Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drawing a Blank

Do you ever have one of those days,where you have something you want to post; but don't know where to begin? I'm having one today. Until I can find the words, this will have to do....

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”- Ephesians 4:2

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Tuesday. I like Tuesday so much better than Mondays. Wouldn’t you agree? I think on Mondays my creative flow is still on weekend vacation. It’s hard to think of something clever to post about on Monday. This is why I do my Weekend Updates on Tuesday. I feel I’ve explained this before, so we’ll move on to the rad weekend I experienced. Yes, I just used the word rad in a sentence. Do you think I can bring the word rad back as popular slang? Blogger World, today you have a mission. Everyone should use rad in their blogs or daily talk. Fine, I can already tell that no one is going to play that game. Oh well, I tried. Ok, shall we get on to Weekend Updates? I believe we shall....

I went to a small devotional with people from my church. Devotional. I don’t like that word. It makes me feel like I’m 12 years old and I should bring cookies as a snack afterwards. We need to develop a new word for devotional. Oh about RAD! Kidding. I will be using small bible study from here on out. Anyway, the small bible study was very good. One of my friends gave a great lesson. It was short and sweet. There wasn’t a lot of fluff in his talk. He said what he needed to say and wrapped it up. I think speakers that follow that format are more successful than speakers who speak for an hour about nothing.

After the small bible study I went out with Guy #3. If anyone out there is counting, this makes date #2 with Guy #3. It was a fun evening. We had dessert and then went to a place on the lake for an appetizer. Yes, I realize we did all that in the wrong order but I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I had dessert. Hey what can I say, I’m a girl who likes to eat. I guess that doesn’t bother him. If it bothers him, he better bow out now.

During the day it was boring things like- getting my oil changed and working on homework. I’ll spare you the details about getting my oil changed.
However, Saturday night was heaps of fun. Saturday was a special celebration. My friend Stacey had a birthday. Of course, a celebration of her birth was in order. The Birthday Girl invited a small group for a movie/dinner celebration. We started off the evening with a showing of 27 Dress. Oh my goodness, 27 Dresses is a fabulous movie. It’s very much worth $9.00. After the movies we went to great Italian restaurant to load up on carbs. It was very fun. I think the Birthday Girl enjoyed herself and I know all her guest had fun. I have pictures, but you guys know I’m horrible about posting pictures. But stay tuned for Stacey’s Blog dedication.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Starbucks Wisdom

This was on my cup....

The Way I See It #284

You can’t lead the people, if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people, if you don’t serve the people.

-- Cornel West
Professor at Princeton University

Thank you Starbucks for passing this on to society.

Pay it Forward

Today has been a good day. I can’t pinpoint the real reason for my jolly mood, but it’s been with me all day. I can’t even say something fantastic happened to me. I didn’t win the lottery, or a car, or a man. So all your YOY fans, no updates in the love area. Sorry. But I feel like I’ve been smiling ear to ear all day. I thought this would be a prime opportunity for a “Pay it Forward” type of post. Here are a few things that have made me smile. Hopefully, they’ll put a smile on your face as well; and in return you can put a smile on someone else’s face.

Dove Chocolate

My aunt told me she was in her late 30s. I reminded her she’s 40. I know this sounds mean, but it’s a joke between us. I love my aunt!

The sun is shining.

Jesus loves me!

I was invited to lunch. Sushi.

The first outfit I tried on this morning looked good.

A coworker needed my help. I helped him out and he appreciated it greatly.

I ate blueberry bread. It’s good.

My hair finally looks good! I’m going on a week of looking like crap.

My friend Anastasia sent me an emailing saying she was about to jump out of her chair from excitement.

Saturday I’m going to see 27 Dresses.

I was invited to go on a road trip to Dallas.

I slept in this morning. Really, I overslept but it sounds nicer to say slept in.

I found Speed Dating in OKC. I didn’t think they had those here in OK.

It's almost Friday.

As I said earlier…nothing fantastic happened. It was just a good day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As stated in the two previous posts, I went on a mini-vacation. Sister #1 and I spent a weekend in…..

I believe I can speak for both of us when I say, we had fun. Throughout the trip we focused heavily on food. We carefully planned where our next meal was going to take place. Here are some of the places where we dined:

The second focus of our trip was shopping. Our favorite store was found by accident, but I'm happy we found it! We loved Niketown so much that we went twice!

The other highlight of the trip was seeing our friend Tabs. Love her! She was kind enough to spend her Saturday showing us around 23rd Street. I have a great picture of Sister #1, Tabs, and I but it's not on my computer yet. Please just imagine three hot girls!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Date w/ Guy # 3

Before I went off to explore the WEST coast (thanks hub), I promised to post about my date with Guy #3. I stand (or sit) here ready to fulfill the promise. Hopefully, this will satisfy Kara. Although, Kara’s update on McSleazy and Running Guy were hardly updates. They were more like one-line teasers. However, I will take Kara’s one-line teasers over nothing.

