Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Special Halloween Thoughts

Today is Halloween. I hope I didn't surprise anyone with this news. If so, you better hit the store for some candy. Anyway, since today is Halloween and Wednesday...I thought I'd do a special Wednesday Thoughts....

Clearly, these jeans shrunk in the drier.

She’s not an OU fan. Bandwagon fan!

Am I a dork for wearing a Halloween t-shirt? I feel like a schoolteacher.

Step away from the Breakfast Burrito and your jeans will continue to fit.

I love Halloween.

Oh yea, she should not have worn that costume to work. OH GOOD GRIEF now she’s shaking everything she’s got. Put it away. Put it away!

That is an amazing suit-yellow and black gangster suit. NICE.

Oh that Pumpkin soup looks amazing.

Huh, not a fan of Pumpkin soup.

Maybe my salsa will win this year.

I’m about 85% sure he’s flirting with me.

I wish I had gotten a hot dog.

I believe the cold front as hit the city.

I’m so going to aerobics tonight (as I devour my 3rd cookie).

Wow, he looks like Lance Armstrong. I work with Lance Armstrong!

You are either brave or crazy. There’s no way I’d dress up as an Oompa-Loompa, and show up to work wearing the costume.

How did she get her skin orange?

Oh my gosh, that is her real hair and it's green.

Why can’t I concentrate today? Oh wait, it’s because I’ve have tons of sugar.

If I have to walk back to this dang copier I’m going to scream.

That’s the third time I’ve seen the Lance Armstrong look alike. Who is he?

I wonder if she emailed him back?

I hate forwards.

I’m so ready to go home.

What comes on TV tonight?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update

I finished all my work in time to post a short weekend update. I know, you’ve been on the edge of your seat all day waiting. This weekend was another jammed packed exciting weekend. I believe this makes weekend #4 were I’ve had a life. Watch out folks before you know it I’ll be partaking in things like dinner at a restaurant. Step back!

Friday night I finally rented a movie. I haven’t rented a movie in years. Ok, that’s not true I had to rent two movies for my Ethics class. So strike the first sentence. Actually, I haven’t rented a movie that I’ve actually wanted to watch in years-that’s better and more accurate. Anyway, I rented a movie. Stacey and Suzy both came over for a relaxing evening of popcorn, M&Ms, and a movie. We watched Because I Said So. It’s cute. Oh also, has everyone had popcorn and M&Ms together? If not, you must try this!

Saturday night my sister and I had a Halloween party. I love Halloween and I like to throw Halloween parties. This makes my third Halloween party to throw at my house. It would my fourth but I was stupid last year and didn’t throw a party. But I do believe this year’s party was a big success. It was a costume party so everyone dressed up and then laughed at each other. The Roommate, sister and I were a group costume. The Roommate was Dorothy, Jamie was Wicked Witch and I was the Good Witch. Here’s a picture of my sister and I. The Roommate has more pictures up on her blog.

I tried to rest but my sister had other plans for me. She took me house shopping. Oh, I’m not moving she is, but we don’t really know when. I guess you could say she’s just shopping around.
I’m not a big house looker. I don’t know why because my family loves to look at houses. I guess I’m the black sheep in the family. But it was actually kind of fun to look at a couple houses. I did find her a nice neighborhood, where she found a super cute house.
Well that was the abbreviated version on my weekend

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Dating Committee

If you remember about a month ago I mentioned my brilliant idea of a Dating Committee. If you read The Roommate’s Blog she dedicated a whole post to My Dating Committee. I was really moved that she would spend time typing up a post all about me. It really touched the heart! Anyway back to me, The Roommate has been hard at work trying to find me a date, with no luck. Although, we have had a few prospects. For example, the IT guy at her work was a prospect for about a day, that went over real well with me. Needless, to say I vetoed him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I have nothing against IT guys; they keep the Technology World running, and have more power at any given company then the CEO. But…actually I can’t remember why the IT guy got the boot. Hmmm, I’ll have to consult her about our reasonings. Nevertheless, we’re still looking for Mr. Perfect or Mr. Willing to take OKChick out…whomever we find first.

When The Roommate first took on the challenge to head up My Dating Committee she was assisted with a qualified team of two other people. Blogger World meet My Dating Committee:

President, The Roommate
The Roommate has known me for about…some years, I can’t remember how many years off the top of my head. We met in college. So around 5 years, give or take? I believe, The Roommate really does want the best for me and is willing to search high and low to find me a date. After all, I did help her get her boyfriend so she can at least get me a freakin’ date!

