Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's hear it for Peanut Butter

This morning I was Blog stalking, and read my friend LB's post about Peanut Butter.
Her post made me sad and hungry. You see, currently I'm out of Peanut Butter. I've been out for over a week. As a runner, you always have Peanut Butter on hand! Always. And this week, even though it's only Wednesday, has been a bad/hard food week. I've felt like I have nothing to eat, simply because I'm out of Peanut Butter, and I've been craving Peanut Butter! So here's to you Peanut Butter. Thanks for all the protein you give me!

In other news, oh did you think I was going to stop at the Peanut Butter rant? Right.

Last night Sister #1 stayed with me. Her place of residence is going through repairs so she crashed at my place, since I have water. Sister #1 brought her new child Pepper with her as well. I don't know what Sister #1 feeds Pepper, but that dog is weird. First, she discovered my full length mirror. The end result of this discovery was her running full speed towards the mirror and slamming into the mirror. Now don't get me wrong, it was hilarious but I felt bad for the dumb dog. I mean, she hit the mirror hard! Second thing she did, was while we were all watching TV. All the sudden Pepper jumped up and started running laps around my place. No joke! I bet she ran five laps. It was the darnest thing I'd ever seen. I have no idea what made her jump up and start running. Sister #1 and I weren't looking/talking/paying attention to her at all. As I said, the dog is weird.

Ok, I don't think I have anymore news. It's 7:30 which means it's oatmeal time. Oatmeal without Peanut Butter. Let's all take a moment of silence for me being lazy and not buying Peanut Butter ...................................... Thanks!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend in Nashville

This weekend Sister #1 and I ventured to Nashville. Our friend Kyle was getting married, and we couldn't pass up a trip to see him get hitched. The wedding was beautiful. It was your typical church wedding, but the wedding reception was pretty fun! We gambled, ate, and listened to good music. For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures from our trip. Enjoy...

Look who I found walking around Nashville? Bone! Ok, not really. Bone, Sister #1, another friend, and I meet in downtown Nashville for a great dinner. We enjoyed a nice Smoked Chicken dinner at Jack's BBQ. It was yummy. Well, I thought it was it yummy.
The next day, Sister #1 and I visited The Carnton Plantation. This plantation was a hospital during the Civil War, because it was caught in the middle of a battle. It had a very interesting history.
After we looked around the house, we found this in the backyard. 50 Confederate solders were just hanging out. I guess this is normal in Franklin, TN?
Another plantation we visited had a free wine tasting. Of course, we took advantage of the free wine tasting. It was good...they were sweet wines.
The reception was at The Factory. It's my new favorite place. We had fun taking pictures at all the random things they had in The Factory....

At the reception they had gambling. I made some money. Of course, it was fake money but whatever...I won and that's all that matters.

The trip was quick, like all our trips, but we had loads of fun. Nashville is probably ranked one of my favorite cities. I would rank it at a 2b, with #1 being Portland and 2a being NYC.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bring it....

I entered a contest at work. It's called the Fat Man Contest. My coworkers have decided to do a weight loss challenge. I signed up because the winner gets $1300. Blogger World, do you know what $1300 will buy me? Let me show you....

Ok, let's review. It will buy me a plane ticket to Florida, where I will stay at the nicest hotel, and drink water while on the beach. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I celebrated my birth. I turned 29. I celebrated by working a normal day, eating leftover meatloaf for lunch, running 4 miles, and cooking dinner for most of my family. I also received more sugary goods than any human being, and received awesome presents from family/friends/coworkers. It was a good day, a really good day! Here's to birthdays and the fun they bring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Louis Ramblings...

St. Louis was loads of fun. I think my mom was worried that Sister #1 and I would not be able to find our way around town. We did, thanks to my Garmin. Although, a couple times my Garmin had to "recalculate" because we took wrong turns. Correction: WE did not take wrong turns, the road she wanted us to take no longer exist. I'm not joking. St. Louis has done some major road work.

The three of us hit three malls and even ventured downtown to see the Arch. I made my mom and Sister #1 walk around the Arch and the park around the Arch. I felt bad that the only sights they were seeing were shopping malls. It made us seem shallow, and we're not.

LB left a comment wanting to know where we ate while in St. Louis. We ate at: Subway and White Castle. I know, I know we like to live it large. I guess we were focused on shopping so much that we just ate what was in sight, which happened to be Subway in one of the food courts, and White Castle which was across the street from where we rented our car. It was our first time to eat at White Castle. It was pretty good.

The St. Louis Airport, I rank you very high on my list of Great Airports. I normally do not rank small airports so high, but it's a good airport. They done some remodeling and added some good restaurants. I highly recommend a layover at this airport. However Southwest Airlines, I rank you low. I DO NOT like that some of your employees talked to me like I'm stupid!!! I am not stupid. I am a very good traveler and I have experience in traveling! It's kind of a hobby. Hopefully, this is my last flight with you guys.

Blogger World, I have a new favorite store. I realize you can't keep track of all my favorite stores. Heck, even I can't keep track, but I want it noted that I love Anthropologie. Now, I also want it noted that I cannot afford Anthropologie. I found the cutest sweater at Anthropologie-CUTEST. If I were rich and didn't have to pay bills, taxes, gas, aerobics fees, Starbucks habits, running shoes, or food I would totally buy the sweater. I mean, look at it....
Wouldn't it look wonderful on me? I know your answer is yes. Now, I'm the kind of shopper that will splurge on cute unusually things. However, this sweater is $98. I couldn't bring myself to pay $98 for the cute flower power sweater. Even looking at it again, I still really want it.

