Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Letters from OK Chick

Dear Paula Deen,
First of all, I'm a huge fan of your work. HUGE! 
I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your weight loss. reported you lost 30lbs. Fantastic! I know it's not easy to lose weight. Well, easier for you than me since you probably had a dietitian, trainer, and life coach. Anyway not the point, I was wondering if you could just publish some of those healthier recipes????
 Adoring Fan,
Ok Chick

Dear Thunder,
You should be very proud of yourselves.  It was a great season! Thank you for bringing this state together. Hopefully, you know how much this state loves you. I'm sure it became clear after stepping off the plane to 5,000 screaming fans. We are proud to have you in our city!
#4,050 screaming fan,
OK Chick

Dear Society,
Life is not fair. As adults we all know this fact. We know this fact because someone taught us at a young age. Therefore society answer this for me, why are we teaching children that everyone is a winner? Why are we awarding trophies and medals for participation in sports? Why are we handing out academic awards to children who did not make the honor roll or attend school every day? You might think I'm out of line, since I do not have children, but I was once a kid. I remember not receiving a trophy because my basketball team did not win enough games. I also remember receiving a trophy the next year because my basketball team did win enough games. The feeling of success, because of all the hard work, was mighty fine! Please don't take this away from children. Let them experience the thrill of seeing what hard work can do.
Confused member of society,
OK Chick

Dear Cox Cable Representative,
I would like to thank you for making my Tuesday.  Our conversation had me laughing all afternoon. 
It's so funny that you will not allow me to upgrade my cable package because I signed a 24 month contract. In my experience most businesses jump at the opportunity to make money. Imagine my surprise when you tell me I cannot pay you $30 a month for cable, because I have a 24 month contract to pay $11 a month for cable.  I mean who wants an additional $19 a month; which works out to be $228 a year.  Seriously...who wants more money? 
Thanks for the laugh, 
Ok Chick 

Dear TV Networks,
I'm pretty sure the reality TV fad has ran it's course. Please, and I beg of you, stop putting new reality shows on the air. I know this sounds odd coming from the girl who LOVES The Real Housewives of Any City and Millionaire Matchmaker, but some of the stuff you are putting on TV is just crap. I'm sorry, there's no other word to describe what I've seen. We really do not care what Bristol Palin's life is like on a daily basis, and the show The Glass House. What is that? Please, just stop. 
Thank you,
Ok Chick

Monday, June 25, 2012

Highs from the Weekend

1. Sister #1 and I went kayaking on the Oklahoma River.  Here's a picture of me kayaking...

As you can see, I barely escaped the shark. Anyway, the good news is Sister #1 and I can kayak 500 meters. This Saturday our race requires us to kayak 500 meters. Now let's hope I remember how to run a 5K. It could be touch or go for the first mile or so.

2. I set a new record for how many hamburgers you can eat in one weekend.
I successfully had hamburgers four meals in a row. Thank you. Thank you. This is quite the accomplishment!

3. I beat my coworkers at Bocce Ball. Another huge accomplishment because they all thought I sucked. HA! I showed them. 

The rest of the weekend was normal weekend stuff. You know, grocery shopping, errands, laundry, and lots of Jazzercise.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Did you know the first day of summer has already passed? True story.  It seems fitting to publish my Summer Bucket List on the first day of summer....but that didn't happen. Sorry, one day off. 

This idea was stolen from my friend  Carrots 'N' Cake.  Her list is also on Pinterest. I'm not smart enough to  publish anything on Pinterest, so my list will only be here. 

Ok, on to my Summer Bucket List...

1. Host a BBQ 
2. Road trip to Dallas
3. Hike
4. Snow cones
5. Attend boot-camp with KC
6. Pick vegetable from my parents garden
7. Ride a roller coaster
8. Attempt standing up paddle-boarding
9. Drinks on a rooftop patio
10. Try Yoga
11. Visit a new town in Oklahoma

There you have Summer Bucket List. I could have stopped at 10, but I felt having an odd number was better.

Here's to summer and all the fun things that come along with long nights and hot days!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fact #1133 about OK Chick

A couple years ago I accepted something about myself.... 

I live in my workout clothes. 

I wear them every stinkin' day! It is not a phase. I will not grow out of wearing workout clothes all over town.

I am not one of those girls that prances around town, running errands, in cute stylish outfits.  No matter how many cute "weekend outfits" I buy, I will not wear them to Target or the bank. I will be wearing running shorts and a t-shirts.

After this realization, I decided I needed to step it up on the quality of my workout clothes. If I'm going to be wearing them all over town, I need to at least look some what cute. I mean, I am single!

Hence when I discovered Athleta. Do you know these people? If not, and your like me, you really need to start a relationship.

How cute are these outfits? 

Of course, cute workout clothes come at a cost. These cute outfits are well over $100. As you know, I'm cheap. Despite wanting to look cute in my workout clothes, I still like to pay my bills.
I guess it's a good thing Athleta has sales. Slowly but surely, I am building up my cute workout wardrobe. Before you know it, I'll be the cutest workout girl around town.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bachelorette

Right now I'm watching The Bachelorette. 