Vice President, Jamie
Jamie has known me for 22, no 23 years, nope 22 years. Right, my sister and I have known each other for 22 years; momentary brain fart! Anyway, I would hope my sister could figure out what I want in a guy. If not, I know she knows what annoys me, so at least she’ll keep me far from annoying guys.

Member, Jason
Jason is my friend. He’s one of my bestest guy friends. I’ve even traveled with Jason- overseas. It’s a true friendship when you can travel on an Europe on Speed trip, and walk away still friends. Jason brings male perspective to the committee. His wisdom will be much appreciated!
Also, I assisted him in hooking up with The Roommate, who is the President of My Dating Committee.

Newest Member, Hub
Hub comes to us from Dallas, Texas. The other day The Roommate heard an alarming static that frightened her. I can’t remember what it was, something about 29% and singles. Whatever it was, it scared The Roommate so she felt we needed to look outside the state of Oklahoma for additional committee members. Hub will be our representative in Texas.

Newest Member, Tabs
Tabs is another out of state member for My Dating Committee. Tabs comes to us from Portland, Oregon. I love Portland so I’m excited for Tabs to join the committee. Tabs job is to find someone for me in Portland so I can move there, work at Nike, and run all day.

So now Blogger World you have met My Dating Committee. I’m sure you will be receiving updates on their progress ASAP, or next year, or never. As for now, I must sign off as I have a very important meeting scheduled with Oprah. She wants to hear more on this to Dating Committee concept. I think she’s looking to book me on a show. I’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Update

As I said yesterday, I had a jammed packed exciting weekend. This makes the second weekend in a row for me to have exciting events take place. Without further ado here is this week’s Weekend Update:


Friday night Holly and I had a pre-run dinner. It was great. Holly made spaghetti while I brought green beans and biscuits. It was the perfect prerun dinner.
I’m afraid that’s all I have for Friday night. I know it’s not TOO exciting, but it sure beats sitting at home watching Numb3rs. Although, I really like the show Numb3rs… I think the nerdy math guy is cute.


Here’s where all the excitement comes in to play. Please, brace yourself.

Saturday AM I woke up early to run a race with Holly. Saturday was Holly’s first race, and I’m happy to report she did great. We, along with 15,000 other people, ran Race for a Cure. Holly and I participated in the 5K part of the event and kicked butt. Sure we didn’t come in first place, like my coworker, but we finished. Here’s a picture to prove I actually do run races, like I always write about; and prove that Holly did along side me. Don’t we look fabulous? I guess we look as fabulous as you can look after running over thirty mintues, and waking up at 6:30 to run.
I believe I’ve converted her into becoming a fine runner. Yes, that’s me- improving one friend’s health at a time!

After the race I had to rush home because I was hosting a Southern Living Party at my house. Actually, my sister was hosting the party and I was just helping. So I guess you’d say I was cohosting? Anyway, Jamie and I had two hours to make oodles of food for our swanky party. I’m sure I looked goofy cooking in my running clothes, with my bib still pinned to my t-shirt, but whatever I was in a hurry and I didn’t have time to take a shower. Don’t worry I took a shower before guest arrived. Jamie and I were making the finishing touches when the guest started to arrive. The party was a success, because Jamie and I know how to throw party.

After the race and the party, I still had one more event before my Saturday was completed. My family, minus Jamie, headed to Stillwater to watch OSU beat Kansas State. The game was very intense and exciting. We were on our feet almost the whole game! This was my second OSU game to attend, where I was actually cheering for OSU. You know, I like OSU football games. I was raised as a Sooner fan, and I am fully aware that you cannot cheer for two teams in the same conference. I’ve read the ESPN Page 2 Fan Rules-I get it, but I like OSU football games. They’re fun. They do the Waving Wheat!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Tag, You're It

Happy Monday Morning to everyone! I had a great jammed packed weekend, which means an exciting Weekend Update is instore for all of you, but not until Tuesday. So until then, I thought I’d play along with Good Girl Blog.

It’s a new feature on their blog called Tag, You’re It. No, I’m not going to tag everyone and make you answer thirty questions; you just have to answer one question. So here is how it works: each week Good Girls will choose a topic and answer it themselves. Then, since I’m playing along, I’ll answer the same question and post about it on my blog. Doesn’t that sound fun????

