Friday, June 11, 2010


Pistol Pete and I have been text messaging the past two days. However, that's as far as we've gotten. I know! If you are thinking, wow that's lame, please know that you are not alone.

First off let me say, I have enjoyed talking to him, and I am interested in him. I just want that out in the open. Pistol Pete seems 100% normal. Pistol Pete has a job, which means Pistol Pete has health insurance. These are all requirements.

But, I'm ready for the next level. In my book, the next level would be a second date. I know I'm interested and I assumed Pistol Pete was interested too. Now I'm starting to think he's dragging his feet with me. If there's anything that drives me nuts about people, it is when they drag their feet on decisions. This is my A.D.D coming out. No, I really have A.D.D. Really, you haven't noticed? Interesting?

Anyway, if Pistol Pete is interested great, let's go out again. If he's not interested, fine no big deal, but please stop text messaging me. You are wasting my texts! Also, he's wasting my time. Do you know last night I could have been watching Bethenny Frankel's new show on Bravo? Instead I was answering Pistol Pete's texting. Ok so I was watching the new show, but only half paying attention to the show.

Other than the text messages, I have nothing else to report. At least there has been some communication between us. I suppose this is a good sign. You know, I should consider the text messages an improvement. We went from facebook to text messaging. Maybe next month we will go on a second date that will not include any technology. I'm kidding. Actually, I'm not kidding.

In other interesting news. Last night I had the best time with some friends. We went to OKC's Art Museum. On Thursday nights the museum opens the rooftop for Cocktails on the Skyline. It was very fun. I enjoyed the nice breeze, live music, and three bottle waters on the rooftop. I have pictures, and will post them later today. No I really will.


Renee said...

I think that any girl would be upset about a guy dragging his feet so long to set that second date. You didn't mention if perhaps he is really busy with a HUGE project at work...but still I think he should still find the time to squeeze you in.
I guess the good thing is you don't have to consider this exclusive and could see other guys. hugs!

OK Chick said...

HAHA....very true. I will say, we don't live in the same town. We aren't far but it's not like he's down the street, or on the other side of town. He's about two towns away.

Julie M. said...

Now wait, which one of those lovely ladies is you? Pistol Pete doesn't know what he's missing if he doesn't pick his feet up soon.

I think we'd be pretty good friends as well if we were closer. It's too bad we didn't know each other when I was back living in Dallas. I'm glad I know you now though!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

OK Chick,

I have to tell you that the awesome chocolate ice cream cake didn't even make it 24 hours! When I got home from birthday shopping it was half gone from all his friends trying it!!! That's why the picture is only of half a cake! I took the pic up close so maybe you couldn't tell...

I always wanted to try going up on the top of OKCAM! Looks like it was fun!

OK Chick said...

I would be the cute in the purple.

TC said...

He needs to man up!!! Uff da.

You staying out of the flash floods there?