Friday, August 29, 2008

All My Children

I’m currently eating lunch and watching All My Children. I’m not a big soap fan, but All My Children is a soap I can tolerate. I think it’s because my grandma would watch AMC every day. She called it…"her story”, and we would watch it right after lunch. Trust me, after spending a week in Arkansas I would know everything about AMC. Some summers I would get so hooked on the show that I would have to call grandma to get AMC updates. What! I get sucked into shows easily. I hate that about myself.

Here are some of my thoughts on soap operas. Do you realize you cannot watch the show for a year and still know the storyline? It’s true! I guess that’s not a bad thing if you only watch the show about three times a year, like me. Also, these shows have crazy storylines. Blogger World, the people of Pine Valley (where they live) are dealing with some crazy stuff. For example, we have memory loss, baby mommas, baby daddies, murder, ghost, stealing of spouses, and drinking problems. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d move from Pine Valley if everyone around me had a crazy life.

But even with all the craziness I do still enjoy the show from time to time. Today appears to be one of those times. Now if you would excuse me, I must see if Erika is going to go out with Adam. Trust me…my grandma is rolling in her grave right now. Erika and Adam together, what is the world coming to!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

She Works Hard for Her Money

Blogger World, something happened to me Monday at work. It’s a good thing. However, no one knows that it happened to me. Let me explain. Monday I was busy at my desk working. Yes, working. Not surfing the internet, not typing up a blog post, and definitely not stalking my favorite Hollywood celebs. My boss walked by my office and this conversation took place:

Boss- Oh, you are here today. (It was noon; I’d been in the office all morning)
Me- Yes, sir I’ve been here all morning.
Boss- Fridteay we decided to promote you to a SR.
Me- Great.
Boss- Now, this promotion comes with a pay raise.
Me- Thank you sir.
Boss- You’re a great worker, everyone thinks the world of you….yada, yada, yada.

You get the point. I received a promotion and a pay raise. Normally, when promotions occur a global email is sent out announcing an employee’s promotion. Unfortunately, I have once again slipped through the cracks. No email was sent out on my behalf, which I find disappointing. I have received this big promotion and no one in my office knows. Oh, and don’t even get me started on completing my MBA. No one in the office has congratulated me on that accomplishment either. Although, someone did just ask how classes are going. I told them I graduated two weeks ago. I’m assuming my coworkers will figure out that I’m done with school. But maybe I’m giving them too much credit-it has been about two weeks.

Today, I am treating myself to my favorite sandwich and cookie for lunch. It’s my reward to myself!

Sidenote: A true friend dedicates a whole post to you...check out Holly's Blog to see mine. Have I ever told you that my friends are awesome? Well they are!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend Updates

Another weekend is under my belt. Also, this would be the first weekend in over a year I did not have to worry about any aspect of school. YIPPEEE! So how did I spend my first weekend post MBA???? Well keep on reading….

I had the day off. But don’t get excited for me. I had the day off because Sister #1 needed a ride to the doctor. She’s fine, don’t worry. I on the other hand, had to get up at 5:00am, ok fine it was 5:30am. I slept in a little…ok a lot. Blogger World, you know I do not get up that early unless an airplane, run, or aerobics is involved. Neither of those options were a choice this time. However, since I rock as a sister…I took her to the doctor.
Later that night I made a wonderful meal for my friends. I believe everyone liked the meal, or they pretended like they did. Either way, everything was eaten. Here’s a picture of dessert. Mine didn’t look this pretty, but we can all pretend. Oh but I did get to use my blackberries in this dish. They were top quality! Saturday
Again I was up way too early. I was up at 6:00am! But this time it was my choice- a run. Run with the Bulls was this weekend. This is one of my favorite races. The reason it’s my favorite has nothing to do with the race, but everything to do with the after run food. At this race, they serve hamburgers. Oh and they are so good. The best hamburgers I have ever eaten. Of course, I say this about every food I eat after a race. Anyway, this year I skipped out on the hamburger and ate breakfast at a famous steakhouse. It was my first time to dine at the local treasure. Needless to say, it did not let me down. Hands down, the best biscuits I have ever eaten. Casie and I split biscuits and gravy, which was very tasty. Don’t worry we also sampled their eggs, hash browns, bacon, and ham.
The rest of Saturday was a blur, because I took a long nap. I’m not much of a napper but I was tired. I very much need a vacation. Can someone take care of that for me?
Saturday night I went to a concert. This was the last concert of my Summer Concert Series. I picked a good one to end the summer. First of all, the concert was in a cow pasture. No lie! Ok, it’s not a lie but it’s an exaggeration. It was actually at one of Stillwater's finest, but outside which is why it felt like a cow pasture. The concert was a three day OK/TX country concert. Most of the performers were from OK/TX area, with Dierks Bentley closing the show Saturday night. He put on a great show! He played for over an hour and I was able to get really close to the stage. It was fun night!