The first Tag, You're It is asking the important question: What's the one article of clothing in your closet you can't live without.

This was a hard question because I have lots of favorite articles of clothing. I could pick my jeans, or my Boston Red Sox long sleeve shirt or any of my hoddies. But since I couldn’t decide I had to think outside my closet, like to my coat closet. I realized there is something in my coat closet I cannot live without. The answer to this week’s question is…

I love this fleece coat. It has kept me warm through many adventures, one being, SCT # 3 (Winter Olympics), which is why I purchased the adorable coat in the first place. Now it serves as my jacket throughout the winter months, and it does a fine job at keeping me warm. Another thing I love about this jacket is- it’s pink. I believe this was one of my first pink articles of clothing. I was not a big pink fan until I bought the coat. Now I own lots of pink stuff…well not lots but more than before. The last thing I love about this jacket is; it was on sale! First, it’s a children’s size so that knocked some off the price. Then, I received a discount because I knew an important person at Sun and Ski Sports. I’m telling, knowing people in retail is the best!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Daily kick in the butt...

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
Mark Twain

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Another Wednesday, which means more thoughts....

Today is National 4 Prune Day. Sick me out! Who eats prunes?

“Oh! I wanna dance with somebody. I wanna feel the heat with somebody. Yeah Wanna dance with somebody. With somebody who loves me”….me too Whitney, me too.

It would be nice to have Fall Break at work. I think I'll bring that up at the next meeting.

Why do I feel like I haven't eaten in weeks? I just ate!

Today is a good hair day.

I wonder what the odds are of my building being struck by lighting, losing electricity and getting to go home early?

If I tried to wear that outfit I would look hideous!

Someday I'm going to write a textbook and charge poor college students a ton of money to buy it!
Why isn’t it raining outside? I thought it was suppose to storm most of day.

Why does she lock her drawer every time she gets up from her desk? What is she hiding in there?

Tootsie Rolls are the best.

Paris Hilton and Kid Rock are together? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

Holy crap, it smells like someone died in there.

She still works here?

Why is it SO cold in my office?

I think bbq chicken sounds good for dinner.

We have a midtown in OKC? Where?

I’m happy I brought my blanket to work today.

Oh it is raining now.

Why isn’t the toilet flushing?

I would date him

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend Update

I’m doing Weekend Update when there’s really stuff to write about. I usually post a Weekend Update when the weekend was full of absolutely nothing. I end up wasting a post on dinner and a movie. Which don’t get me wrong dinner and a movie is exciting, but not meeting a famous movie star on the street exciting. Well, that didn’t happen this weekend but you get my drift. Anyway, here is my Weekend Update….

1st half
The first part of the weekend took place in Dallas. Yep, I high tailed it out of Oklahoma as fast as the Oklahoma wind would carry me. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I went to Dallas with Tonya and Suzy to see the traveling Broadway production of The Lion King.

The play was showing at a Civic Center located in the heart of the Texas State Fair. So our ticket to the play allowed us to enter the State Fair. In my opinion, Texas has a so-so state fair. It’s bigger than Oklahoma’s, but bigger isn’t always better. Bigger equals way more traffic and lines.

We walked around prior to the play for about an hour before we decided we’d had enough of the Texas State Fair. However, I did not walk away before trying the famous Corny Dog. Everyone and their dog told me I HAD to try a Corny Dog, because they were the greatest corndogs I would EVER eat. Well I disagree; I didn’t like the famous corndog at all. I think my elementary school cafeteria had better corndogs then this. I was mad that I waited in line for the stupid corndog. Also, Texas has this great system where you do not pay for food/beverage with currency. The good people at the Texas State Fair make you buy coupons. The coupons allow you to purchase food/beverages and ride rides. I do think this is a good system, but make the system known to the public. Otherwise, they wait in line for a stupid Corny Dog and realize you need coupons! By the time we made it to the play I realized I’d bought way too many coupons and the dumb Corny Dog had cost me $20! I could have wasted my $20 worth of coupons on something better like- Fried Cookie Dough! All in all the Dallas trip was very fun. I had a blast with Tonya and Suzy, and the shopping wasn’t bad either. By the way, the play was amazing! If you get the chance to see The Lion King, please go you won’t regret.