So Guy # 3 and I went out a few weeks ago. Was it really a few weeks ago? Yea, I guess it was…wow time flies. Anyway, Guy # 3 and I met for dinner. I’ll breakdown/rate the dinner part of the date for everyone….

Food (9)
Food ranks high on my list! I like to eat and I like to eat good food. Guy #3 scored points by taking me to a good restaurant and a non-chain restaurant.
Conversation (9)
We had plenty to talk about throughout the meal. I never felt the awkward silence. But then again, I never have those awkward silences on dates. Maybe I talk too much?
Politeness (5)
He’s getting points taken off because he asked me to meet him at the restaurant. If this hadn’t been a date I wouldn’t have minded. I’m an independent gal. I’m fully capable to get myself to and from places. I’m a supporter of the, ‘I am women hear me roar’ mentality; but on a date it’s just nice to be picked up!
He redeemed himself by giving me a gift. Everyone loves gifts, and unexpected gifts are the best! Other than making me meet him at our restaurant he was very polite.

After dinner went to the movies. I’m not usually a fan of going to the movies on a first date. But oddly enough, I was ok with going to see a movie. I believe it had something to do with all the exercise I had done earlier in the day. When it was time for our movie to start I was ready to just sit back and not think.
There’s not much to report about the movie portion of the date. Guy #3 asked if there were any movies I wanted to see. I said no, which was a lie. I’ve been dying to see Enchanted with McDreamy. It looks SO cute, but I didn’t dare suggest that movie. I would NEVER make a guy go see a girlie movie. Instead, we went to see I Am Legend. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. It was better than I expected, but I had very LOW standards for the movie. I think Guy #3 was disappointed in the movie, but he thought it was going to be a great movie. I went into the theater thinking the movie was going to blow chucks, so I came out liking it better than him.

It was a good date. The next day there was talk of a second date. A few plans have been thrown out but none have made it to my calendar. I’ll keep you posted.

Update on Guy #1: he’s still trying to coordinate his schedule.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Sister # 1 and I are off to explore a big city. Imaginary high five to the first person that can identify the town by the photographic....
Sister # 1 and I are not for sure what we are going to do on our mini-vacation; we just decided we needed a vacation. I’m planning to do a lot of eating and sleeping. I’m not for sure why I felt the need to fly half way across the US to just sleep and eat? I must need to be in a different time zone to get a good nights rest. Who knows

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm a believer

"If you build it, he will come.”

I took advice from the “voice” in the movie Field of Dreams. Well, I didn’t build anything, I wrote something. I actually changed the famous movie quote to fit my circumstances. In my head the famous quote know reads, “If you write about no dates, he will ask.” So I did as the voice commanded. I wrote about no dates, and waited. I waited for a whole day and you know what? The date invitations came. They came! The voice was right. Field of Dreams is the greatest movie of all time! All right, not really the greatest movie of all time.

Last week I wrote a post explaining Holly and I’s YOY (Year of Yes). I spent the entire post complaining about being asked out by three different guys and none of them taking the time to take me out on a date. You know, that whole scenario still blows my mind. Anyway, Thursday evening Guy #1 and Guy #3 set plans to take me out on a real date.
Cue: Hallelujah song and angels dropping from the sky.
I thought the visual was a nice touch too. Anyway, back to my story. By the time I had left class on Thursday night, I had secured plans with Guy # 3 for Sunday evening. Guy #1 and I were still trying to coordinate our schedules, but still I was a step closer than earlier in the day.

As of today, January 15, 2008, Guy #3 and I have successfully completed a date. Guy #1 and I are still trying to coordinate our schedules. He’s really not grasping that I have a life. Despite what you’ve read on this blog, I do not sit around knitting and waiting for people to make plans with me. Really, I don’t!

So the moral of this post is believe everything you see in the movies. I sit here testifying that, “If you write about no dates, he will ask.”

Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Bucket List

Every morning I watch my boyfriend John Flick and his sidekick Tierney Cook. Obviously, if you read my post the other day you realize that John Flick is not my boyfriend. If you didn’t read my post, I’d like to take this time to say that John Flick is not my boyfriend. He’s just my TV crush. Ok, now that I’ve set the record straight I can continue on with this post. This morning the TV anchors (my boyfriend and Tierney) were discussing the movie the Bucket List. The movie, starring Jack Nicholas and Morgan Freeman, hits theaters this weekend. If you haven’t seen the movie advertise it’s about accomplishing dreams before the two main characters kick the bucket. I love the idea of this movie. As a big fan of goals and list, you better believe I have a Bucket List. I started the list when I was in high school and surprisingly I’ve crossed off some of my dreams.
This morning TV anchors were showing their personal bucket list and I thought I would share mine with the Blogger World. So here goes, Ok Chick’s bucket list….

