickly told me to never tell a guy that I wanted to honeymoon in Fiji. They said I'd stay single forever. I suppose if this happens I will go to Fiji myself, like all the other places I've been.

3. LondonI've wanted to go to London forever. My dream is to go in the summer and watch a Wimbledon match. Every year I watch the tournament on TV and think to myself....someday you will be sitting in the stands. Of course I will be sitting way up at the top, and I will hardly see anything, but dang it I'll be there. Also, London has H&M.

4. Savannah, GeorgiaWell, my obsession with Savannah started about 3 years. I was working part-time at the Kitchen Store. My boss introduced me to Paula Deen. The obsession started that Saturday. I wanted to try this lady's food. She cooked with butter and cream cheese, sometimes in the same recipe. Then a couple years later I saw her sons. It went downhill from there. Someday, I will go to Savannah and I will eat at Paula's restaurant, and I will meet her sons.

There are other places I'd like to go, but as we know Blogger is a pain when it comes to loading pictures.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Live as a Bachelorette

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to a BBQ with Pistol Pete. Not one soul commented on the BBQ.

Really? Folks, haven't I been harping about Pistol Pete long enough that you would be excited about a second date?

A second date! I don't get those very often. Come on, GET EXCITED! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. It's a second date, not the World Cup.

Saturday Pistol Pete and I will be going to a BBQ in Hometown, USA. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I've been told some old High School folks will be there. Despite what you imagine, High School was not the Time of My Life. For the past ten years, I've done my best to avoid 90% of my high school class. I'd say for the most part, I've done expectational well. However, Saturday night I'm going to be faced with these people. A large part of me wants to wow them, and a small part wants to weezle out of the BBQ. But I like Pistol Pete, so I 'm going to tough it out. I plan to enjoy myself and be really charming!

Therefore I must do what any girl does in my situation.

I go shopping for a new outfit!

Blogger World, I have a brand new outfit, complete with a necklace and earnings. I will look smashing. As smashing as one can look for a BBQ in the 100 degree temps.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Isn't that sweet?

Again, lunch partners were MIA, which means lunch at the mall.

You are right, yesterday I went to the mall during lunch too. No, I don't feel bad about two shopping lunches.

Today's lunch adventure takes place at American Eagle. I normally do not shop at American Eagle. Why? Well, I'm 29 years old, and not a size 2. Important reasons for why I do not step foot in the store. It's up there with Abercrombie.

However, the huge red sale sign at American Eagle caught my eye and begged me to enter the teenybopper store.

To my surprise I found something that fit over my thigh. And since I'm shallow and care about size, I bought the medium size jumper. It's cute. It's on sale. I will look good wearing it to a BBQ with Pistol Pete. All these things are factors are why I purchased the medium jumper.

I was feeling pretty cool when I got up to the register. I'm still able to fit into American Eagle clothes, and I still look good in American Eagle clothes.

Oh wait it gets better...

The underage cutie that was checking me out. No, he was checking me out at the cash register, not checking me out. Gosh! Anyway, he said the cutest thing to me.

He's a coupon for you to use when you come do your back to school shopping.

Excuse me? Back to school shopping? Oh that's cute!

Underage cutie, I would totally give you a fat tip if we were at an eating establishment. But we're not, so you just get a smile from me. Underage cutie please know you made my day. Possibly my week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seven Things

Yesterday, PW posted Eleven Things. I'm not as cool as PW, so I'm posting seven things.

1. My coworkers and I celebrated our weight loss "victory" with a salad. I'm for real. I couldn't make up this crap if I tried.

2. Recently, Paula Deen had her single son as a guest on her show. You know I planned to marry Bobby, right? I had this great plan. I was going to wow him with my witty personality and ablitiy to buy great kitchen products. The plan was solid, until Bobby went and got a girlfriend! Paula, had her on the show too. Devastating blow!

3. The newest development with Bobby has led me to believe I will never meet Paula Deen. Another devastating blow!

4. I have a feeling this week is going to be extremely slow.

5. I have two tickets to see Toy Story 3. I'm looking for a seat partner. Please submit your application ASAP.

6. My lunch partners are MIA, so I went to the mall. I bought a green purse. I felt green was a good color for a few reasons. The first reason was it will go with brown or black. The second reason was I can carry it in winter and summer. Those two reasons sold me on the purse. Also, it was on sale.

7. Who wants to ditch work, and go get a cupcake? Anyone, anyone?

Monday, June 21, 2010

So What, I'm Still a Rock Star!

I feel so defeated! I did not win the weight loss competition. I didn't even come close. The guys that walked away with 1st and 2nd both lost over 30lbs. I cannot compete with 30lbs. But, I must say everyone worked extremely hard, and we are all proud of ourselves.

I lost 6.50%, which is 9.4lbs. Who can be sad about being 9.4lb lighter? No one! Sadly, I will not be going to the beach. Well, I might. I did come in 4th place out of 14 people.

