Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Great Flood

Pardon the lack of posts. For the past few days, I've been under the weather. Ha! Get it? Under the weather? You know, because OKC flooded in a span of hours? HAHA! Ok, moving on....

It is true, Monday OKC was under another weather alert. A flood alert. I don't know if I ever remember the weather peeps freaking out over flooding. It was a new experience.

I missed all the excitement. I had no problems getting to work. I made it to my office by 7am. Also, thank goodness, my house missed all the water.

Even though I made it safely to and from work, doesn't mean everyone in my family had the same luck. Sister #1 did not share my luck. Actually, I guess you could say she was lucky, because her office had to shut down for the day. The flood water was rushing the office front door. She spent her day lying on the couch, watching idiots be rescued, and txt'ing me about the idiots be rescued. She was kind enough to send me a message to let me know the Starbucks near my office was closed. It had been swallowed by water.

All-in-all it was a pretty eventful Monday. Everyone was talking about the rain, closed roads, and Starbucks being under water. You know us Okies, we love our weather. It's always the topic of conversation.

PS- This picture was stolen from Lost Ogle, because I was too lazy to find my own picture. Thanks, LO.


Renee said...

I was worried about you. I'm glad you're all okay.

amy nickerson said...

I saw that pic too! I had to go in late b/c I attempted to make it in and could not get there! It was nutso outside. I went down kelly to memorial and had already crossed 3 areas of water covering the entire road. I probably shouldn't have attempted to cross them at all. I pulled into the OnCue gas station off Mem and Boulevard and waited 30 minutes. Called around and heard there were tons of road closings on the way to my office so I turned around and went home. I eventually made it in around 12:30. But geez, I thought I'd have to start building an ark!

TC said...

So what I got out of this post was that you really didn't have an excuse for not blogging.

Am I right?

OK Chick said...

Thanks Renee. It's good to know someone cares! :)

Amy- I joked about building an ark as well. I thought it was time to start finding animals.

Now TC, I spent all of Monday discussing the weather. I just didn't have time to post. I really have no excuse for posting yesterday.