Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Holly...

Ok, I’m really starting to slack on my birthday blog dedications. I better get my rear in gear on these birthday dedications, or my friends are going to start rioting outside my place of residency! At least this dedication is only a day late, unlike Sister #1 who is still waiting on hers. Not really, she doesn’t even read my blog. She has no idea I even do birthday dedications. I know, I can’t believe she doesn’t read this blog either! Anyway, this birthday dedication is about my friend Holly not Sister #1.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on Holly. Is 4-1-1 still a commonly used phrase? Is it even a phrase? I’m pretty sure; I’ve never used that phrase 4-1-1 in my entire life. Actually, I believe I picked up 4-1-1 from the Disney Channel. YEEK! Ok, let’s scratch the first sentence and start over. Here’s the dirt on Holly. Sounds way better and more mature. Holly and I met at church and quickly became friends. I believe it was our love for shopping at H&M and traveling that bonded us. Come to think of it, I don’t know if shopping had anything to do with us becoming friends. Even though we do love a good trip that involves shopping at H&M. But I believe it was our love for doing things on the weekend that bonded us. Holly and I always seemed to be at the same weekend activities and quickly became friends. Our true test of friendship is when she accompanied me on my SCT # 3…Europe on Speed. We both walked away alive and still friends. I knew she was a keeper after the Europe on Speed trip.

One of the things I like about Holly is how she challenges people, including yours truly. Holly has often sparked my interest in a wide variety of subjects. These interests often result in learning more about the subject matter. I’ll spend hours researching what I believe and what she believes. We don’t always agree, but it’s ok because we don’t always have to agree. I like to think of Holly has someone that thinks outside the box, which I admire. She’s challenged me spiritually, mentally and physically. Shoot, just a few months ago we ran a 5K together. I was in no shape to run a 5K, but I did it because Holly had trained to run the race. Ok, so that’s not as much challenging as competitive but you get what I’m saying.

Like all my friends…I highly recommend that you meet Holly. Here’s to you Holly…happy belated bday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Christmas music already! AHHH. Why do does the whole channel have dedicated weeks to Christmas music? Why can’t they do it for an hour a day? Fine, two hours a day?

Man, I should have called in sick today.

This Cranberry/Orange bread is wonderful. I’m so happy I made it Sunday night.

Load paper? Dang it!

What do you mean load paper? I just loaded 300 legal sheets ten minutes ago. I know someone did not make 300 copies between that time. Whatever! I am not loading more paper.

She’s a nice person. I’m happy I work with her.

Oh that’s cool, we’re twinkies today. Well at least she dresses very stylish.

Should I get Cheddar Sun Chips or Pretzels? Cheddar Sun Chips, duh!

Thank you copier for making this visit painless.

I think flowers are a great birthday present. I’m happy I sent those.

Diet Dr. Pepper taste pretty good. It does taste like real Dr. Pepper. Well how about that!

Wow I skimped on the turkey this morning. This sandwich is all bread. Oh well, at least I’m eating.

Oh boy, my Avon is in!!! Yippeee Christmas presents to wrap.

Men are such wimps. It’s a shot for heavens sake!

Oh boy a Pampered Chef catalog is waiting for me at home. I get to do more Christmas shopping. YIPPPEEE! Maybe I’ll buy myself something too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 27

Today, November 27th, is National Bavarian Cream Pie Day. What's Bavarian Cream Pie? I have never heard of this type of pie. Ok, found a picture of Bavarian Cream Pie.

Hmm... I'm not for sure about this pie. It looks like it has some type of nuts on the outside. I wonder if it has coconut in the pie? If it does it's definitely out for me. I am not a fan of coconut! Yuck! Double yuck! I'm not for sure if I'd waste calories on this pie. However, I would waste calories on this....

Bread Pudding. Now that's good. There's no nuts, coconuts or sprouts. I know we didn't talk about sprouts but I don't like them either. But I do enjoy Bread Pudding. I didn't realize I liked BP until recently. I highly recommend Bread Pudding.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Highlights

I survived Thanksgiving. It was a great Thanksgiving. I believe this ranks as one of the best. I was able to see pretty much my whole family, which is unusually for Thanksgiving. Here are a couple highlights from the Turkey Day.

