Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend Highlights

Friday night…
I successfully finished the race Friday night. Please scratch goal # 3 from my list! Actually, I have to do one more race to completely scratch goal # 3 from the list, but I’m half way there.
The Midnight Streak, the race I ran, was a lot of fun. Friday night’s weather was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better night.
Everyone running received a cool glow bracelet, so we wouldn’t get lost in the dark. My dad thought they were goofy, but I loved it. I sported my proudly as I ran.

On to Saturday…
Goal # 5 can now be scratched off. I road tripped it Ft. Worth for my friend Lailah’s wedding. What a beautiful wedding. It was very simple and small, which I like. My favorite part was the food. She had Egyptian food for her guest to enjoy. You know I’m big on food at weddings, so a whole meal was awesome.
After the wedding some of us went to Central Market, which is way cool. Central Market combines to of my favorite things- grocery store and a patio. Yes, it’s a grocery store but then they have a grill/patio connected. We walked though the grocery store and then went to the patio to enjoy some live music. It was wonderful! I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this concept before them. I could be a zillionaire!


Fast-forward to today…
Today is National Cheesecake Day. I’m so happy my favorite dessert has a designated day! Please help me celebrated with a slice of Cheesecake!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Update on Summer Goals

Back in June I made some summer goals for myself. I’m a big goal maker and thought this summer I would try to expand my horizons. My goals for the summer are:

Participate in 2 races
Go to a Drive-In
Road trip with friends

As of right now I’ve only accomplished one goal, hiking. I forgot to tell you guys but while we were in New Mexico I went hiking. It wasn’t a hardcore hike, just a nice stroll in the wilderness. I mean, how do you think I got those cool pictures from the top of the mountain? Yea I walked my butt up there. True, I rode a tram about 95% of the way, but the 5% was all me!

This weekend I will be knocking out two of my goals. #3 and #5 will take place this weekend. Tonight I’m running a race and tomorrow Holly and I are venturing to the Big D. Yes, I just got back from The Lone Star State but I’m going back. I just can’t get enough of big hair and massive belt buckles.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smelly Plant, SMELL-Y Plant

I have two plants in my office. Plant Christina and Plant Reservoir. I’m not going to explain either name or why I even name my plants. It’s weird…I know. But this story is about Plant Christina….

This morning I got to work unusually early. Since I had some free time I thought I would water Plant Christina. I watered Christina and then left my office to get something to drink. As I reentered my office I noticed an awful smell. Awful. I could not place the smell but I knew it stunk. I started freaking out because I didn’t want people thinking the stench was from me. I mean, how embarrassing!

After a two-minute freak-out session I decided to form a plan. My plan was simply-I would cover up the smell, and do it quickly. First plan was B&B lotion. I started putting lotion all over my arms. I was trying to get the B&B smell in fill my office. The lotion plan did not work, true I smelt amazing but my office still stunk. The second plan was Febreeze. I ran over to my coworker’s office and borrowed his can. Plan Febreeze seemed to work for about ten minutes. It started to wear off about the time people started showing up for work. Ok, now cue major freak out session.

Since covering up the smell did not work I decided to pretend like I didn’t smell anything. I started working on the piles of papers on my desk. I was trying to give the elusion that I was very busy and important. I figured if I were “busy” no one would talk to me; that idea lasted a whole three minutes. I came out of my “busy/important act” when two coworkers were standing outside my office discussing how bad it stunk. I silently freaked out and then joined the conversation on the stench. I thought if I recognized the smell I wouldn’t get blamed for the awful smell. You know the saying…whoever smelt it, dealt it.” Yea, that still goes for when you’re an adult!

After a ten-minute discussion, and an investigation of everything around my office not to mention everything inside my office, we FINALLY discovered where the smell was coming from Plant Christina. She had gone sour. How do plants go sour? Do I need to do something for her, besides toss her in the nearest trashcan? I have never heard of a plant going sour, especially when I never water her!!! Yea, yea I’m a bad plant person.

NOW every time people walk through the hallway and make the…what is that smell face, my boss explains that MY plant has gone sour. Yes, it’s a tad embarrassing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I heart Harry!

Dear Blogging World,

Mr. Harry Potter and his gang have taken up my free time. I'm reading every free second I have! I know, I said I wasn't going to read it quicky, but I can't stop. I must find out what's going to happen to everyone! I have about 200 pages left and then I will be my semi- social self again. Until then…. long lived Harry Potter!


Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lone Star State & Harry Potter

Look out Texas here I come!! Tomorrow I head off for family vacation # 3. We’re visiting the Lone Star State for a couple days. I plan to have a weekend of shopping, eating, lying by the pool, reading, and sleeping. Actually, that is probably everything we will do. HA! I hope sleeping is a big part of the agenda. This morning I slept in an hour! I had set my alarm for 5:15; I planned to run before work. Well no running for me, because I didn’t wake up until 6:20. Whoops! Needless to say, I wasn’t late to work. This short hair has been fabulous for when I sleep in, which lately has been many times. I love short hair! I highly recommend it.

