Friday, September 27, 2013


It's been awhile since I've Rambled. Enjoy...

Tomorrow is Ask a Stupid Question Day. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to start preparing their stupid questions. had an article posted about Kayne West, aka Kim Kardashian's baby daddy. In a recent radio interview Kim's baby daddy was quoted saying... he's the No. 1 rock star on the planet and he's here to push the boundaries of everything we think we know about art, music, fashion, and culture.
Shut up Kayne! No one likes you  You named your baby North! You didn't push the boundaries when selecting your child's name!

Recently, I joined an indoor soccer team. Last night we had our first game. Folks, I have not played soccer in over 17 years; so it is fair to assume I would be bad. Those assumptions would be completely accurate. I am not good. I repeat, not good!

Finally, new TV has begun!!! I'm very happy to have my TV friends back. I've been so lonely.

Every year my office has a chili cook off. Last year, I won Most Original Chili. True story. This year I'm going for Most Original Chili again,and I found the perfect recipe. It's a Pumpkin Chili.
Blogger World, it's bound to be delicious. I love pumpkin and I love chili. How could it be horrible?

Speaking of TV....
I have a new favorite show, Duck Dynasty. Have you seen this show? It's so funny, I highly recommend the show! I know, I'm sure everyone in the world has already discovered Duck Dynasty. But the off chance that you are behind like me you should start watching the show. Now, I've only seen Season 3, because that's all they had a Target, but I know the other seasons have to be just as funny. I'm sad that my expensive cable does not provide the channel A&E. There's no way I'm getting expensive-expensive cable just to watch Duck Dynasty. Seriously, I'm not.

Did you hear the news? Bill Clinton and McDonald's are teaming up to create a healthier menu. Surely, I'm not the only who remembers when Bill Clinton would stop into McDonald's to grab a Big Mac in the middle of a jog? Anyone else? Ok to be completely honest, I don't really remember Clinton doing that but I do remember the Saturday Night Live skits about his McDonald's habit. Anyway, I'm sure this will be a great thing. It appears McDonald's will encourage milk, water, or juice in a Happy Meal instead of soda.
You know, I could have teamed up with McDonald's and told them the exact same thing...but whatever.

Fantasy Football update...
Last week I lost my first game. I was so disappointed in my players. This week I'm hoping for a victory. I made a couple changes to my line up, mostly because three guys had byes this week, but I like to pretend it's because I knew what I was doing. I don't.
Mercy I just checked my score. Right now, I have 8 pts which is great except those 8 pts came from my quarterback. Sam Bradford, I needed more from you! I cannot win with only 8 pts.

Folks...that's all the Ramblings I have for today.

Over and Out

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Saturday I went to two football games

Saturday was one for the books. This is the first time I have ever attended two college football games in one day; hence why I said it was a day for the record books.

My morning started off in Norman, OK watching OU. My dad had an extra ticket to the game and I was the chosen sister to attend. I'm kidding. Sister #1 did not want to go and Sister #2 had to work. I was the chosen sister by default. Whatever, I got a free ticket.

My dad and I had a fun time. The game was a blowout. I received an awesome one arm tan, and walked about 5,340 steps; which is 600 less than how many times I heard Boomer Sooner played by the band.

The highlight of the game was seeing Blake Griffin. Yes, him and his brother were at the game and sat right beside us.

OR we were 54 rows apart. You know, in a big old stadium everyone is one big row! One big happy sweaty family.

Moving on...

After leaving Boomer Sooner Land it was back home to watch the first home game for UCO!!! Sister #1 and I are season ticket holders...kind of a big deal.

Ok, so we are not a big deal for being season ticket holders. Our season tickets cost $35 and parking is free. UCO is a much smaller college compared to OU; much smaller.

No famous people were in attendance at the UCO football. Oh wait, I take that back. A group that sat behind us were part of the 1998 football team, which was the greatest football season UCO's history. Well, according to the man who sat behind us. He said they had an undefeated season, but were cheated out of the championship trophy. The man thought he was hot stuff. Sadly, he was not.

As you can imagine when Sunday rolled around I was tired and ready to rest.

WAIT... I have one more piece of football news...I won my second fantasy football game. My record is 2-0. WOO HOO!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday from Pepper

This picture almost makes me want a dog. Almost.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fantasy Football

Tonight a very important event took place.

It was draft night. One hour of my evening was dedicated to drafting the great FF players in the world!!! Ok, not in the world, but a pretty great team. Blogger World, please meet my team...