Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running Partner Needed

My dad is getting old. It's a fact. I'm not being mean. He's tired and wants to golf more than run. I suppose at age 55, almost 56, that is normal.

With this new development, I've put myself in a pickle. My dad is my #1 running partner. He runs almost all races with me, 3 out of the 5 half marathons. He's a great running partner. We have a great running relationship. He kicks my butt at every race, and I'm ok with this. But now, I need to find a new running partner. I'm looking for someone that will run races with me. I need everyone to stop what they are doing and review my the Running Partner Qualifications. Folks, this is serious stuff. I need a new running partner. I'm not saying my dad will stop running forever, but I'm just preparing myself for when he stops running to focus more time on golf. So everyone, humor me and see if you qualify.

Running Partner Qualifications
Breathing- always important
Able to run a 5K
Income- pay for the races
Up for running races that start at 7am
Up for running races that start at 6:30am
Do not need to run right beside me.
Doesn't need to talk while running.
Wait for me at the finish line- my dad always wants for me at the finish line.

Please contact me if interested. Maybe if things work out, the running partner could be my friend too. But we'll have to talk TV first. I need my friend to be educated on Bravo TV shows.


Renee said...

sounds to me like you've just described Bone. ;oD

Well you certainly did NOT describe me, so I'll leave the rest of the comments open to folks who run from things other than bears.

Kelly T said...

I meet all your qualifications, but you did leave out "must not be pregnant or live in another state." I can remedy the first in about three months, but the second could be a problem.

Bone said...

Renee, I agree, all except for the "Up for running races that startat 6:30 am." I barely make the 8 AM starts.

Also, I'm 37 and I already want to golf more than run. So... does your dad need a golf partner, OKC?

Scotty said...

"maybe the running partner could be my friend too" - ha!

Agree with the other state qualification :)

Carrie said...

P.s. I'm moving back to OKC and enjoy all of those things... except the fact that I'm probably slower than you so you would have to wait for me at the finish line...

Julie M. said...

Hmmm. I meet your qualifications except for the running part. lol Your dad sounds like a great running partner! It's going to be hard to find a replacement.

Glad you enjoyed the quiche!

OK Chick said...

Great...I'm excited about some possible running partners.

Bone- My dad could always use a new golf partner. Do you want me to set you guys up? HA!

LB said...

I wish I could be your running partner, but I am way slower than you!

OK Chick said...

No you and Carrie are not slower than me. I bet we are the same pace. I'm slow but I can go forever. I'm like that crazy pink bunny!