Thursday, February 27, 2014

My bags are packed!

Blogger World, I'm off for another adventure!! 

An adventure that requires me to carry around this bad boy:

An adventure that entails lots of time on this:

All in hopes of visiting this great place! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Your Pet Day

Yesterday was Love Your Pet Day. 

These are my pets:

 Ok, not really. 

These dogs belong to Sister #1; but they are the closest thing I have to a pet.  

Blogger World, I hope you had a swell Love Your Pet Day! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

VDay Summary

My VDay, summed up with two pictures. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rock Me Baby

Oklahoma has a new kid on the block; Earthquake. A few years ago, Earthquake moved into town. 

At first they were just annoying neighbors that came out to play every once in awhile. To be honest, they were kind of cute. Also, it gave us Okies something to talk about besides our friends Wind, Tornado, Drought, Rain, 100 Degree Temps, and Ice. But this past week, Earthquake has been kind of a pest. Frankly, Earthquake has been downright annoying! 

I'm sorry Earthquake but you've got to go! 

Please return your Home shirt and be on your way. 

Thank you! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm celebrating with a delicious cookie...

 Don't worry I offset the cookie with an egg white/spinach omelet. I assumed you did not want to celebrate this holiday with an egg white/spinach omelet. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today, is my blogger bud's birthday. Happy Birthday Bone! In your honor I give you Ramblings. Enjoy!

This past weekend I upgraded my phone. Folks, you're looking at the proud owner of an iPhone 5c.
The iPhone 5cs are offered in a variety of colors. I was so excited to pick out the color of my new phone! However once I got to the store,  I couldn't commit to a color so I got white. #LAME

I've joined Twitter. I follow 126 people. In real life, I know 3 of those people. 

Who's watching the Olympics? I am! GO USA!!! Sunday did you watch the Biathlon competition? It's my new favorite sport. What are you watching?

Speaking of Olympics, poor Bob Costas. Can someone get that man some eye drops?

Did you see the newest picture of Kim Kardashian? Yesterday, the picture was on all the major sites. By major sites I'm referring to People, Us Magazine, TMZ, and MSN. If you did not see the picture, I've got you covered. 
SOOOOOO! First of all, let me say that I appreciate a woman with a little junk in her trunk. Trust me, I do! I come from a long line of women with junk in the trunk. I'm the proud carrier of a big booty! But let's get real, if you have a JLO butt not all things look good on you. It's true! Let this be a reminder to all us women, just because you can zip up the pants does not mean they fit. Please do a full body scan before walking outside. Otherwise, your fanny will be all over the internet!

Did you know American kids get 24% of their caffeine from coffee? It might be a good time to invest in Starbucks. Nevermind, Starbucks's stock is $74.49 a share. 

The southern part of the country is about to be hit by a catastrophic storm.  This could be a problem if you are planning to travel in the next couple days. Fox News is reporting 70% of flights heading in and out of Atlanta are canceled. Good luck to all my friends in the south! If you find yourself stuck inside, here are a couple things I recommend watching on Netflix: 
1. House of Cards- season 2 starts Friday
2. Scandal- everyone should be watching this show
3. Walking Dead- great preparation for when the zombies attack
4. Ted Talks- you'll feel smarter
5. Murder She Wrote- one of my all time favorites

Since purchasing my Fitbit I've walked 1,000 miles, which doesn't sound impressive since I've had this since October. Although, 1,000 miles is like walking from OKC to Tallahassee, FL. 

Folks, I'm out of Ramblings. 

Over and out

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Your Daily Us Magazine

Normally, I use for my source on the latest Hollywood gossip. But today, was a bit depressing. Anyway, this is what's going on in Hollywood. I know you didn't ask, but I'm here to provide.

Yolanda Foster and her husband have put their house on the market. If you are unfamiliar with Yolanda Foster, like me, she's one of the cast members on RHOBH. If you have no clue what RHOBH is just stop reading. I'M KIDDING...come back! Yolanda Foster is on Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Here's a couple pictures of her house, in case you are looking for a summer home.

Yes please, sign me up! This house is custom-built and around 11,622 square ft. OK..who are we kidding? Folks, this is not a home. It's a mansion! A large mansion that comes with a large price tag, $27.5 million. Oh and I forgot to mention this mansion comes with it's own orchards of citrus and avocado trees. Hello!!! This fun fact makes it completely affordable! Duh! Think of all the money you'll be saving on your grocery bill. Last year, Yolanda was quoted saying...
"I am not a city girl. I [was] born and raised on a farm, so for me, I need nature," she explained. "If I had to live in Beverly Hills seven days a week, my spirit would probably die."
Gag me! Well to be fair, if I lived in Beverly Hills seven days a week my spirit would probably die too. Moving on...

Recently, this fashion mistake happened in Berlin.

What is Diane Kruger wearing? Why is she wearing this on the red carpet? I love the shoes! I'm sure the skirt could work, but the tops have got to go! 

Today, we celebrate Jennifer Aniston's 45th birthday. Blogger World, I hope I look this good at 45. Actually, I'd like to look this good now, age 32.

This concludes our Daily Us Magazine. I hope you feel updated on all the Hollywood gossip!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6th

Folks, it's a big day! We have lots to celebrate.
Did you know February 6th is...

National Canadian Maple Syrup Day
Yes sir! 
Everyone should have a plate of pancakes with warm Maple Syrup to celebrate. 

Lame Duck Day
I'm not for sure what this means. According to Google, George W. Bush was a lame duck. I don't know if I agree with Google. I might lean towards another president, but I don't want the IRS to target me, so I'll just shut up. Moving on....

Today is also:

National Frozen Yogurt Day
Who doesn't love some fro yo? Yo! 
I have a feelings lots of yogurt places will be celebrating with free yogurt. 

Dump Your Loser Boyfriend Day
Good work Selena Gomez!

Blogger World, get to celebrating! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm not an organizer like I thought...

Blogger World, have you read the blog: i heart organizing? 

As you've probably guessed, it's a blog dedicated to organizing. The author provides tips, products, and pictures of her super organized house. Some might find this inspiring; I found it depressing. Below are a couple pictures of her super organized closets. 

Beautiful, huh?

You see, all my life I've always thought of myself as an organizer. I feel that every item has a place, and I like for those items to always be in their place.  For the most part, I keep all items in their place. True, that place may not make sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me.

I say all this because a few months ago I tackled a closet in my guest room; the prize closet. In my house, I have a closet dedicated to items I buy for presents. This allows me to buy items throughout the year; which in return saves me lots of money. After the holidays, the "prize closet" usually takes a beating and needs to be re-organized. Below is a picture of this year's organizing. 

I'm so embarrassed! 

This is not organized! This is more of a staking approach, and not even a good staking approach!  

If you scroll back up to her pictures, you'll see the difference. 

You see the difference, right?

I see what needs to happen. 
I need to visit a Container Store and buy lots of containers to store all this stuff. 

But then, aren't I just buying more crap? Crap that will soon need to be organized?

Maybe my stack method isn't so bad. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Flaunt it February

This year I'm putting my health as a top priority. I am striving to eat healthier, drink plenty of water, and walk 12,000 steps. 

In keeping my health in mind, I found this fun calendar for the month of February. I'm going to play and I encourage you to play too! 

Today is 3 things you love about yourself....

1. I can roll with the punches.
2. My love for traveling. 
3. I laugh often.