I cooked and cleaned a lot on Sunday. I guess I was bored, but trying to stay productive. Since I was in the mood to cook I decided to try a new recipe. I made Upside Down Pizza, which turned out pretty well. Then I felt the need for more food, so I had Sister #2 make a Cookie Cake. The Cookie Cake was amazing. Sister #1 and I ate the whole thing in less than one day. I’m sure you could calculate our consumption time in hours. Stop judging me- I run and go to aerobics!
I guess that’s about all I did on Sunday, you know besides the boring things like- laundry, cleaning my bathroom, and preparing things for the week. Hey, I cannot be exciting every day of the week it’s just exhausting.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Until London

Last night Sister #1 and I watched the Olympics closing ceremonies. Of course, I didn’t sit through the whole thing but I did catch the last hour. I did make it in time to witness Jackie Chang sing. Did anyone else see him randomly on stage there at the end? It was weird. He was on stage singing with famous Chinese pop singers. I had no clue he could sing, that is if he was really singing. But if that was him singing at the end, he doesn’t have a horrible voice. He should start singing in his movies. Ummm, this post is not about Jackie Chang singing. Sorry I got side tracked! Anyway, back closing ceremonies.

I was kind of sad to see the Olympics come to an end. I have really enjoyed watching the games. Like most of the world I was glued to my TV watching the Olympics. Those TV people had me sucked in at the very beginning. It was those sappy stories they play about each of the athletes; which reminds me. Do all Olympic athletes have a sad situation or physical problem that they overcome? I mean, is that a requirement to enter into the Olympics. Some of those athletes stories could have double as an Extreme Homemaker story. The Roommate and I started to realize everyone’s story was sad a few days ago. Sorry, side tracked again. But that is a legitimate question.

So for the past two weeks I’ve watched track, basketball, volleyball, rowing, gymnastics, and whatever else was on when I got home from work. I was addicted. I can’t remember an Olympics, winter or summer, where I actually watched the games every night for two weeks. I was really rooting for USA. I kept up with the medal count, and I did my best to read about what events USA would take, if I didn’t see it for myself.

Today, I salute USA! My hat goes off to all the USA athletes that made it to the Olympics. You made us proud and you entertained us!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

16 or 80?

Today during my 3:00 break, I was looking at celebrity pictures posted on US Magazine's website. Hey, some people smoke at 3:00, I view celebrity pictures. It's cheaper and healthier-judge me later. Anyway, I came across this picture:

These two chicks are from the show Gossip Girl. I don't know their real names or their characters names on Gossip Girl. I'm 100% sure The Cousin knows and will comment letting us all know. But what caught my eye with this picture is the way they are dressed. The girls are on the set of their show, Gossip Girl. My question is what high school girl dresses like this? They look like hip 80 year olds.

Also FYI- I just read that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have gotten back together. It has to be true, US Magazine would not tell a lie!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last night was the first Monday night I’ve had free, in about a year. Let me tell you, I have not been missing a thing. Good grief. What do you guys watch on Monday nights? Someone needs to send me a TV schedule. There’s absolutely nothing on TV. The Olympics was on last night, but I couldn’t get into last nights events, until gymnastics. I did waste 30 minutes by going running, of course it was raining outside while I ran. Hey, it was either go run or keep sitting on the couch!