Overall, we all had a great time. It was a fun day. I believe Sister #1 and my mom enjoyed their short amount of time in St. Louis, and I enjoyed visiting H&M.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The way we roll

Hi. Around this neck of the woods, today marks the first day of Spring Break. Blogger World, Happy Freakin' Spring Break! I hate Spring Break. I hate it along with Summer Break. Since I no longer receive a Spring Break or Summer Break, I basically loathe any adult that receives these made up holidays. What? No, I'm not jealous some people receive a week off work for no reason. No. Seriously, I'm not jealous. Anyway, enough Debbie Downer...moving on to the real post.

One cold day in February I was looking at ariplane tickets, dreaming how great it would be to go on a trip. Southwest Airlines was having a killer sale to/from the following cities: Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis. I mean these tickets were dirt cheap, $39.
While dreaming of a nice weekend vacation the telephone inturrupted my thoughts. The following conversation took place one cold day in February.

Sister #1: What are you doing?
Me: Looking at cheap tickets.
Sister #1: Where are you thinking of going?
Me: Maybe St. Louis, so I can go shop at H&M
Sister #1: Oh, why don't we get tickets? It can be your birthday present. We could go for the day.
Me: OK
Sister #1: It looks like Tuesday, March 16 works for the cheap tickets.
Me: OK (getting more excited)
Sister #1: Now, this is your birthday present from me. You will not get anything else. Are you ok with that?
Sister #1: Alright, we're book for Tuesday, March 16th. We fly out at 6:30am and fly home at 8:30pm. Is that enough H&M shopping for you?
Me: YES!

Tomorrow, Sister #1, my mom, and myself are taking a day trip to St. Louis. The day will be full of shopping, eating, and more shopping. So, how is that for spontaneity?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cause you know it ain't over till the fat lady sings

You know it's going to be a good Friday when a local radio station plays Hanging Tough. I mean, does it get much better than old school New Kids on the Block? I think not. By the way, what's up with Jordan's face in this picture? If memory serves me right, I believe the guy in the red (front and center) is Jordan, but I could be wrong. Dang, where's The Cousin when I need her. She would be all over this question. She was madly in love with New Kids on the Block. Anyway, moving on.....

Last night I had my date with R&R. He cooked dinner and then we went to a play. Blogger World, I'm happy to report I had a good time. No, I really did. Despite my last post, it was fun and not once did I want to stab my right eye out. I guess we can all say that OK Chick might have jumped the gun on this whole thing. Ok fine, I completely jumped the gun. I was wrong and all of you guys were right! Who knows what will happen, but I had fun and it was an enjoyable evening.

Blogger World that's my update. Sadly this post must end, I need to warm up my Oatmeal. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm throwing on my Louboutins

I have fully recovered from the tri. After the race I treated myself to a big fat cheeseburger and a delicious cupcake. Then, the next day, I rewarded myself with a massage. I'm big on rewards. But now I have moved on to training for a half marathon in April. It's all about running from here on out. I know, you guys are thrilled to have Running OK Chick back!

Anyway, today's post is about This Guy. First of all, I have decided on a nickname. It's R&R. However, I don't know if R&R will be around long enough to enjoy his blog nickname, so don't get attached to him.

R&R and I have hung out a few times, and most of the time it's been enjoyable. He's a nice guy and very considerate BUT, there's always a but, there are a few things that drive me nuts. Blogger World, I've tried to look past it, I really have. However, I'm kind of a high maintenance girl, as in I know what I want and I don't really take crap for anyone. For example, R&R likes to dominate the conversations. The dude will ask me a question and when I go to answer his question, he interrupts me. Most of the time I never get to finish my answer, because he went off on some tangent. Blogger World, I do not like this! If you ask me a question...DO NOT INTERRUPT ME! I don't think that's too much to ask. Do you?

Folks, as you can probably tell this isn't going to work....this thing between R&R. Tomorrow night we're going on a date. A real date. How do I end it on a first date? I'm really asking for your help. This is my Dear Ok Chick Letter to you. How do I handle this without looking like a jerk?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

1st Tri

So, I'm going to brag on myself. Not only did I complete the sprint tri, I KICKED BUTT! I finished the race in 48 minutes. I was so proud of myself. All the training paid off.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tonight is the night!

Blogger World, tonight is the night I participate in my first sprint triathlon. I'm nervous. Here are a couple reasons why I'm nervous....

1. I forget how to swim, which makes me resort to dog paddling.
2. I look dorky in my swim cap.
3. I fall off my stationary bike.
4. I can't find my stationary bike.
5. I slip and fall when running from the pool to my bike.

As you can see, I have some fears. And most of these fears have to do with swimming and biking. Five bucks says I end up falling off the treadmill!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Blogger World, meet my dad and Uncle Bobby Don. Yes, that's really his name. This picture was taken on Christmas Day. My dad and uncle were about to go outside and see how many beer bottles had been thrown up against the fence. You mean your family does not do that on Christmas? Really?

As I type this post, my dad and uncle are on their way to AZ for a guys golfing trip. My dad has a few friends that like to spend the first weekend in March flying to AZ, eating at In-N-Out Burger, golfing in the sun, and eating at fancy steak restaurants. I really have no idea why anyone would fly to AZ for a golf trip? Crazy. Normal people fly to places for H&M, Dean and Deluca, Niketown, Pocky, Columbia Employee Store, races, street cart food, and Moonstruck Mexican Hot Chocolate. I think you will all agree that my dad is weird, and I was obviously adopted!