Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fun Facts

Did you guys hear that Zack Morris is getting a divorce? It's true. Yesterday, I read it on, and we all know that is always true.

I am sad that his marriage has ended, because that is never a good thing. However, this means that maybe OK Chick and Zack Morris can finally be together. I bet he would take me on great dates. We'd probably eat at the Max at least once a week, maybe twice.

Moving on....

Well actually that concludes today's Friday Fun Facts. Zack Morris's divorce isn't a fun fact. Again, I am sad for Zack Morris and his little Zack Morris kiddos.

To make sure we do not end on a sad note, I will share a Friday Fun Fact about myself. Did you know that on Saturday I will be having lunch with Pistol Pete? Yup! This morning we established time, date, and location. I will have a full update on Monday! I'm really hoping this guy works out. And by works out, I'm meaning a second date.

Ok, this concludes today's Friday Fun Facts.

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Ally said...

So? Inquiring minds want to know!