Well, now that this is over I'll have to find something else to post about. But we will worry about that tomorrow. For now, I'm off to Starbucks for a nonfat Chai! It's been way too long!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jump Around

Blogger World, when is the last time you heard Kris Kross? Whatever happened to Kris Kross? And whatever happen to wearing our clothes backwards? Anyway, just some mindless questions for you to ponder on this lovely Friday.

This afternoon, I have exciting plans. One of my favorite new Portland friends is in town visiting his family. Today, Sister #1 and I are taking him hiking to the mountains. Yes, we have mountains in Oklahoma. No, I'm not kidding. See, here's a picture to prove we have mountains. Thank Google. Monday, I'll post my own pictures.

After we are dong hiking we are taking our friend to Meers. Have you heard of this place? They have FANTASTIC hamburgers. I'm so excited. Of course, I will be watching everyone eat their fantastic hamburger. I will be dining on what I assume will be a fine iceberg salad. This is what I'll be looking at during dinner. No fair, huh?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Great Flood

Pardon the lack of posts. For the past few days, I've been under the weather. Ha! Get it? Under the weather? You know, because OKC flooded in a span of hours? HAHA! Ok, moving on....

It is true, Monday OKC was under another weather alert. A flood alert. I don't know if I ever remember the weather peeps freaking out over flooding. It was a new experience.

I missed all the excitement. I had no problems getting to work. I made it to my office by 7am. Also, thank goodness, my house missed all the water.

Even though I made it safely to and from work, doesn't mean everyone in my family had the same luck. Sister #1 did not share my luck. Actually, I guess you could say she was lucky, because her office had to shut down for the day. The flood water was rushing the office front door. She spent her day lying on the couch, watching idiots be rescued, and txt'ing me about the idiots be rescued. She was kind enough to send me a message to let me know the Starbucks near my office was closed. It had been swallowed by water.

All-in-all it was a pretty eventful Monday. Everyone was talking about the rain, closed roads, and Starbucks being under water. You know us Okies, we love our weather. It's always the topic of conversation.

PS- This picture was stolen from Lost Ogle, because I was too lazy to find my own picture. Thanks, LO.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Pistol Pete and I have been text messaging the past two days. However, that's as far as we've gotten. I know! If you are thinking, wow that's lame, please know that you are not alone.

First off let me say, I have enjoyed talking to him, and I am interested in him. I just want that out in the open. Pistol Pete seems 100% normal. Pistol Pete has a job, which means Pistol Pete has health insurance. These are all requirements.

But, I'm ready for the next level. In my book, the next level would be a second date. I know I'm interested and I assumed Pistol Pete was interested too. Now I'm starting to think he's dragging his feet with me. If there's anything that drives me nuts about people, it is when they drag their feet on decisions. This is my A.D.D coming out. No, I really have A.D.D. Really, you haven't noticed? Interesting?

Anyway, if Pistol Pete is interested great, let's go out again. If he's not interested, fine no big deal, but please stop text messaging me. You are wasting my texts! Also, he's wasting my time. Do you know last night I could have been watching Bethenny Frankel's new show on Bravo? Instead I was answering Pistol Pete's texting. Ok so I was watching the new show, but only half paying attention to the show.

Other than the text messages, I have nothing else to report. At least there has been some communication between us. I suppose this is a good sign. You know, I should consider the text messages an improvement. We went from facebook to text messaging. Maybe next month we will go on a second date that will not include any technology. I'm kidding. Actually, I'm not kidding.

In other interesting news. Last night I had the best time with some friends. We went to OKC's Art Museum. On Thursday nights the museum opens the rooftop for Cocktails on the Skyline. It was very fun. I enjoyed the nice breeze, live music, and three bottle waters on the rooftop. I have pictures, and will post them later today. No I really will.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted Ramblings. At least a month. I'm predicting a top notch Ramblings because I have many things to Rambling about. So get comfortable, I'm about to unload.

I would pay someone $1,000 for hot fresh chocolate chip cookies right now.

Exciting news. Remember when I did Hot Guy A Day in the Month of May? Remember how I said I stole the idea from the witty blog The Lost Ogle? You guys remember all that, right? Earlier this week, I was reading the witty blog and discovered they noticed I stole their idea. They must have been thrilled with the extra traffic on their blog, because they gave me a shout out in a post. After I read my shout out, I screamed. Not a bloody murder scream, more of a yelp that was pitched so high that only dogs could hear. And while I'm being honest about my scream, I guess I should tell you The Lost Ogle kind of poked fun of me. Whatever. It doesn't matter. I received a shout out on The Lost Ogle. Please raise your hand if you have received a shout out from the folks at Lost Ogle. Yes, that's what I thought.

Why were Snooki and The Situation invited to the CMTs? I guess I should expand my question to why are Snooki and The Situation even household names?