I’ll just go ahead and get the cheesiness out of he way. Spending time with my family. It was wonderful to see a ton of my family. I saw grandma, pappaw, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, great grandma, great aunts, great uncles and random people that could possible be related to me. Ok, not really. Anyway, my extended family is LARGE. Well not LARGE but large in numbers, so sometimes I don’t get to talk to everyone. Trying to talk to everyone can take up the whole evening. But this holiday I believe I talked to everyone. Although, I mostly talked with the girls. We talked about make-up, moisturizers, and food. The boys talked about hunting and stuff I don’t care about.

Helping Sister #1 (Jamie) cook. Sister #1 and I cooked Thanksgiving lunch. I was the assistant. I made a pie, green bean casserole, peeled 2 sweet potatoes, opened a can of corn, and open the can of cranberries. Sister #1 did the rest, which included- dressing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, gravy, and deviled eggs. Sister # 2 made the tea. It was her first time to make tea, and she did a great job. I know it sounds like I didn’t do a lot but I did. I assisted in every dish, except dressing and pecan pie. I was still asleep when she made the dressing, and I don’t like pecan pie. Mostly I washed dishes. I washed more dishes then I ever want to wash again. But I must say, we did a super job on the Thanksgiving meal. No one starved, and no one had to eat a PB&J sandwich. Although, as we were setting the table we realized we’d created a meatless Thanksgiving. No Turkey. No ham. Whoops!

Watching football. I watched the greatest game Friday night. Go Razorbacks!
Finally able to wear winter clothes. Thanksgiving was the first day I’ve had to wear a coat. It was nice to wear my winter clothes. I love the cold. Oh and I was able to wear my cute scarf Holly gave me for Christmas last year. I looked very stylish.

NO HOMEWORK! It was nice to read books that have nothing to do with Economics or computers, the luxury of recreational reading. Now it’s back to Economics and computers.

Coming home to find the BC Clark radio commercial already being played. It’s the best commercial ever! It’s a jingle that is played every year during the holidays. It’s an Oklahoma thing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Update-Mission Thanksgiving

I told everyone I'd give an update on Mission Thanksgiving so here's your update.

1. Sweet Potatoes are cooking
2. Cheesecake is completed
3. Cornbread is cooked for dressing. Thanksgiving day we will make the dressing.

I believe this is all we will be cooking today. We might make Pecan Pie tonight, but probably not. I think I'd rather watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody on Disney with Sarah.

Well everyone wish us luck tomorrow. We might need it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mission Thanksgiving

Jamie and I have been given the mission of cooking food Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. This is a huge responsibility! If we screw up the meal our relatives will have nothing to eat. Instead we will have to stare at each other and imagine turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, oh and my favorite potato casserole. Yes, my family has three different types of potatoes at our meal.

Anyway, if we mess up this meal my uncle and cousin will rehash the horrible Thanksgiving EVERY YEAR! It will be a story told every year. A new tradition for when we gather as a family. I can already see it…remember that time the girls messed up Thanksgiving and we had to eat PB&J sandwiches???? So as you can see it’s important that Thanksgiving turns out delicious. But what you, Blogger World, don’t know is Jamie and I are great cooks. Really we are FANTASTIC! This Thanksgiving is going to knock their socks off…I hope.

Stay tuned for updates on Mission Thanksgiving….

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tag, You're It

This feature is called, Tag, You're It, and it's similar to a meme. Each week, we'll choose a topic and answer it ourselves. Then it's your turn to answer it in the comments section or, better still, post about it on your blog. This week's Tag, You're It wants to know:What are the three things we don’t know about you?

I do not like sad movies, even if they turn out as happy endings. If a movie is sad and I some how watch it, I’ll never watch it again. I’m not a fan of Annie, Bambi, Dumbo, A Beautiful Mind…you get the picture.

As a child I did not like to read. I would cry the whole time my mom made me read aloud. Now I love to read. I’m constantly looking for new books to read.

When I was in Sydney, Australia a naked man came up to my friend and I, and asked if I was English. I told him “NO” and then proceeded to tell him that we were American and where we were staying. While I was spilling all this important information, my friend was crossing the street and leaving me to fin for myself. I was so stunned that someone was riding a bike naked that I just stood there (I swear I was unable to pick my feet up to walk) and nervously chatted.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Oklahoma!

