Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Beehive State

In the past year, Canada Travis and I have tried to plan two different trips. One trip was scheduled for October 2015 and the other was February 2016. However, life happened and both trips had to be cancelled. The good news is life doesn't stop and now I can finally take a trip!!!

Over the weekend Canada Travis and I visited the Beehive State; Utah. Blogger World, Utah is beautiful fantastic place to visit. It's also my birth state, so you know it's great! I highly recommend visiting Utah. Canada Travis and I had fun exploring a few towns...Salt Lake City, Provo, and Park City. Over the weekend we hiked, biked, kayaked, ate awesome food, shopped, and even attended a car race. Here's a few pictures from our adventure. 

The scenery from our bike ride. You sure can't get this in OKC.

We kayaked two miles down the Provo River. 

I told you we ate great food. 

This is Main Street in Park City. Isn't Park City the cutest!!!

We attended a car race in Salt Lake City. It was pretty fun. We had great seats and even met one of the driver's grandparents. 

The trip was concluded with top notch Mexican food. 

It was hard to return to the real world and humidity. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

International Bacon Day

Today, September 2nd, is International Bacon Day. Not only is it a 3-day weekend, but also Bacon Day. Is it going to be a good weekend or what???

You know, International Bacon Day reminds me of a funny story about Canada Travis. When we started dating, Canada Travis worked in a far off country. One morning on my way to work, I received a message from him saying...he'd done some online shopping while I was asleep and I needed to check my email when I got to work. Of course, my curiosity had me gitty to see what he'd purchased. When I arrived to work, I immediately open my email. There in my inbox was an invoice for 33lbs of bacon. Oh read right!!! He'd purchased 33lbs of bacon. My immediate reaction was he'd gone mad! However looking back, it ended up being kinda awesome.
So I guess you could say this day is for him.