Fact: I never watch The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. True statement! I gave up on the show years ago.  Obviously, I do not judge anyone who watches these shows. You know, being that I'm a HUGE fan of Real Housewives of Any City I have no room to judge. But here I sit, on a Monday night, watching The Bachelorette.

 This season our Bachelorette is Emily. Of course, I already knew this because I am a loyal reader of Hollywood gossip websites. From what I've gathered, from my Hollywood gossip websites, Emily is  normal. I must say, from what I can tell she has no obvious signs of craziness.  However, please keep in mind I've only been watching for ten minutes. But researchers say you can pick up on craziness in the first ten minutes of meeting someone. Actually, no one says that I made up the previous statement.

Anyway, back to the show.  First of all, I find it extremely hard to believe Emily cannot find love in the real world.
Seriously, have you seen this girl? She's beautiful. I know, love is not all about looks. It's what's inside that counts. Blah. Blah. Blah. I've heard it before. Blogger World, is there something wrong with her? Why is she single? As a single person, I absolutely hate that question so I kind of feel bad asking.

Second of all, I didn't realize the extravagant dates they take on the show. Their dates require passports, and I'm not talking Mexico and Canada! They are going all over the world. See, this show would be dangerous for me. You give me a good looking guy and an awesome trip, I'd be toast. I'd fall for anyone, and I mean anyone. Ok, not really anyone that might be an exaggeration. 

Well, I just realized I have no real point to this post. Since I do not watch the show, I really shouldn't make comments about the guys. Except this dude that's sporting 80's hair. Someone needs to let him know that although 80's clothing is back in style, hairstyles do not apply.

I guess I'll wrap up this post since it has no point. Good luck to Emily. I hope she finds love.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Blogger World it's a new month, which means I have new Ramblings....

First of all, let's talk about OKC Thunder. Tonight is the big night!!! Are you Thundering Up? Do you even know what Thunder Up means? According to Wikipedia, Thunder Up is the fifth and final studio album by British post-punk rock band The Sound. Huh. Well, someone really should update Wikipedia. This is what it means to Thunder Up...
You better believe this city is ready for the game. I feel certain that more preparation has taken place for this game then when President Obama came to town.

June 30th, Sister #1 and I will be participating in a duathlon. It's not a true duathlon, because a true duathlon is running and biking. This race we will not be biking. Instead, we will be kayaking. Sidenote: Sister #1 and I have only kayaked once in our life, and that was last year.  I'm about 73.5% sure we can survive this race.

Guess what? Today, I received my favorite email...

This past weekend my family attended a wedding. I really have nothing to report about the wedding. It was a nice wedding; very classy with a touch of Southern charm.  My favorite part of the wedding was when I realized the bride got married in her Chacos. If I ever get married, I will be wearing my Chacos.

Currently I am suffering from a bad case of allegories. I have never had allegories in the summer.  What makes it worse is I'm taking allegory medicine daily, and I've been taking it for many months. I don't understand what's going on with my nose. Where is all this snot coming from?

Well folks, I'm sad to say but I'm Rambled out. Until next time...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is this a great state or what?

I love my state. As an outsider, you might not understand the charm of Oklahoma. Sure you've read Pioneer Woman's Blog and think we're cute, but there's more to my state then living on a ranch. We're not a big city with lots of skyscrapers, and we don't have a subway system. However, here are couple things that give Oklahoma it's my opinion.

1. We do not ride horses and live in Teepees. 
True statement.

2. We get excited over our crazy weather. 
 A quick disclaimer to this point: no one gets excited over lost lives or lost possessions. Now with that said let me continue...
An outsider might think it's odd to get excited over tornado season or when a blizzard/ice storm hits the state. I agree, it's weird. But there's just something about hearing the words...Hook Echo, Doppler Radar, and golf ball size hail.

3. We dig for stuff. 
Here in the Sooner State we like oil and gas. It's not the enemy. We do not think it's bad for the environment, drinking water, or Corporate America.  We also know how to spell frac'ing. Thankyouverymuch!

4. We get fired up over sports.
We love us some sports! It doesn't matter if you are a Sooner or a Cowboy, we stand behind our teams...especially our Thunder! So when our boys win, you better believe it's a big deal around here!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good in the World

At times this world can seem very cold and harsh. If you watch the news you might start to think there's no good left, and people's hearts have gone cold. But I have found different. In a day where crime and hate are prevalent, I've found good.

Last month I lost my brand new iPhone. I'd had it for 32 days. After searching high and low for the phone, I finally admitted it was gone. I was sure some punk kid found my phone and placed it on Craig's List for a quick buck. In fact, even AT&T informed me it was gone forever. I was beyond bum. I just couldn't understand why someone wouldn't return my phone. Why steal a phone when everyone has iPhones? It just didn't make sense to me.

Two weeks ago I received a phone call from a farmer that had found my iPhone. He found it in a ditch while mowing. The miracle wasn't that my phone still worked. No, to me the miracle was the farmer had made an effort to return my phone. He didn't keep the phone. He didn't try to sale it on Craig's List. He did the right thing. He returned it to the owner.

What a great reminder that there is still good in the world.


Monday, June 4, 2012