After I got home from aerobics, I ate dinner and then ironed some pants. After finishing all those things, you can imagine how surprised I was when I looked at the clock to see it was only 7:30. I got home from aerobics at 6:55. Yup, it only took 35 minutes before I realized I was going to need a new activity to occupy my free time. I’m still narrowing down my choices for activities. Knowing me, I’ll just do them all because that’s how I am. However, I’m happy to report I will not be getting a second job! I’m bored, but I don’t want to go back to working 60 hours a week. Then I become cranky Ok Chick, which no one really likes her.

Oh and because I know you’ll ask- here are the possible time fillers…..

Train for a half marathon
Attend a women’s bible study
Volunteer somewhere
Join a tennis league
Take a cooking class
Get a whole new degree
Learn how to sew-
I don’t think I’m that bored, scratch that one off the list.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Update

HOLY MOLY! What a weekend. It was go-go-go the whole stinkin’ weekend, and I am tired this morning. Since it was such a busy weekend…I’ll let my pictures do all the explaining. Besides, I know you guys would rather look at pictures.

My wonderful friends Holly, Andrew, and Sister #1 took me to dinner. Aren't they great! We ate at a trendy new pizza place here in town. It was a nice evening of eating outside, which is one of my favorite things to do!

The group

Andrew and I

Sister #1 and I

Andrew, Holly, and I

Big day! Here's some pics from graduation, which can I say was the fastest graduation ever. We were done in less than an hour.

The fam
Friend # 23, or I guess you guys know him as Guy #3. Hey, we're still friends and the guy got me through Economics and Accounting!
IM Buddy, who entertained me all summer! Isn't she the cutest? Most of the people I hung out with this year, minus a few that were not around for this picture. I saw these people more than anyone else this past year.

After graduate it was off to a super nice steakhouse. It was yummy. I ate so much! I thought they were going to need a crane to get me out of my seat. We had a great time with my friends Casie and Scott. Sadly, no pictures of the dinner...just imagine 7 people eating steak. I planned to get a picture of the dinner group, but I was so busy eating my steak that I forgot.

Last night was Concert #2 for August. Brooks & Dunn with ZZ Top. Remember how all you guys thought it was weird that they were playing together? Well it was kind of weird. I mean, it was a GREAT show but odd. The crowd was an odd mixture as well. There were three acts last night, so we heard lots of music-always a plus. Rodney Atkins opened up for Brooks & Dunn, and then ZZ Top finished off the night. Sister #2 and I tons of fun. I've come to the conclusion that old people can put on a great concert. I was impressed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Late Night

These guys kept me up late last night. At least they won!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crash into me

Last night Sister #1 and I went to the Dave Matthews concert. It was a pretty good concert. The weather was perfect, mid-80s, and our seats were pretty good. Also, Dave played for over two hours. Actually, he might have played longer but Sister #1 and I pooped out at 10:15. Hey, we had to get up for work and this old fart needed her beauty sleep. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to hear my favorite song, Ants Marching. I guess you can’t have everything.

The concert was held in OKC triple-A ballpark. Sister #1 and I have been to this ballpark numerous times. We’ve been there for baseball games, races, and other concerts. Our tickets last night were in Section 208. Do you know it took us 15 minutes to find where Section 208 was located? Yes, we did realize it was upstairs but we couldn’t figure out how to get upstairs. I couldn’t help but laugh because we’ve been to this ballpark SO many times.