Make a significant difference in someone’s life
Lead someone to Christ
Receive my MBA-almost finished
Write a book
Hold a manager position in a large company
Travel to NYC
Live in a big city- NYC or Boston or Washington DC
Meet my dream man and marry him
Have a family
Travel to Europe- I haven't been to all of Europe, but Europe on Speed was a start
Open a clean, nice, affordable grocery store in Prescott, Arkansas
Own my own company
Travel to Europe in style
Travel the world
See all 50 states
Run the OKC marathon rely with my whole family
Attend Wimbeldon
Run a half-marathon

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dating 101

I’m a dating mastermind. I can dish out advice to my friends faster than…you. For example, you need help getting that super cute guy from work to notice you; I know the things that will get his attention. You need help finding a date to a basketball game; I’m the girl that loves to play matchmaker. What should I wear on the date; I have the perfect outfit. I have all the answers for everyone but myself. But this year, 2008, things are going to be different. Oh, I’m not going to have all the answers on dating. Yea, it would be nice if I had all the answers. If I had all the answers I’d write a book on dating and retire with the money I’d make. Imagine all the money I’d make. Anyway, where was I before I started dreaming of my future as a millionaire? Right, changes in 2008. I have declared 2008 The Year of YES! I need to start with the basics on dating. I believe the basics are going on dates. The Year of Yes will be dedicating to saying yes to all dates. Criminals, and cheaters are excluded from Year of Yes.

I have to say the Year of Yes started out with a bang. I had a guy ask me out three days after we declared 2008 the Year of Yes. Also, on that day another guy asked me out. THEN another guy asked me out a week after guy #1 and guy #2 asked me out! Can you believe it? Three different guys asked me out on dates. Oh, and these weren’t bad guys, they were cool guys. It wasn’t like I was gritting my teeth to say yes. I was saying yes happily! In my eyes, it appeared that the Year of Yes had been a fantastic decision! I was starting to think I had actually stirred myself in the right direction for dating.

Ok, so that was back in December. We started Year of Yes at the end of November. Now, let’s fast forward to the present date- January 9, 2008. Ask me how many dates I have had since the end of November?

You: OkChick, how many dates have you had?
Me: Zero.
You: But how can that be? Three different guys asked you out?
Me: I know, I know. What can I say? Actually, I have no idea what to say about this, except WHAT THE FREAK!
-End of conversation with myself, pretending to be you-

So as you can see, the Year of Yes has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. It appears I do not have a problem getting the dates. I guess the problems lies with actually getting the guys to take me on the dates, which I never considered a problem. I must say none of my friends have had this problem. I kind of thought it was a given that when a guy asked you out, you actually went out. I cannot understand how three different guys can ask me out, but NONE of them actually take me out. This must mean I said yes wrong. I do not know how you can say yes wrong? Do I need to say yes louder, quieter, more affirmative, or less affirmative? I need a dating course. Do they offer dating courses? If so, I guess I need one. Anyone, know where Dating 101 is offered?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Here's to you 8%!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I know they say that everyone makes them, but I don’t. I used to, when I was younger; before I understood the definition of resolution. But now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve stopped making the resolutions. I mean, why do we clean the slate on January 1st. Why can’t we begin change on May 15th, or April 15th after we’ve paid our taxes? Who set this January 1st rule?

In my opinion, which doesn’t amount much, I feel that New Year’s Resolutions are pointless. I’m not good at following through with changes until I’m ready to make the change. For example, I can say I’m going to lose weight everyday of the week for entire month, and not lose a single pound. In all honesty, I’ll probably gain weight. Why? Well it’s simply, I won’t get serious about losing weight until my favorite jeans don’t fit, or something really inspires me to get healthy. I usually do better when I’m inspired, not mad.

This year is no different than the previous years. I did not wake up on January 1st thinking…today is going to be a new day. Remember? I got up and ran a race on January 1st. There is nothing new about my dad and I running races. But I respect people that did wake up on January 1st and think today is the beginning of a new year. Good for them! Let’s take my aunt for example. She sent me this email today….

Well, I thought I would made myself a promise each month, just take it one month at a time. Jan I was going to watch my mouth and try to be positive (they work together) haha.. Sooooooo, I wake up bright and early Jan 1st....think today is going to be a great day!!!!! I open the door to take a first breath of fresh Jan 2008 air, the cat runs out and I try to put my foot out to stop her. I BROKE my lil toe, cussed like a sailor shut the door and decided maybe this was not going to be a good plan???? So instead of trying to be a ray of sunshine i think I will stick to drop 5 pds this month!! Ha...