2nd Half
As you know, or may not know. Oklahoma is turning 100 years old in November. I know! Can you believe we’re already 100? I think we look pretty good for 100. Due to this monumental birthday all kinds of fun events have been planned. One was the Centennial parade that took place Sunday. And guess who attended??? Me. The Roommate, Jason, Tracy and I decided we could not miss this fun event. How could I miss a Macy’s type parade in my own state? Oh, they even had Macy’s balloons in the parade. Sure, they were the reject balloons from five years ago but whatever. The parade was very fun! I got to see famous people like; Miss. America, James Garner, famous astronauts, Shannon Miller, and some other people I didn’t recognize but were famous.
The roommate took some pictures so please enjoy the parade through these pictures...
(Square Dancing is my favorite-they danced in front of us)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Tracy

Tomorrow, Monday, is my friend Tracy's birthday. She's going to be 27, which is not old at all. I say this because Tracy and I are the same age. Before you know it, I'll be 27. Oh that's depressing. No, it's not depressing it's fabulous! Anyway...

I like Tracy. If you don't know her, you should meet her. Your world will be brighter with Tracy in it. Tracy is always good for a laugh. Not that we make fun of Tracy, she's just a funny girl. She always makes me laugh. I know, I said that about Suzy. What can I say, I'm blessed with funny friends.

Tracy and I get along because we enjoy similar activies. We both like long walks on the beach, looking at the stars...ummm sorry that's my singles ad for her. HA! But for real, Tracy does enjoy a wide variety of activities. For example, I can always count on Tracy to give me a great recipe or tell me about a good book she's recently read . Tracy is also a huge college football fan. This picture was taken oat a football watch party. Tracy is a huge OU and Texas Tech fan. Don't hold the TT against her, she's from Texas.

SO here's to you Tracy...have a great birthday.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm feeling this guy's pain. This week has been finals. I have to say it hasn't been the worst finals week. Last weekend was stressful, but after I finished all my Ethics finals/papers I was good. I knocked the Ethics finals out of the park. I received an A for the course. GO ME! However, I wasn't really worried about Ethics. I've done well in Ethics throughout the 7 weeks, so I expected to receive an A on the final.

Tonight is a different story. Tonight is the dreaded Finance final. Yick! I've been trying to study a couple hours every night to prepare for the test. I still feel like I'm not prepared enough for the test. I currently have an A in Finance, but I would like to keep my A. SO if everyone could say a small pray for me around 6:00, central time, that would be PERFECT!

Thanks Blogger World!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Ever wonder what goes through my head? Well, here are some of today’s thoughts.

Why can’t the copier and I get along?

Have I really had that on my pants all day?

When is this day going to end?

I wonder what liquefied Tofu taste like?

Do you really sleep better if you go to bed smiling?

Do I smell hot dogs?

Why can’t I remember that I hate Carmel?

Is 14 grams of sugar a lot for a container of yogurt?

Holy crap, I didn’t realize my arm would hurt this bad after a flu shot.

Why is my arm hurting this bad after a flu shot?

I just ate 3 Dove Chocolates in record time.

Is he following me around the office?

Why can’t the toilet let me finishing peeing before it flushes?

Dove Chocolate is amazing.

How in the world does Ryan Seacrest have that big of a house?

Does she realize she can buy a bigger size pants, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing?

Did it really take me thirty minutes to copy those pages?

How does she get her hair that cute everyday?

What am I doing wrong, maybe more hairspray?

Is it really just now 3:30! AHHHH

Why do I have to send a love note to someone? Why doesn’t someone send one to me!

As you can see, none of it is important. Althought, I just realized I think about food way too much! I wasn't even hungry today.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Today on Oprah

So today I was watching Oprah and Jerry Seinfeld’s wife was on the show. By the way, Jerry’s wife is really cute. She has that cute homeroom mom personality.

Anyway, Jessica, Jerry’s wife, has come out with a book. Her book is a cookbook, and I love to cook. Her cookbook gives tips on sneaking vegetables into children’s typical foods, such as chicken nuggets, cake, cookies, pizza and mac-n-cheese. She sneaks the vegetables in the foods by first *pureeing the vegetables. By pureeing the vegetables, kids have no idea the vegetables are in their favorite foods. The whole time she was talking about pureeing I was thinking…what are you talking about! Finally, they showed her pureeing…looks super easy! I can do it. Jessica said she spends one night a week pureeing different types of vegetables, that way she has them prepared for the week. I CAN puree one night a week! Of course, Jessica does it while catching up with her multi-million dollar husband. I guess, I’ll puree while catching up with my kitchen wall. I guess that could be therapeutic .
After watching the show I felt a strong need to run out and purchase her book. And you know what, I might go out and buy it! I’ll have a puree party!