When we finally found our sections we were happy to see that Section 208 was a calm section. We sat next to an older biker couple. The husband was one of those guys that has tattoos all over his arms, wears the cut off Harley shirt with big boots, long ponytail, and has couple earrings. You know the type. He looked mean, but ended up being really nice. The kicker is when we told me he likes to listen to Dave while drinking wine on picnics with his wife. I was like excuse me, you go on picnics? I guess this proves that you can not judge anyone by looks, which I try not to do but fail many times. Also, Sister #1 and I were blessed to sit behind one drunk guy. He was pretty entertaining. He decided to join our section right as the concert started. Needless to say, we were all thrilled to have him join us in Section 208. He didn’t stay long because he fell down the stairs and found is friend Justin.

I guess you could say that Dave put on a great show for OKC. My August concert series started off great. Sunday will be concert #2…ZZ Top and Brooks & Dunn.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you have a first aid kit handy?

Yesterday I realized something, and it’s kind of silly so don’t laugh at me. I was driving home from work when my radio started playing the song Damaged by Danity Kane. Have you heard this song? It’s one of those catchy pop songs that get stuck in your head. If you have not heard the song I recommend you Google it, so you too can have it stuck in your head. Anyway, before the song was played the DJ said, “Since I was a boycott I always have a first aid kit handy.” After hearing the DJ’s comment I figured he had fallen off his rocker. I mean, what does having a first aid kit have to do with the song Damaged? I soon found out that the DJ was quoting the first line of the song. Yeah, so for the past three or four months I’ve been singing the wrong words. I have no clue what I have been singing but I know….Do, Do you got a first aid kit handy? is not what I was singing! I love it when I have ahh-ha moments while driving down the road. Although, some are better than others.

Sidenote: If I was techno-savvy I would insert the YouTube video for this song, but I’m not so you will have to find it on your own. Hey I didn’t even know the words to the song ,you think I can attach the video?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Updates

There is nothing like a Weekend Updates on a Tuesday. You know, I haven’t done a Weekend Updates in a few weeks. I guess mostly because the past few weekends have consisted of studying; and that makes for a really boring Weekend Updates. As you can see, I am doing you guys a favor. You can thank me later. Alright, let’s get into this Weekend Updates, shall we?

As I’ve mentioned about 20 times, this weekend is graduation. Of course, no graduation should go uncelebrated and this includes MBA gradations. Friday night some of my school buddies and I went out to celebrate completing school. It was a very fun evening! I believe there was about eight of us, well seven that actually went to school and one random dude. No joke! A random guy came out to celebrate with us. Actually, it was a guy’s friend who was in town for weekend.
The evening started out here, for some oyster nachos. Then we decided to head here for dinner. By the way, I don’t know what has happen to this establishment but I was very disappointed with my salad. My $13.00 salad consisted of 4 pieces of steak, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some croutons; which is fine if that is what I’d ordered!!! I was mad! I was suppose to receive toasted sweet pecans, dark green lettuce, lots steak, and…well it’s just a way better salad than what I was given. After the disappointing meal we headed here. I wasn’t too impressed with this place. It was fun, but not worth all the hype it’s received around town. I mean, it’s a 3 story bar with 350 beers.

Saturday morning I was up at the butt crack of dawn, or 8:40am. However, I rushing around like a mad woman trying to get to a review session that started at 9. I made it, but about 15 minutes late. Trust me, I didn’t miss anything. After two hours of accounting and finance I was ready to stab my eye out. I didn’t, because I need both eyes.
Sadly, for me the rest of Saturday was not exciting. But unlike me, my family was spending an exciting weekend shopping and eating. And to make matters worse, my extended family was at the lake enjoying the sun. I would like to give a shout out to the extended family, mostly The Cousin. She pretended like I was with them enjoying the sun. This is me with them on the boat.

Saturday afternoon I tried to call my family, to give them the bored sob story, and they didn’t care. My dad said that they were going to dinner and he’d call me back, which he didn’t. So therefore, my family is not getting a shout out…only the extended family. Besides, my family doesn’t even read this blog, only the extended family reads my wise thoughts. Anyway, Saturday evening I did find two friends that felt sorry for me. Hey, the sob story finally worked on someone. They graciously allowed me to eat dinner with them. There’s nothing like a big greasy cheeseburger with great company when you’re bored out of your mind. It was one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had. Oh, and we had fried pickles. LOVE fried pickles.

