Tuesday, June 29, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

I'm trying for formulate a post about the BBQ with Pistol Pete. I swear it's coming. I'm having a hard time explaining the awesome awkward moments we had. I can't decide if I should focus on the times we sat in silence, or the time he left me sitting with random strangers while he went to chat with friends. Good times!

Until the right words come to me, I give you another Favorite Things post. This Favorite Things post is a special food addition. I'm hungry, therefore you guys should be hungry too. It's only fair.

1. Greek Yogurt
I discovered this yogurt earlier this summer. I was lacking protein in my life and needed something with lots of protein. This yogurt filled the protein void. Also, Sam's sales these babies which saves me money, and you guys know I'm cheap.
2. VitaTops
You have not lived until you've had aVitaTop. These yummy cakes are only 100 calories and they stop me from buying every chocolate bar in the vending machine. I like to warm one up and smear PB on top. It's good!
3. Peanut M&Ms
When I have zero willpower I turn to these babies. In the spring one of my coworkers went to the M&M Factory and brought me back a 2lb bag of purple Peanut M&Ms. Needless to say, I love this coworker, he's my favorite, and I'm having his children.
3. Blueberry Fiber Crisp
I only bought these because I had a coupon. I didn't expect greatness. Last night I opened the bag, and pretty much ate the whole bag in one setting. And of course, I ate them while cooking dinner. I have no shame. I'm slightly worried because according to Quarker's website, I ate enough Fiber for the rest of my life. Awesome.
4. Food Should Taste Good Chips
These are by far the most expensive chips I have ever purchased! I do not recommend walking down the chip aisle at Target when you are hungry. You end up buying $5.00 chips, and loving them. While eating the overpriced chips, I tried to tell myself that they are healthy and it's ok to spend $5 on chips. But, I have never bought them again. However, I highly recommend the chips if you have lots of money lying around.

5. Stonewall Bluerberry Jam
Confession: I'm a jam snob. It's true. When I was working at the kitchen store I discovered this sweet goodness. I haven't looked back since my discovery. In fact, I pretty much swore off all other jams besides this one. This jam is very good. It's like you're eating fresh blueberries! It's amazing!

Well there you have it, another favorite things post. I hope I made you hungry so you can feel my pain. Good news....it's almost lunch time!


ann said...

Vouyerism into your dating life is my guilty pleasure! Maybe you should talk mostly about the BBQ. Also, was there a pic of PP on your Facebook page?

I did not know Sam's sold greek yogurt. Mmm. And I am googling this jam asap!

OK Chick said...

I wish! I love that guy, but sadly we are just friends. He's dating one of my friends.

I promise tomorrow I will post something about the BBQ.

thisgirlsjourney said...

You just made me hungry, glad the only food item I can buy here are Peanut M & Ms and I don't really like them (well they have dairy so they don't like me).

Those $5 chips look yum though.

TC said...

I'm glad to see you're eating again :)

Also, I think it might be time to ditch PP.

OK Chick said...

Oh TC, wait until you hear the story. It will make your day. Well, it might not make your day but it will make you smile.

Renee said...

your food looks yummy! but I can't wait to hear about the BBQ

Tammy said...

I'm sure your post will be interesting..I'm anxious to see if that guy is as oblivious as he sounds! hehe... As far as your food recommendations, I haven't tried Chobani yet, but have heard it's awesome! I have been buying plain Fage Greek yogurt lately and adding a little honey to it, or adding it to my smoothies. I think the extra protein helps me stay full alot longer!

Tabs said...

Girl, you are speakin' my language.