Did you know that 8% people keep their New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not making up this statistic. I know I make up statistics but this one is true. I believe, I read it somewhere. I think it was on Bone’s blog, or maybe I heard it on the radio? Well it doesn’t matter where I heard the 8%. Blogger World, just know it was a creditable source! Anyway, back to the 8%. I think those people deserve some praise. They spent a year in change. Maybe they lost weight, got organized, found a date, fixed their finances, ran a marathon, or stopped drinking pop like my friend Rachael. Whatever they did, I top my hat to the 8%. They beat the odds. They made changes that were difficult. They didn’t quit when everyone else quit. They made themselves a better person. The 8% are my hero today!

So for everyone out there making New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you beat the odds. I hope you become part of next year’s 8%.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Peace Out 2007

This post isn’t a look back at 2007. The title leads you to believe I’m going to rehash the good and bad from 2007, which would be a good idea if I’d done it last week. By now, I feel like everyone has heard enough about 2007 and ready to move on to 2008. Am I right or am I right? I mean, yesterday I heard Ryan Seacrest’s count down- twice. There’s no need for that! Anyway, I came up with the title of this post while I was running, and it kind of stuck, so there you have it. But this post is basically a Weekend Update. I had a four-day weekend, so there’s bound to be good stuff that happened to me over four days…I guess?

Tonya & Suzy came over for a relaxing Friday evening. What is better than a relaxing Friday evening after the crazy Christmas days? Nothing I tell you! The evening began with the opening of Christmas presents. After all the presents were opened we enjoyed a great dinner, Chicken Taco Soup. I made the soup and it was great! I actually made up the recipe as I went along. I find that sometimes making up recipes is not a good idea, but I was lucky this one turned out delicious. After we stuffed ourselves we watched Material Girl with Hillary Duff and the other Duff girl. So it’s a kid movie, and I’m 26 what’s the big deal? Right, I look like a dork. Ok, moving on to Saturday….

I can’t say I accomplished a lot Saturday, or this whole weekend. Saturday I spent a large portion of the day watching 24. I’ve never seen the 24 series. My coworker has me watching the 1st season while I’m on Christmas break with school. It’s good. I’m not going to lie I’ve been glued to my TV for a week with this series. Although, that’s not really saying a whole lot, I can be glued to my TV for a Hallmark movie! But 24 is pretty good. I’ve been slowing watching all 24 episodes, and Saturday I decided to knock out 3-4 episodes. I of course, never fail at a TV mission and watched 4 episodes!
After I pulled myself from the TV I went to the movies. I went to see Charlie Wilson War. I had no idea what this movie was about, but it got going I became to enjoy the movie. I recommend it, but I don’t recommend you pay full price. Do you realize it cost 9.50 to go to the movies? 9.50! Here’s the conversation between the ticket lady and myself Saturday night….

Me: One student ticket to Charlie Wilson War?
Lady: $8.00
Me: Did you give me the student price?
Lady: Yes.
Me: Good grief how much does it cost to go the movies? As I’m asking I’m searching for a sign listing prices.
Lady: Adult ticket is 9.50!
Me: FOR A MOVIE! Is there anything here worth seeing for 9.50?

I’m lucky I had a gift card because I honestly think I would have turned around and walked away from the movies. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to spend 9.50 for a movie.

More 24, until dark. I have this rule…no 24 at night. See, I get scared and have nightmares if I watch 24 at night. The first night I watched an episode at 10:00pm, by 11:00pm I was dreaming Russians had kidnapped me! So after church, when it was dark, Jamie and I watched a movie. We turned this movie on thinking it would be horrible, but surprisingly it was good. I highly recommend Miss Congeniality 2. Honestly, it was cute!

I was off work. I decided to honor my day off by sleeping in until 8:30! Monday was New Year’s Eve. This is probably where I’m supposed to talk about my amazing New Year’s Eve plans. The lavish parties I attended, and great New Year’s kiss I received at midnight. But sadly, I did not attend a swanky party. I did not get dressed up in my new party dress; AND I did not receive a kiss at midnight, or even stay up until midnight. This grandma went home and hung out with her parents. Sad? I hardly call that a bad evening. My mom and I hit the Walgreen’s after Christmas sale. People, I got rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for $.25 a piece. You cannot pass up on these good deals!

My dad and I woke up at 9:00am to participate in a 5K race. We wanted to start the New Year off right. My mom said we were crazy. It was 19 degrees when our race started. I see the positive in running a race with freezing cold temperatures. This is an opportunity to try out my new winter running clothes. Again my mom said we were crazy. Well whatever we were, crazy or cool I ran a 5K in the morning. Oh and I must add that this is where I thought of the Peace Out 2007 title. I believe I thought of this after I lost the feeling of both hands.
After I thawed out my family went to see National Treasure. Great movie! I stamp it $9.50 worthy!

Well there you have it…the last days of 2007 and the first day of 2008. The common theme along all these days is…TV and movies. Huh, really no different than normal.