But before I leave for The Lone Star State I must stop at the local bookstore, at midnight, for the infamous Harry Potter book. I’m so excited for Harry Potter 7, hence getting the book at midnight. I reserved my book about three weeks ago, so it will be waiting for me when I get through the line. I will be reading a lot in The Lone Star State.
This year I’m going to try not to read the book in two days. I get so excited that I read the whole book in a weekend, and then I’m sad when it’s over. Since this is the last book I want it to last longer than two days. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I scream-You scream-We all scream for Ice Cream

TODAY is National Ice Cream Day! Everyone should beat the heat with some ice cream. Mmmmm doesn't that look good? I don't even like ice cream and it looks good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My new want

As a female I have many wants. Actually, I think all genders have an equal amount of wants. Men want big toys; women want clothes and pedicures. Wow if that last sentence isn’t stereotypical I don’t know what is! I’m a girl filled with wants and lots of them. I’m not ashamed to admit I want a lot of materialistic things. The difference is I recognize that it’s a want and not a need. For example, I don’t need a new skirt from Ann Taylor--I just want it. If I recite something similar to the above phrase, I usually put up the “want” back and walk out of the store. But sometimes I splurge and buy myself one of my wants. Blogging World I’d like to introduce you to my latest want…

Guitar Hero! Yes, I realize it’s silly. What’s even sillier is I don’t even have a Playstation, let alone a Playstation 2. I have no idea how to even work the high tech thing. While I was in New Mexico I discovered Guitar Hero. I must say it’s the greatest game-ever! I haven’t played a video game so fun since Tetris 2 on the ghetto Nintendo. My sister and I played Guitar Hero for about three hours. The time just flew by as I rocked out to The Police and Gun’s N Roses. I am serious it was so much fun. I made the announcement at dinner that I was quitting my job and joining a band. Anyone, know of a band looking for a bass player?

As the time came for us to leave New Mexico I realized I was going have to part with my new video game. I was really sad. The whole way back to Oklahoma I thought about the video game…how much it cost, how often would I really play it, and how long it would take me to get to medium level. Monday morning I got on the Internet and looked up the cost for a new Playstation 2. Now back to my first paragraph; I recognize this as a want, but I need this game!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Mexico

I made it back. It was a quick trip, but lots of fun. I could get used to living in the mountains. I was all about the cool temperatures. I just ran to Wally World to develop my pictures. Here are some of my favorites....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Tonight I have a date with Harry. Please- don't be jealous.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I’m currently reading this book. I’ve read it about four times. The author does a superb job of revealing the ups and downs of single-hood. I mean, as a single girl you have great moments and then you have the crappy moments. I usually have my great moments when I’m on my Single Trips. I get this overwhelming independent feeling. It makes me want to scream, “I’m women, hear me roar”. I never do because that would be weird, but that’s when I love being single. The crappy moments are when you want to make a huge pan of brownies and eat all of them. Well everyone might not go that route. For me, the crappy moments occur when I get my 30th wedding invitation in the mail. I happy for the person, but it’s just another reminder that one less guy is roaming the earth looking for me!

This morning I was talking to my friend Holly; by talking I mean we emailed twice this morning. I was venting, ok maybe whining, about being single. She offered this piece of advice…. God has promised you that he is going to supply all of your needs and He will. She’s right! So why in the crap am I worried about being unhitched? Why am I freaking out about receiving another wedding invitation? I’m sure it has something to do with someone getting married and I can’t get a date. But is it really worth all the worry? I can’t do anything about my single status. I can’t speed up this process. No matter what I do, nothing will happen until God wants it to happen. The ultimate matchmaker is not done with me as a single person; so until then I should chill and enjoy life! Besides, single-hood is fun. Oh come on, it is.

To embrace my single life, I’m saying good-bye to thoughts like this...
(Excert from the book above)
I gaze around the singles' group and it's rife with its reasons. Tim Hanson has those hair plugs that look like he's sprouting a row of corn on his head. Jake Henley has been pining over an ex-girlfriend that no one's ever seen, for, going on three years now. He still talks to her on the phone, and I just want to clobber him and say, "Wake up, dimwit! Either marry her or move on!" To waste your life on an emotional relationship that is going nowhere is such an easy out, don't you think? It makes him unavailable, and avoiding commitment is now that much simpler.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sorry for the lack of post. I went on a blog hiatus. It wasn’t an intentional hiatus. It was an: I’m busy at work, 4th of July, in Arkansas type of hiatus. Don’t take it personal. It’s me, not you guys.

But this week I’m back. Well, I’m back until Thursday. Thursday I’m heading off for another family adventure. This adventure will lead us to New Mexico; the land of mountains, The Lobos, 100 degree temperatures, no rain, and 80 mph speed limits. Did you know that UNM’s mascot is a Lobo? Do you know what a Lobo is? This is a real question, because I have no idea. I just looked on their website, no picture, but you can get 4 season tickets for $180. What a steal!

Anyway, I’m excited for Family Adventure # 2. It’s four days of sleeping in the back seat and reading. I’m prepared. I went to the library and checked out four new books. I’m so ready for the twelve-hour drive!

* By the way…it rained the whole time I was in Ark. Yesterday was the first day I’ve been to the pool all summer. I heart the sun!