Monday, April 30, 2012

We ran. We walked. We rocked.

Great race! I'm very proud of Sister #1 who completed her 1st half marathon. Also, HUGE thanks to our parents, Sister #2, and Cool Coworker who cheered us on at multiple locations. It's a lot of love to get up at 5am just to stand in the rain to watch runners.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Everyday I'm Shuffling

Today, I solute the runners of the world. In 1 day, 22 hours, 44 seconds Sister #1 and I will be running 13.2 miles. I'm very excited to have Sister #1 as my running partner. This will be her first half marathon, and I know she will kick butt. I have a feeling she may not stop with just a half. Who knows, next year she might train for a full marathon. I'm perfectly happy with a half marathon. There's not enough music in the world to keep me running for 4-5 hours. Heck no!!!

So today, I raise my Starbucks Tall Nonfat Chai to all the runners out there. Here's to sore muscles, ice packs, Icy Hot, bottles of Aleve, expensive running shoes, empty water bottles, running bids/chips, and tons of extra laundry! Happy Marathon and may the odds be in your favor!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

OK Chick the Artist

Blogger World, one thing you should know about me is I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I'm being serious. I'm horrible at arts and crafts. In kindergarten, I couldn't master cutting a straight line. It's so bad, I can't even correctly complete paint by numbers. I say all this to stress that I'm not a crafty person, and I have never advertised that I was a crafty person.

Please imagine my surprise when KC emailed an invitation to join her for a painting class. I practically laughed. Actually, I might have laughed when I read the email.  But I decided I needed to give arts and crafts another try. Who knows I might have aged into a brilliant artist?

Tonight's task in our painting class was to paint an Oklahoma Sunset. It seemed easy enough. I figured we'd paint some clouds, a setting sun, and maybe a tree. Oh no. We free handed multiple colored clouds, a barn, rolling hills, and foliage. Now before you look at my painting remember I can't cut a straight line.So you can't judge!
Truth be told, I'm actually kind of proud of my painting. It turned out pretty good. Well, as good as expected from a girl who cannot correctly complete paint by numbers. Ok, stop laughing. 

There is one thing that I absolutely hate in the picture. Please view the red box, bottom right....

Any guesses to what I was going for with that object?  The correct answer is... an oil well. We were suppose to paint a windmill, but I didn't feel I was a windmill type of girl. I'm more of an oil/gas girl.

Overall I had a great time. Thank you KC for inviting me. We may not be artist, but at least we can have fun.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Blogger World, it's been awhile since I've rambled....

Easter weekend I got an iPhone. Actually, Sister #1 and Sister #2 received fancy phones as well. Sister #2 was probably the only 20 year old without an iPhone in the whole wide world. You know, it's a wonder she wasn't shunned from her generation. Poor kid, she didn't grow up with cable TV and it took her forever to receive an iPhone. I guess that's why she turned out normal. Well played parents.

Speaking of Sisters....
This weekend Sister #1 and I will be running OKC Memorial Marathon. We will be running the half marathon, which is thirteen miles. If you are bored Sunday at 6:30am, you should come cheer us on while we huff and puff through downtown. We'll be the two girls with ponytails.

I'm happy to report I've mastered baking these tasty treats...

 Fine, mine didn't quite turn out in this perfect triangle shape. To be honest, I went with a more round shape; a circle if you will. I'm sorry. When I printed out Pioneer Women's instructions they were like 3 pages long. I don't have the patience for that crap. Are you kidding me? I'm training for a half marathon and trying to find a date! Good Lord! The important thing is the taste, and they taste just like Starbucks. Thankyouverymuch.

I'm planning the coolest party ever. You know my friends that live in Orange County? Right, the Housewives. A few months ago, they had an 80s Bunko party. It appeared to be a great party. I wasn't invited so I can't tell you for sure. I'm guessing my invitation got lost in the mail, but that's just a guess. I mean, it's fine, I hold no ill feelings. Instead, I decided to host my own 80s Bunko party. I'm encouraging everyone to dress in their favorite 80s attire. Personally, I think my 80s Bunko party will be a bigger hit than my Jazzercise Birthday party. I'm just saying...

World Peace: is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people.  Metta World Peace, you need to reread the definition or your name.

Blogger World, I'm afraid this is all the Ramblings I have for today. Until next time....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

Will someone get this lady a hamburger?

Obviously, Angelina is not on Pinterst. Otherwise she would know strong is the new skinny.

And they say we don't know what's in style!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Today, I give you my thoughts in picture form...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Highs and lows of my weekend

Anne came to town!!! My dear friend who's been loving life, while living in Australia, came to visit for the weekend. It was great to hang out with her. We ate, shopped, and discussed our common love for Gossip Girl. I've missed her greatly.

One of the benefits of friends living overseas is the awesome loot you receive. Blogger World, look what Anne brought...
I am a happy girl. I'm savoring every cookie. I'm also not sharing. Sorry.

I ran 9 miles.

Sometimes you are sore after running 9 miles.

I had another guest in town, Canada Travis. A fun fact about Canada Travis is he has a strong love for Mexican food. When he's in town he wants to eat lots and lots of Mexican food. Therefore, we made a couple stops at local eating establishments.

I had Mexican food twice in 24 hours. Is it possible to gain 10lbs in 24 hours? I'm almost certain it is possible.

I finally saw The Hunger Games. A friend and I have been reading the books, and agreed after we finished the 1st book we'd go see the movie. I enjoyed the movie, but the book is better.

My phone crapped out on me. It's not completely dead, it's on life support. Soon and very soon I will be receiving a new phone. I've decided to join the rest of society and purchase an iPhone.

As you can see it was a great weekend. How can it be bad when food, friends, and more food are involved??? It can't!