* Purée and (more rarely) mash are general terms for food, usually vegetables or legumes, that have been ground, pressed, and/or strained to the consistency of a soft paste or thick liquid.

Pancakes and Football

Saturday, Mr. T and I had our second annual Pancakes and Football.

Last year Pancakes and Football was started by 4 people- Mr. T, ML, Tonya, and myself. We cooked breakfast together, enjoyed our breakfast outside and watched football all day. Since it was so successful last year, Mr. T and I decided we needed to continue the tradition. Due to our long lost friend ML being in Japan, we decided to eat at his fav restaurant, Bev's, in his memory. Mr. T had some pancakes, and I had a Philly Steak Sandwich. What? I was hungry and breakfast didn't sound good at 1:00. But my sandwich and fries were great! The fries had a huge puddle of grease waiting for us at the bottom of the stack. YESSSS! You better believe that Mr. T and I ate EVERY BITE of our food.

All around this year’s Pancakes and Football was fun! Mr. T and I had great discussions, ate great food and both fell asleep on the couch. Here are some of Mr. T and I’s discussion topics, which led us to our naps….

Cheatees and Cheaters
Josh Heupal’s marriage status
A marriage seminar for wives whose husbands are having mid-life crises
Next SCT being held in Portland, because it rains a lot
Greasy lunch made us feel fat.

Mr. T and I tried to take a picture of us at Bev’s but we couldn’t take a good one. Seriously, we took 4 pictures and ALL of them were horrible! We even took some at my house-nothing! We finally gave up. We ended up settling with a picture from Bev’s. If you look closely you can see our shadows in the door. This is for you ML...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How to Ruin Your Dating Life

This morning I stumbled across the blog Jesus Needs New PR, the title alone made me want to stop and read a few post. So I did.
Matthew Paul Turner, whom I do not know, writes the blog JNNPR. And I do believe, I’ve discovered a new daily read. One of his older post I read was an excerpt of his new Christian dating book …. How to Ruin your Dating Life. I thought I'd share his advice to my Blogger World.

How to Ruin Your Dating Life: A Christian's Guide for Avoiding (Almost) Every Mistake in the Book
Okay, so if you happen to find yourself joining a church singles’ group, do yourself a big favor and follow these rules. Seriously, please do this. I (Matthew) promise that the very essence of your dating career depends on it.

• It’s not a hookup joint. That’s not to say hookups won’t happen—and it would actually be awesome if they happened more often—but if you join a Christian singles’ group with the motive of hooking up, may the fake gods of unwanted celibacy fall upon you for many moons. [No, I’m not New Age.]

• Resist the temptation to make the group your only friends. Sure, they’re nice people, but you’ll need a little more cultural influence than just them! Trust me, I know that "Sheila" is a nice woman, but if you don’t want to be the next forty-seven-year-old single to be spearheading your yearly "Unmarried Servants’ Fall Retreat," I suggest you keep your singles’ group attendance on a very tight leash. Or you know that Sheila will be nominating you to replace her when she turns forty-eight.

• If your singles’ group is known by an acronym, leave immediately. I’m not trying to make you a stuck-up jerk, but come on, you’ve got a reputation to protect, and attending the FLOCK—Females Living Out Christ’s Kingdom—is only making that more difficult.

• Keep it to one "singles" activity a week [maybe two, but only if they’re mission related]. Just trust me on this one, all right?

• If you’re a male over the age of thirty and you attend a church singles’ group that’s mostly female and under the age of twenty-three, I hate to break it to you, but everybody thinks you’re creepy. And if you have a mustache or goatee, multiply that creepiness times ten.

• If upon joining a church singles’ group, the word single becomes about as tolerable as the words moist, sack, or pianist, you might want to find a new church. Believe it or not, single isn’t a dirty word.

• No hooking up on missions trips. You know when the music fades, so will the relationship.For more information on How To Ruin Your Dating Life, buy the book.

You should all go visit his blog....