Friday, October 2, 2015

National Smile Day

Today, is National Smile Day. What makes you smile? For the most part, I smile pretty often. Here are a few things that make me smile...

Blogger World, life is too short not to smile every once in awhile. I hope you find a few things that make you smile.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Number 81 is the amount of new recipes I've tried in the past ten months. I challenged myself to try 100 new recipes. I didn't put a timeframe on this, but I'm certain I'll complete my challenge in 1 year. I've kept a running list of all the recipes on my phone. A more organized person would have blogged about each recipe, or kept a photo album on Facebook. I'm not that'll have to be happy with the list. 

Many of the recipes were tried during Racecar Woman days; so you haven't been kept in the dark too much. But since I'm a great blogger I have a few additional pictures to share. 

Grasshopper Pie

Banana Bread

It appears, I literally only have a few pictures. Sorry guys, I thought I had more pictures you haven't seen. Anyways, here's to another 19 recipes I'll be trying out!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Update

It was a great weekend! It was fun, busy, and relaxing. Here's a recap of the weekend:

Friday Night
A group of friends and myself attended a fundraiser at the OKC Zoo. This is the third year for us to attend ZooBrew. We always have a great time hanging out with animals and tasting delicious adult beverages. 

The first half of Saturday was relaxing. It was nice to rest and enjoy time with Postcard Puppies. They're so cute! 

Saturday Afternoon/Evening 
My family and I ran a 5k in support of a family who lost their son a few years ago. 
My mom and Canada Travis were our cheerleaders. It's important to have cheerleaders. After we ran 3 miles it was time to eat! 
Hamburgers are not complete without S'Mores! 

The day of rest; which is what happened! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fat Camp: Food

The Sisters and I made a variety of healthy food. Here's a peek of what we made over the weekend. 

Greek Chicken Salad 

Strawberry Banana Granola Bars
Sister #2 found the recipe only. It only calls for 6 ingredients. 

Blackberry Fruit Roll-Ups
Sadly, these did not turn out. I'm not for sure went wrong, we followed the directions. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches
These frozen graham cracker treats are tasty, and low in calories. I used strawberries, blueberries, and cool whip. I placed them in the freezer for about 3 hours.

Out of everything we made the salad and granola bars were my favorite. I foresee these recipes being used again. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fat Camp: Activities

This weekend, Fat Camp took place. A big thank you to The Sisters. Both participated in all Saturday activities; which I greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to Cool Coworker who participated in a few activities with us. If these fine friends wouldn't have participated, it would have been a boring Fat Camp! 

Here are some pictures from our weekend of Fat Camp. 

Fat Camp started and ended with Jazzercise. 

The Sisters, Cool Coworker, and I walked around a fancy neighborhood. 

OKC isn't known for hiking, so we had to get creative. One of the parks in town has lots of trees, so we decided it counted as a hike. 

It was The Sisters first yoga class. We had lots of laughs during class. 

Plank War
Sister #1 beat me in the plank war. She held her plank for over a minute. I made it 22 seconds. 

Tomorrow I'll post all the pictures of the yummy food we made. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fat Camp

A few months ago, Sister #1 invited me to a wellness retreat. It was a weekend away where all we do is workout. The website listed activities like yoga, running, hiking, weight lifting, and healthy food suggestions. So, it's fat camp. 

Don't worry, the suggestion of going to fat camp did not offend me. Sister #1 knew this would not offend me. In fact, she knew I'd be all over a fitness retreat. Naturally, she was right.

This weekend, The Sisters and I are putting on our own fat camp. We figured, why pay hundreds of dollars to attend fat camp when we can make our own fat camp? This weekend will be full of workout activities!!! The best part, most of our activities will be free!! So here's our weekend lineup: 

All activities are subject to change. Mostly, because there are rain chances this weekend. But as you can see, by Sunday we will look like this: 

In your face expensive fat camp!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The orange bag that never worked

Blogger World, meet Sister #1's suitcase...
Do you see it? Sorry the picture is blurry. It's because I was laughing so hard. I'm referring to the orange bag. 

You see, Sister #1's bag does not work. It's never worked. Can you guess the problems?????? 
If you guessed the handle you are half correct. The second problem is one of the wheels does not roll. 

Sister #1 has been attempting to roll this bag for years. The result is pretty
hilarious, and it does entertain my family. However, it's time for her to get a new bag. Blogger World, please help me encourage her to purchase a new suitcase! Please!!!