Monday, August 29, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it

Blogger World, allow me to introduce you to Sister #1.

A couple things about Sister #1.
1) She is my sister.
2) She is not a morning person.
3) Only runs on a treadmill in air conditioning.

Friday night Sister #1 informed me that tomorrow (Saturday) she was meeting people to run at 6:30AM. I thought it wouldn't happen, but it did. This morning she informed me that she was up and running at 5:30am.

Folks, this is your warning that the world is about to end. I swear at any minute, you will see pigs flying.

I'm not joking.

Please prepare.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The 5 things you should know...

It's my duty to keep you informed....

1. Britney Spears was quoted saying if she wasn't famous she'd be a teacher.
Raise your hand if you'd want her teaching your 5 year old? Right, moving on...

2. The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & The News was #1 on the music charts in 1985.
Random fact about OK Chick: I love Huey Lewis.

3. This weekend Pioneer Woman's TV show premiers on Food Network.
I'm just going to say fair! Why does PW get everything? She has book, cookbook, famous friends, TV appearances, great clothes, and a ladder in her pantry. Can she not share some of her luck?

4. Derek Jeter is single again.
I'm going to be honest, I thought this was the guy Cameron Diaz is dating. I'm dissappointed in my celebrity gossip mix-up. I normally, have all my facts straight.

5. A hurricane is coming to town.
This weekend the East Coast will be welcoming Irene. I found an article on Yahoo about 5 tips on staying safe during a hurricane. I will save you the time of reading the article and tell you it's common sense. When did Americans become so stupid? I'm serious, one of the tips is to watch the weather.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are you ready for some football!

Blogger World, I've entered the Fantasy Football world. This is new territory for me.

Tonight, I drafted my team. Actually, it's "our" team. I'm a co-manager for my coworker's team. A co-worker who has already threatened to trade me if I do not hold my own as co-manager.

As I was picking my players I realized something. Well, I realized a couple things....
1. I know nothing about NFL.
2. Unless a football player has been in, dated a Kardashian, or played for OU/OSU I've never heard of him.
3. Fantasy Footballers are crazier than my running health freak friends.
4. Trash talking is the best part.

I'm pretty excited about entering this new territory. I have some learning to do, but I'm confident I will catch on quickly. Otherwise I'll be traded faster than you can say......well I can't think of a word, but I know my coworker will not hestitate to trade me for another kicker.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A few of my favorite things

My newest list. Enjoy....

1) Pizookie from BJs
Greatest thing ever!!! If you are not familiar with Pizookies it's a warm fresh out of the oven cookie with ice cream on top. How could that be gross? It's not. My office is located very close to a BJs, which is not a good thing. I honestly cannot eat at BJs without getting a Pizookie, and my coworkers feel the same way.

2) This guy
He makes the best coconut rice, and I don't even like coconut. He also makes other great stuff, but the coconut rice is my absolute favorite. Now I'm craving coconut rice.

3) Air Conditioning
I think Oklahoma is on day 52 with 100 degree temps. Our record was 50 days. The weather people are really excited because we beat our record. As I've said before, I'm over summer.

4) Running Skirts
Ladies, running skirts are so in right now. Have you tried working out in a skirt? It's very nice. I highly recommend walking/running in a skirt.

5) Vitamin Water
It's good. It comes in a variety of flavors, and it has 0 calories....kind of like water. Right now, Target has it on sale for $.88, which is a good buy! Seriously, it's a great buy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update

First of all, I would like to thank the 3 people that played 3 truths and a lie. Thanks! The 3 commenters went along with my 3 theme.

Sadly, none were right. It was kind of a trick question. Not on purpose. It's just what I thought was going to happen this weekend, and what really happened weren't the same. The correct answer was: 3 and 4. I will explain with a Weekend Update.

Friday night I had high hopes of attending the 3rd going away party. But after I arrived home from work, I realized Friday night was my only night to mow the yard. Yup, you read right. Friday night I mowed my yard. I know, I'm boring and old. Moving on the rest of the weekend...