Today is a SUPER special Birthday Blog Dedication. On, November 16, 1907 my grand state became part of the United Sates of America. Today is Oklahoma’s 100th birthday. Happy Birthday Oklahoma!!! Wow, this year has been the year for monumental birthdays. First, it was the digital happy face, and now Oklahoma. What a year!

I know I complain often about Oklahoma. I gripe about the weather, roads, redneck people and weather people, but deep down I really like the state of Oklahoma. I feel that Oklahoma is an extraordinary state. I mean Oklahoma’s crazy weather could be a post all in its own, but I won’t go there. I think I post enough about the weather on this blog. Instead, I’ll share a couple facts about Oklahoma. No, I didn’t Google this information. These are all things I know…or things I’ve heard on the news/radio this morning.

-There are 25 languages spoken in Oklahoma.
-Teddy Roosevelt announced at 9:17am that we were part of the good USofA. We were the 46th state.
-We have had two state capitals. The first capital was in Guthrie, and for some reason we moved it to OKC. I can’t remember why it was moved.
-The first oil rig was drilled long before we were even a state. See, we were giving the country oil before even being recognized as part of the country.
-There’s a statue of an Indian on top of our capital.
-Oklahoma’s flag honors 60 groups of Native Americans.
-We were the only state not to have a dome on our capital building. It’s true! We couldn’t afford to build the dome. I thought it was cool that our capital building was different from all the other states. However, our Governor disagreed. Now we have a dome on the capital building.
-An Oklahoman invented the first shopping cart.
-We have a lot of Indian Casinos throughout the state. I didn’t hear this on the news/radio it’s just an observation.
-There is an oil rig sitting in front of our capital building. It’s still an active well too.

As you can see Oklahoma is a fine state. Oklahomans take pride in the fact that Oklahoma is our home. We love our state and our football! We have survived F5 tornadoes, bombings, oil bust and even the hideous fashion style of cut offs and mullets when being interviewed on national TV. So here’s to you Oklahoma….

We know we belong to the land

And the land we belong to is grand!

And when we say Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!

We're only sayin'

You're doin' fine,

Oklahoma! O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Long lost post

I’ve been a horrible blogger this week. You guys have been deprived. This was a week without Weekend Updates, Wednesday Thoughts or Birthday Dedications. Yes, this week someone had a birthday and I neglected to post their Birthday Dedication. It get’s worst…the birthday person was my sister. I know! I owe Jamie a belated Birthday Dedication. I’ll try to work on that post next week. Stay tuned for that thrilling post.
Tonight I’m coming to you from one of my MBA classes. I must say it’s really hard to pay attention tonight. I’m tired, hungry and wearing uncomfortable shoes. I’m ready to go home. To help time pass I’m going to post things I could be doing instead of sitting in class….

I could be watching CSI tonight. It was suppose to be a great episode. Well that's what they said on the radio this morning.

Eat dinner. I would love to eat a slab of ribs right now. Oh that look so good.

Read this book. Has one read it? I think it looks good. I've been wanting to read it for months.
Well I guess that's about all I would do if I wasn't in class.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tag, You're It

Sorry I didn't do this last week, but today I had time to squeeze in a quick post.

This feature is called, Tag, You're It, and it's similar to a meme. Each week, we'll choose a topic and answer it ourselves. Then it's your turn to answer it in the comments section or, better still, post about it on your blog. This week's Tag, You're It wants to know: What's your favorite place in your neighborhood?

I decided on Lake Hefner. Lake Hefner is in the middle of OKC. Really, some important people in Oklahoma decided to build a lake and put it in the middle of the city. If you think about it, it’s neat to have a lake in the middle of the city. Although, it’s not a true lake because you are not allowed to swim, water ski or even jet ski in the lake. So really it’s a large fishing pond, and rich people pretend it’s the ocean to play with their sailboats. Anyway, here are some of the reasons why this lake is one of my favorite places…

Running/Biking Trails. There’s a full trail around the entire lake. I believe it’s 10-12 miles to run/bike around the lake. I’ve never run the whole thing. However, last year Mr. T and I walked around the lake. It took us like 4 hours.

Races. You know I love a good race. I love to get up early Saturday morning to run. I really do! Most of my races are held at the lake. It’s a nice place to run. The scenery is pleasing to the eye and it keeps my mind off of running.

