Friday, September 30, 2011

The act of pointless shopping

On the rare occasion that I leave work at a decent hour, I find myself feeling lost. It's an unsure feeling. I never know what I should do with my free time.

Attend aerobics?

Go for a run?
Clean house?

Go see a movie?
Buy groceries?

Yesterday, I left work with the rest of the world and experienced the unsure feeling. After three red lights, I decided I would spend my free time shopping. Below were my must-have-items.

1) A new sweater.....

Do I need this? Of course not. I decided it will be the perfect vacation/football sweatshirt. Am I planning to attend a football game in the near future? Nope, I'm too cheap to buy football tickets. But I am, planning a few vacations that are located in colder climates.

2) New shoes....

Again, do I need new shoes? Absolutely not. I'm the shoe queen. Actually, Sister #2 is the shoe queen. I guess you'd say I'm the shoe princess. I do not need another pair of shoes, but they are cute and comfortable. My mom always says...take care of your feet because you can't buy new ones. She's a really wise woman. You should always listen to your mom.

This whole shopping experience burned a total of 20 minutes. *Insert Eye Roll Here*
The remainder of my night was spent sitting on the couch watching TV. Of course, after these two purchases I had to watch TV in the dark to save money on electricity.

Blogger World, this is why I stay avoid pointless shopping.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Update with Pictures

Every once in awhile I document a weekend with pictures. Blogger World, this doesn't happen often so don't except it on a weekly basis. Yet, this weekend it happened.

I started my weekend early. Well, I sort of started it early. Thursday, my office had a lunch party. This means I had an extra long lunch. Not only did I receive a long lunch, I also walked away with a $25 gift card to Starbucks. I do not have to tell you my level of excitement.
After my exciting win a fellow blogger and I attended a concert, Train and Maroon 5. It was a great concert. I had so much fun listening to some of my favorite songs live. Blogger World I tell you what, outdoor concerts are the way to go! I can't imagine anything better than sitting outside, with great weather, listening to music.

I'm going to be honest, my Friday night was really boring. I couldn't even spin it to be blog worthy. But never fear, my Friday afternoon was blog worthy. I stumbled across an awesome find at TJ Maxx. Blogger World, I found Manner chocolate. Can you believe it? Ok, I don't think you understand the awesomeness of this find. Folks, this is what I ate while in Vienna. Fine I ate lots of other stuff, but this was my favorite!
Warrior Dash. I survived the race, and I enjoyed the race. As you can see from the stolen picture, I jumped over fire to finish the race. The fire was right after I crawled through mud, and the mud pit was five obstacles before I climbed a mountain. It was challenging, but very fun. I'm hoping to receive more pictures from the race. I know you guys are dying to see more.

After climbing a mountain, crawling through mud, and jumping over fire I was tired. I spent most of Sunday afternoon in bed. Not this bed, but a bed.

Sadly, this is the end of my weekend update with pictures.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Happy Wednesday. I thought to celebrate I would give you Ramblings....

I'm happy to report I won my first Fantasy Football game. However, I lost my second game. To be fair, the lost was not my fault. The manager of my team traded one of our players without consulting me. Remember I'm just the co-manager. Anyway, our new player scored 6 points. The player he traded, scored 15 points for his new team. Told you it wasn't my fault.

This morning I overslept because I'm tired. I still made it to work on time, but walking into my office I found myself questioning things. Do my shoes match? Did I brush my teeth? Can you see through my pants? My shoes matched. I'm pretty sure I brushed my teeth, and in the elevator I made sure you couldn't see through my pants. I can imagine the security guys loved that!

Tomorrow night I'm going to a concert, Maroon 5 and Train. It's an outdoor concert, which are my favorite. Also, I'm a huge fan of both groups. I'm pretty certain it will be a good concert. If not, there's always people watching.

This weekend I'm participating in another 5K/obstacle course race. If you remember, my last 5K/obstacle course race was not a pleasant experience; mostly because it was 105 outside. I'm praying the cooler temperatures make all the difference. If not, I'm retiring from 5K/obstacle course races.

Sister #1 returned from NYC. She brought me a souvenir. No, it's not something from H&M or Dean and Dulca. It's jam, and I love it! Sister #1 discovered a great grocery store next to her friend's apartment. Sister #1 loved the grocery store so much, she went twice a day. You might think this is odd, but I would do the same thing.

New realization...I'm ready to retire. I'm kind of over this working thing. It really sucks! Who came up with the idea of working? I'm tired of making someone else rich. I'm tired of taking orders. I'm tired of wearing dress pants. I'm tired of paying for work attire! I'm tired of sitting in a gray foam cubicle. Obviously, this realization means I need to find a rich husband ASAP.

Blogger World, that's all I have for today...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Castle Countdown

Thank goodness quality TV returns this week. I can only take so much Bachelor Pad before my brain cells start dying. Please do not judge me. Yes, I watch most of the Housewives on Bravo, but I draw the line at Bachelor Pad.