Last night I mowed my yard because it was beyond tall. As I mowing the grass, I accidentally mowed over a frog. Not a big frog, a baby frog. I know, I know! I'm a killer. A frog killer. It hurts my heart.

I spotted the most fabulous dress. It's from Anthropologie. I'm positive it would look good on my newly toned self. The problem: it's $128.00. Now, this is the only problem, but it's a pretty big problem. If I were rich, this wouldn't be a problem.

Holy crap! This afternoon I'm suppose to attend a baby shower. I totally forgot. I don't have a gift. Crap!
I'm so tired of attending baby showers. I'm pretty sure this is the 5th baby shower I've attended in the past year. It looks like I'll be spending lunch at Target. I would also like to point out that this a prime example of why I cannot afford the fabulous dress from Anthropologie. I'm too busy spending my money on people's offspring!

Blogger World, I'm afraid this is all the time we have today. I hope you have enjoyed the Ramblings. And again, $1000 for homemade cookies. I'm serious people! Ok, I'm really not serious because I obviously do not have $1000 to spend on cookies. I mean, I have the baby shower present and the fabulous dress at Anthropologie I need to buy first.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Greetings Loved Ones

I'm distracting myself from food. I'm hungry. I don't think you really value food until you submit yourself to a stupid weight loss competition, and food is cut from your life. So let's chat until I can officially go to lunch, and enjoy my fat free no taste salad.

Saturday Pistol Pete and I met for a quick lunch. We had pizza. It was so good. The pizza was loaded with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and garlic. Oh, and it was on hand tossed crust with the perfect ratio of cheese/sauce. WHAT! If I can't eat the food, I'm going to describe it in great detail. Get over it!

Back to the date...

First off, I gave Pistol Pete a point because he picked a good eating establishment. I mean, did you read about the pizza? However, I took the point away because he had to come straight from an event, that was held outdoors. You could tell he'd been outside, not that he was gross, but you could tell he'd been in 100 degree temps. I feel like I deserve more than to be squeezed in someone's schedule. But being the rational girl I am, I quickly gave him his point back. Blogger World, I show up to events, dates, church, meetings, and work sweaty all the time. Also, I'm guilty of squeezing people in my schedule almost always. He is a guy after my own heart!

The rest of the lunch Pistol Pete scored more points. The conversation was good, never boring, and never too quiet for comfort. He made a few comments I agreed with 100%. All good signs.

Despite the OU/OSU differences I believe we have many things in common. I haven't asked if he likes to travel. I'm scared he's going to tell me he doesn't have a passport and he's never seen anything outside of OKC.

There are no set plans of a second date. He said maybe we could get together this week. As you know, today is Tuesday. He's running out of days for the week. But I feel pretty hopeful for a second date, so I'm not too worried.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fun Facts

Did you guys hear that Zack Morris is getting a divorce? It's true. Yesterday, I read it on, and we all know that is always true.

I am sad that his marriage has ended, because that is never a good thing. However, this means that maybe OK Chick and Zack Morris can finally be together. I bet he would take me on great dates. We'd probably eat at the Max at least once a week, maybe twice.

Moving on....

Well actually that concludes today's Friday Fun Facts. Zack Morris's divorce isn't a fun fact. Again, I am sad for Zack Morris and his little Zack Morris kiddos.

To make sure we do not end on a sad note, I will share a Friday Fun Fact about myself. Did you know that on Saturday I will be having lunch with Pistol Pete? Yup! This morning we established time, date, and location. I will have a full update on Monday! I'm really hoping this guy works out. And by works out, I'm meaning a second date.

Ok, this concludes today's Friday Fun Facts.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running Partner Needed

My dad is getting old. It's a fact. I'm not being mean. He's tired and wants to golf more than run. I suppose at age 55, almost 56, that is normal.

With this new development, I've put myself in a pickle. My dad is my #1 running partner. He runs almost all races with me, 3 out of the 5 half marathons. He's a great running partner. We have a great running relationship. He kicks my butt at every race, and I'm ok with this. But now, I need to find a new running partner. I'm looking for someone that will run races with me. I need everyone to stop what they are doing and review my the Running Partner Qualifications. Folks, this is serious stuff. I need a new running partner. I'm not saying my dad will stop running forever, but I'm just preparing myself for when he stops running to focus more time on golf. So everyone, humor me and see if you qualify.

Running Partner Qualifications
Breathing- always important
Able to run a 5K
Income- pay for the races
Up for running races that start at 7am
Up for running races that start at 6:30am
Do not need to run right beside me.
Doesn't need to talk while running.
Wait for me at the finish line- my dad always wants for me at the finish line.

Please contact me if interested. Maybe if things work out, the running partner could be my friend too. But we'll have to talk TV first. I need my friend to be educated on Bravo TV shows.