I started my Saturday with a Jazzercise class. There's really no other way to start your Saturday morning. Actually, I think of a few others but whatever. After Jazzercise I met a couple friends for lunch. Lunch was fun for a couple reasons....
A) We ate here
B) We saw fellow blogger, who's children are super cute in real life and are well behaved in restaurants.
C) We saw local celeb
After lunch it was off to work, which is boring so I won't talk about working on a Saturday. However, the rest of my Saturday was fun. I went to see The Help with a fellow blogger and then had dinner with her and another friend. So see, work might have sucked but the rest of the Saturday was very fun!!!

I have a couple highlights from Sunday. The first highlight, is I baked Blueberry Scones. I'm very proud of this because I did not use a box mix. I followed a recipe and they turned out amazing!
Second highlight, was the family gathered to celebrate my dad's birthday. We celebrated with Hideaway Pizza and presents. After dinner we were suppose to go see Planet of the Apes. Sadly, that did not happen. I blame it on the fact that my dad has three girls. It's amazing how slow we can eat when faced with going to see Planet of the Apes.

Well, there's a quick Weekend Update!

Friday, August 19, 2011

3 truths and 1 lie

This is a game I like to play when I have time to post, but nothing to say. Sorry. Lately, things have been a bit slow and boring. I'm going to blame the heat. I blame the heat on everything.

The rules: Guess which statement is a lie.
The prize: Imaginary high-five.

1. 3 mornings in a row, I have taken the stairs to my office.
2. I've attended 3 going away parties for a coworker.
3. Once this week I ran 3.25 miles.
4. This week I only worked 3 hours of overtime.

Good luck!

Monday, August 15, 2011


In my second life I want work for the CIA. But if I can't get into the CIA I would settle for CSI (in any state), NYC Police Department, or Chicago's Police Department. I have a thing for suspense, solving crime, and working with cute detectives.

It all started when I was a child. My grandma, or maybe it was my mom, introduced me to Jessica Fletcher.
After that it just spiraled out of control....

I'm 100% sure this is not normal. But on the upside, I will be a fantastic detective. I have like 30 years of training.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What you missed this summer

Folks, summer is over. I'm declaring summer over. I'm just sick to death of the summer heat! The Summer of 2011 is dead to me. I said dead to me! On a happier note, here are some of the things you missed because I was too busy to blog. Sorry, life and work got in the way.

1. In-n-Out Burger
Dallas, Texas conveniently built a couple In-n-Out Burgers. This is a fantastic set up for me. A) I'm only 3 hours from an In-n-Out. B) Since I'm 3 hours away I cannot hop in my vehicle for a tasty burger whenever the mood strikes. This will keep my butt and thighs in check. See, all around this is good news for OK Chick.

2. Walking Partners
This year I had plenty of walking partners. I enjoy a good 4-6 mile walk with friends. We usually chat about complicated things, like the stock market. Kidding, we never discuss the stock market. Unless, I'm walking with my parents or Sister #1. By the way, this is not a picture of my walking partners. I will probably get sued for posting this picture on my blog.
3. Ikea
I finally visited an Ikea. It was a bit overwhelming. I didn't know where to start or what to buy. However, their cinnamon rolls smelt amazing. I didn't try one; but I highly recommend one on the pure fact that they smelt so amazing.
4. Parents vs. GPS
Folks, I have some proud news. My parents conquered the GPS in their car. It's true. They won the battle. By the end of our Dallas trip they were punching in addresses and following maps/directions. Score one for The Parentals!
5. Cookie Cake
I rekindled my love for a good Cookie Cake.
6. Heat
Blogger World, it was hot this summer. I know, I know it was hot where you live too. We are not used to 109-112 temps for multiple days. What the crap are you suppose to do in 109 temps? If I wanted this kind of weather I would move to the beach, or Louisiana. I didn't sign up for this crap! I will never EVER complain about snow or ice. You have it in blog writing!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who you calling a girl?

This morning I achieved greatness.

This morning I aired up my tires... all by myself.

This is a huge accomplishment.

I just needed to share it with someone.

Thank you for listening, or reading.