Tonight, my #1 show is back with new episodes. Welcome back Castle, you have been missed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3rd favorite city in the whole wide world

Today, Sister #1 leaves for vacation.

She'll be visiting my 3rd favorite city in the whole wide world, NYC.
Fun Fact: I was not invited on this vacation.

I guess you could say it annoys me.

Not really.

Ok, maybe a little.

Tomorrow she'll be riding the subway.
Tomorrow I'll be sitting in a foam cubicle, guarding my office supplies.

This weekend she'll visit one of the 10 H&Ms.

You know how I feel about H&M.

Whatever Sister #1, go have fun on your little vacation!

Don't you worry about me....I'll be fine.

Really, I'll be fine.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Daily

Nicki Minaj my mom just called...
her kindergarteners want their art project back.

Monday, September 12, 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Today, is big trash day.

This morning, while running, I scoped out everyone's trash looking for new treasures. I'm afraid this big trash day had slim pickings. The first house I ran past did have a nice toliet and dishwasher up for grabs. I'm afraid I do not need a toilet or a dishwasher. Of course, my family might disagree on the toilet. Sometimes my toilets don't work, and I probably could use a new toilet. Is this TMI (too much info)? Probably. Moving on...

The next house I ran past had an awesome chandelier tossed to the curb. I actually stopped to get a closer look at the chandelier. I'd never seen anything like it before. Folks, one of my fine neighbors was tossing a teapot chandelier.
This is a picture of a fancy teapot chandelier. The one tossed to the curb wasn't this fancy, or white. But the one tossed to the curb was pretty nice. I could see real potential with the teapot chandelier. Well, if you were a creative person and had a couple cans of spray paint.

Blogger World, I'm afraid that's all this month's big trash day had to offer. I found no new treasures, but I did see my first teapot chandelier.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Free Chicken Minis
Purchased side item
540 calories consumed

$2.00 for awesome greatness!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your Daily

I've never calmed to be a fashion stylist, or any type of stylist. Most of my fashion knowledge comes from The Rachel Zoe Show and What Not to Wear. But I feel I've watched enough fashion TV to know that this is unacceptable....

Sarah Jessica Parker what are you doing? Ok, ok I'm just going to say it, she looks like a Skittle.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The mission to use vacation time-Day I

Yesterday, I announced my mission to use up some of my vacation time. I decided to take off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2pm. No matter what life shattering office emergency took place at 1:50pm, I was going to be out the door at 2pm.

Today, I'm happy to report that I was out the door at 2pm. Around 1:45pm I sensed a life shattering office emergency was about to take place. I simply reminded my coworkers that I was leaving at 2pm and I would take care of the problem tomorrow. This seemed to calm everyone down. Actually it probably didn't, but they knew better than to argue with me.

As promised, below are the chores I accomplished. I wish I was computer literate so I could cross them off the list, but I'm not. There's nothing better than crossing something off your To Do List. Can I get an AMEN? Anyway...completed chores are in the gray.

1. Mail my passport paperwork to higher powers that will renew my passport.
2. Mow my yard.
3. Drop off clothes at a local consignment store.
4. Attend aerobics Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
5. Meet with important bank officials.
6. Attend church Wednesday night.
7. Sweep my garage.

I'm happy with yesterday's accomplishments. The Post Office was the main one I wanted to complete. Can I just say, The Post Office is a horribly slow establishment. I was there for over 30 minutes. I'm all about saving The Post Office, because it's been around for so long, blah, blah, blah. However, when you only have one person working the front for 30 people, I kind of don't feel sorry for your organization that's going down the toilet. It's like Wally-World. Why do they have 35 check-out registers when they only use 10. They should know, crap like that makes us, consumers, mad!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The mission to use vacation time

Do you remember back in May when I discovered all my unused vacation time? I had 23.4 days of vacation time.

Today, I would like to report that I've made some headway on that unused vacation time. Sadly, that's not true. As of right now, I have 21.7 days of vacation. Blogger World, never fear OK Chick has a plan. This week, Tuesday-Thursday, I am taking the afternoon off. I'm going to leave my office at 2pm, not a minute later. I do not care what life threatening office emergency happens, I'm walking out the door at 2pm. I do admit this is a weak attempt to use vacation time, but we all have to start somewhere.

You might be asking yourself what will you do with your 3 hours of vacation time each day? Well, I'm so glad you've asked. Blogger World, let me show you my goal list. Yes, I have a goal list, because I cannot have a vacation without accomplishing things.

1. Mail my passport paperwork to higher powers that will renew my passport.
2. Mow my yard.
3. Drop off clothes at a local consignment store.
4. Attend aerobics Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
5. Meet with important bank officials.
6. Attend church Wednesday night.
7. Sweep my garage

I'm not messing around with this weeks vacation time. I plan to utilize my time. Tomorrow I will let you know how everything works out. Please stop laughing at me. I will have you know, I do have some trips planned in the near future. I'm not a complete loser!