Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Isn't that sweet?

Again, lunch partners were MIA, which means lunch at the mall.

You are right, yesterday I went to the mall during lunch too. No, I don't feel bad about two shopping lunches.

Today's lunch adventure takes place at American Eagle. I normally do not shop at American Eagle. Why? Well, I'm 29 years old, and not a size 2. Important reasons for why I do not step foot in the store. It's up there with Abercrombie.

However, the huge red sale sign at American Eagle caught my eye and begged me to enter the teenybopper store.

To my surprise I found something that fit over my thigh. And since I'm shallow and care about size, I bought the medium size jumper. It's cute. It's on sale. I will look good wearing it to a BBQ with Pistol Pete. All these things are factors are why I purchased the medium jumper.

I was feeling pretty cool when I got up to the register. I'm still able to fit into American Eagle clothes, and I still look good in American Eagle clothes.

Oh wait it gets better...

The underage cutie that was checking me out. No, he was checking me out at the cash register, not checking me out. Gosh! Anyway, he said the cutest thing to me.

He's a coupon for you to use when you come do your back to school shopping.

Excuse me? Back to school shopping? Oh that's cute!

Underage cutie, I would totally give you a fat tip if we were at an eating establishment. But we're not, so you just get a smile from me. Underage cutie please know you made my day. Possibly my week.


Cap'n John said...

Got to love that :)

Conversely, there's the "We card 30 & under" sign some stores post, and you're in there buying your beer and do you get carded?
No, you don't.

Are you at least 21?
Yes, you are. In fact you're 25 years old.

But did they card you?
No, they did not.

That means the clerk doesn't really give a rat's about carding you because he's pretty sure you're over 21, or worse, he thinks you're over 30 years old.

I'm under 30 and your sign says you Card under 30s, so Card me, damn it! Card me!


Card me?

Grr. Never shopping here again.

monamachel1 said...

One time the little guy at Old Navy asked my friend if she was his friend's mom. She was soooooo mad because she is my age!!! It was so funny though!!

Julie M. said...

Oh, I love when i get hit on by underage cuties! Unfortunately it's been at least 15 years since that's actually happened to me. I was carded a few year back for alcohol. Does that count? No I didn't think so. Blah.

Kelly T said...

Have you tried on jeans there recently? I haven't. But about three years ago my quest for the perfect jean (which is NOT easy to find with my body type) took me desperately to every store possible, and I was pleasantly surprised at the way they fit, and the fact that the tag didn't have to say size 20 for me to fit in them. Still my favorite pair of jeans, when I'm not pregnant and can wear them, that is.

Renee said...

I haven't been carded since I put on my wedding band. apparently in TX if you have a wedding band then you're old enough to drink.

That was a great way to spend your lunch! I used to do that all the time when I was a young single working gal. It didn't help at all that my office used to be right across the street from my favorite store. I would walk over on my lunch and just hit the clearance rack. sigh!

Gena said...

That is a great compliment. Someone told me I look so young the other day.....I could have kissed her.

OK Chick said...

Good to know Kelly. I haven't tried on their jeans in forever. I might have to go check them out. The Buckle,where I normally buy my jeans, is no longer carrying jeans that fit human beings.

TC said...

You have another date with PP and we haven't heard about it?!?!!?