NOTHING. Oh, I did eat another cheeseburger. It was from a different place; not quite as good, but way better than Friday night’s food and better than cooking something myself.

Edit: Saturday afternoon my WONDERFUL friend Holly had coffee with me. Actually, neither one of us got coffee but it was nice to see my friend in person, we don't see each other as much. I apologize for not noting this in the post. It was a highlight for sure.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I don't want to grow up

Graduation is in less than a week away- five days to be exact. I kind of assumed after I graduated things would be different in my life. In the back of my head, I thought the clouds would open and the perfect job for me would fall on my lap. Silly I know, but I guess that’s what I was expecting. So what do I do now? The clouds have not opened and the perfect job hasn’t fallen on my lap. I’m stuck and not for sure what I want to do. I guess now is when I should think about becoming an adult. You know, buying a place to live, owning things adults own, and thinking more about 401K Plans. Man, being an adult doesn’t sound like fun. I want to go back to the days of playing hide-and-go seek with the neighbors and making up dances in the garage with my sisters.

Friday, August 8, 2008

How to be a kid

Step 1: Eat candy for lunch.

Step 2: Play in a moon bounce with your friends until you are gross and sweaty.

Step 3: Eat a snow cone for dinner.

There you have it- a 3 step process on how to feel five! However, I do not recommend trying this when you have to give a presentation to 20 other adults later in the evening. But you only live once so who cares!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday News...

Big News…
Well tonight in class, I will be giving my LAST presentation before I graduate. I think we should all take a minute and celebrate for Ok Chick. Go ahead I’ll wait…….........
Tonight’s presentation is over a book I was assigned to read- Bigger Isn’t Always Better. Yes, I can hear you snickering. But after tonight I will only have one week of school! One week!!! Blogger World, I believe I am actually going to graduate with a Master’s Degree. HA! Who would have thought this average girl would graduate with a Master’s?

In Other News…
This week I have managed to lose 2 lbs. If anyone is looking to lose weight, might I recommend the Ok Chick diet? This diet consists of Grande nonfat chais and 100 calorie snack packs. It appears to be very effective.

In Other Other News…
Remember that big work project my boss assigned to me? Today is the day. Since July I have been planning my company’s picnic. Hopefully, this will be the greatest company picnic ever! It’s sure been a lot of work. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go hand out snow cones to screaming kids.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I would like to send a HUGE congratulations out to Baha Men!

This week, their song Who Let the Dogs Out was voted the most annoying song of all time. Way to go Baha Men! I just want you guys to know-I sort of like the song, but I guess everyone else thinks it's annoying.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Deep Thought

Today's Friday Deep Thought comes to us from The Purpose Driven Life's website. I read the site from time to time and thought this was a good thought.

Jon Walker –
Have you ever been somewhere you didn’t want to be? Maybe it was a job, a town, or a marriage. Maybe it was a stage in life, like singlehood, or a state in life, like a disability. It’s very possible that as you read this, you’re wishing you were somewhere else – anywhere else – living a different life, but you know it’s not likely that anything is going to change any time soon.

God has a word for you. It’s the same word he gave a group of people when they were stuck in another country, exiled from their homeland. They’d folded their arms and said, “We’re going to wait this thing out, and when we get home, we’ll start living our lives.”

Through the prophet Jeremiah, God told them, “You’re not going home any time soon, so start making your lives here. Plant gardens, buy homes, let your children get married, and pray for the peace and prosperity of the place where you’re currently living because, by doing that, you too will be blessed with peace and prosperity” (Jeremiah 29:5-7).

Don’t invest your energy in hopes of leaving; instead invest your energy in the people around you. Don’t be physically present but mentally somewhere else, thinking of the future or the past, thinking of someplace else. Our journey with Jesus requires we be fully present in the present.
You may feel like you’re in exile too, but God is still working in your life; and his message to you is: Dig in and fully embrace the life around you.