Monday, July 18, 2016


Blogger World, summer is almost over and I've barely blogged! You must feel so left out. Let me catch everyone up on life....

My bathroom is receiving a facelift. Here's a picture of my new shower shelf. 
I'll have more pictures once it's completed. 

4th of July parade was a success! We had a cute helper the crowd loved.

Furry Friends continue to be adorable! 

Canada Travis is racing lots of races. 

My tiny garden is still alive. The strawberries are doing the best. This morning I picked three strawberries. 

Basically, it's a typical summer for me. Hope everyone else is having a fun summer! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. My sisters and I celebrated our terrific dad. 

He's pretty great! He's taught us a lot over the past 30 years...or 25 years if you're Sister #2. The Sisters and I have definitely lucked out in the parents department. 

My Hero

Last weekend, Canada Travis's hometown received a lot of rain. After three hours of a downpour, I decided to head home before bridges were washed out. Unfortunately, I waited too long. I made it three miles from Canada Travis's house before I had to turn around. On my journey back to his house, I came to an almost washed out bridge. Since I didn't want to be on the news, I called my boyfriend. He came to my rescue. 

Blogger World, you're looking at the bridge I walked across. Not something I'd promote, but the alternative was sitting in the car until the rain stopped. 

I went back to Canada Travis's house for a couple hours, and finally made it home. I took a few pictures on the way home...

I know rain is good, but good grief!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Life is better with a party

This weekend, The Sisters and I threw my mom a surprise retirement party. It was a fun event. Many friends and family showed up to help jump start my mom's retirement. It was a great time! In true blogger fashion I documented with pictures.

She was so surprised!! 

All guest took home a flower to plant in their flowerbed.

We had a photo station for guest. Everyone had their picture made to put in my mom's Attendance Book. 

The Sisters and I went overboard on the food. We had enough treats to feed the town! 

All the family members that were in attendance. I do have the best family!!!

I think the party was a success, and I think my mom had a good time! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Weight Loss Challenge

I have entered a weight loss challenge. A competition to see who can lose the greatest body fat percentage. 

Today, I will visit a trainer who will measure my body fat percentage. No doubt this will be a depressing experience. I know my body fat percentage is going to be a high number.
However, it will give me the motivation to buckle down on my diet and continue working out!!!'s to day 1 of the weigh loss challenge! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wedding Weekend

Blogger World, have you met Rex???!

Rex and Canada Travis were roommates in Canada. The two Oklahoma boys bonded over OU football, Gary England, Mexican food, and Trailer Park Boys. 
They spent 2 yrs in Canada and over a year in Middle East together. Needless to say, Rex and Canada Travis are tight. 

Saturday, Rex married Elizabeth. 
It was a swell occasion! A church wedding followed with a hot outdoor reception. 

Canada Travis and I had a blast celebrating their love, meeting new friends, and enjoying great food.

Thank you Rex and Elizabeth for getting married!!! It was our honor to assist in the celebrations. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Birthday PP

Sunday was the Postcard Puppies Birthday. It was one year ago, Canada Travis found them at the dumpster. I cannot imagine life without these two.

Seriously, these dogs are the cutest sleepers!!! 

Both dogs love Tiny Tank! 

I couldn't ask for better guard dogs. When they're around no squirrels enter my backyard. 

Happy Birthday Postcard Puppies!!!'