Restaurants. Some of OK’s finest restaurants are butted up against the lake. All of them have patio seating, which I love. There’s nothing better than sitting outside with a couple friends, enjoying a great meal. There have been a couple times I forget I’m in Oklahoma; I imagine I’m in Maine sitting by the beach. But then some redneck walks by and brings me back to reality.

Trees. Oklahoma is not known as a very tree loving state. We just don't have alot of trees, we love the tress but they don't love us. A handful of places around the state have trees and Lake Hefner is one of those places. They lining the trails, which is a nice shade when it’s 1000 degrees and you are trying to run/walk.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Due to my ONE demand for a new post, I thought I’d post something. Thank you Bone for caring and admitting you miss my Weekend Updates. Sorry, I didn’t have an extremely exciting weekend so I didn’t bother with the Weekend Update. I mean I was on an amazing streak with the Weekend Updates. I really hated to ruin it with a boring Weekend Update. So Bone, I thought I’d post some Ramblings. Will that work? I hope so because I’m a full paragraph into this post and there’s no turning back.

My sources,, sent me pictures of Katie Holmes/Cruise/married to short man who jumps on Oprah’s couch running the NY Marathon on Sunday. Ok first of all, if I ever run a full marathon I want there, I want them to take pictures, and then I want them posted all over the freakin internet. I’m serious! Ok, not really. But she looked good for running over 5 hours. OH and then she got all dressed up to go out later that night. HELLO, I totally do not believe that she was able to wear heels after running 26.2 miles. I could barely walk…for a week after I ran a HALF MARATHON. And let’s not even talk about what happen after I ran my first half marathon. I spent more time in the Medical Tent then actually running the 13 miles. Ok, moving on because I’m getting mad at Katie.

It’s finally Fall. I’m a fan of Fall. Today I’m wearing a sweater, because it’s the perfect sweater day. It’s zipped up all the way because it feels like winter in my office. No joke. I’m about three seconds away from busting out the gloves and hat. Yes, I actually have gloves and hat in my office. I also have an umbrella and beach ball.

I just got on MSN, and this headline caught my eye- Man Adopts Crocodile as his Son.
I truly believe society has lost it. Oh wait; this headline just restored society's creditability …How to Avoid an Embarrassing Gas Attack. I actually, laughed out loud when I read that headline. I didn't just LOL, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Sadly, the article wasn't funny it was serious. I guess that's a major problem, you know having embarassing gas attacks.

I played matchmaker this past weekend. I came out of retirement. I didn’t really retire, my friends just made me retire. I’m not allowed to disclose to Blogger World how the date went. They might read my blog and get mad at me.

I’m thinking for dinner I want little smokies. I’m a huge enthusiast for little smokies. Do you like I just used the word enthusiast while talking about little smokies? I realized I could not use the word fan because I’d used it earlier. I did some Shift F7 magic and came up with enthusiast. So in a nutshell this point is really pointless, unless you want to know A) what I’m having for dinner or B) how I just made myself look smart.

I believe I’m going to close on that last point. I really have nowhere to go from there.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Number Post

Minutes until I’m going home.

Grams of fat in the Breakfast burrito I ate for breakfast.

Times I had to redo a report because it would not save properly.

Days until Jamie’s Birthday.

Things I am giving her as a present.

OSU football tickets I asked for this morning.

No I received after I asked for the tickets.

Minutes I overslept.

Oz of water I take today.

People have read my blog.

Emails I sent out today.

JalapeƱo’s I picked out of my Breakfast Burrito.

Hours I have worked today.

Loads of laundry I will be doing this afternoon.

Minutes of Grey’s Anatomy waiting for me at home.

Words on this post.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'll take a sandwich

This morning on the radio I heard a great question. It’s actually something I’ve debated among myself many times. Here’s the question: If you had to eat something everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Blogger World, today I finally determined my answer to this though provoking question. A sandwich. Now, I’m not going to get into the specifics of my sandwich, but my answer to this question is a general sandwich. I don’t want to be locked into a certain sandwich for the rest of my life. But I think a general sandwich would satisfy me for the rest of my life. I mean, think of all the different types of sandwiches you could eat and never had the same one. I bet I could eat a different sandwich everyday for two years. Easily. Think of all the breads, meats, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The list could go on forever. Actually, I might be able to eat a different sandwich for three years. Three years would be, how many days? 1095. WOW that’s a lot of sandwiches.

So Blogger World...what's your answer to this important question?