Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Greatest Before and After Pictures

Last year my mom decided teaching five year old children wasn't enough of a challenge. She needed a real challenge; so she moved to the new elementary school in her district.

Construction on my mom's new school was scheduled to be finished beginning of August. SHOCKING NEWS:::It was not completed at the beginning of August. Truth be told, the school was finished this week; which one week into the school year. 

Anyway, my mom was allowed to unpack boxes in her new classroom two days before school started.

 The day before school started I showed up to help and this is what I walked into: 

Once I saw the above train wreck I quickly went to work. My mom had to attend meetings, so I unpacked boxes and organized supplies while she was gone. After three hours we made some progress:

Another two-three hours later the room was somewhat ready for kids. 

I'm pretty proud of my mom. She handled all of the stress like a champ. I would have been in the corner crying and throwing crayons. 

Monday morning, I took off to help my mom in her classroom. I was amazed at what she accomplished in less than one week. All the boxes are unpacked, tables are ready, and children are learning. 

Good work mom! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Your Daily

Normally when I post Your Daily it's because I'm making fun of a celebrity. I realize it's not nice to poke fun of others, but sometimes you just have to say something....

Bu not all celebrities dress crazy, or try to wear a size 5 sizes too small. I'm looking at you Kim Kardashian. In fact, some celebrities of have great style, and dress absolutely amazing. Today, I'm going to focus on some of the greats I've recently seen online. 

Who knew celebs could dress so normal. 
Happy Friday Blogger World!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Last Twenty Minutes at the Race Track

Before I met Canada Travis, I'd never been to a car race or dirt track. In fact, the only racing I'd seen is what I do with my running shoes and iPod.  

I've spent two summers learning about the race car world. One of the things I've learned is the art of packing up after a race; which takes place the last twenty minutes of the evening.  Today, I'm going to share the last twenty minutes at the race track. 

In this picture you find Canada Travis begging/asking me to get inside the car. This is because someone needs to steer the car while it's being loaded into the trailer. 

 As you can see, Canada Travis was successful in getting me into the car. 
Something you may not know about race cars is there's no door; drivers use the window to get inside. 
Another fact: The window is not very big. 
Another fact: I'm tall. 
Also, I'd eaten Mexican food before the races. Not really a fact, just a tidbit of information. 

This is usually when I regret everything I've eaten the past month. 
I'm going to be honest, me getting into the car is 13 minutes of the 20 minute load time. 
Another Fact: The act of getting into a race car is very humbling. 

This is what it looks like after I finally get into the car. 
What this picture did not capture... I'm about to hit the side of the trailer. 
Another Fact: Race cars are VERY hard to steer. 

Blogger World, I'm afraid that concludes the last twenty minutes of the evening. Stay tuned for more pictures from the race track....

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Today seems like a Ramblings kind of day. Enjoy...

Has anyone made Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries? I think it looks delicious. How can you go wrong with Blueberries and Yogurt? I love both! Ok, I think I've talked myself into trying these out. Tonight I'm going to make them and I'll report back. 

Forbes published a list of America's Coolest Cities. Sadly, OKC did not make the list. According to Forbes, the coolest city in America is Washington DC. I have no opinion on this since I've never been to DC. But I'd like to give a shout out to my neighboring state Texas. My southern neighbors had 4 cities listed on Forbes's list. Forbes felt Austin was the #3 cool city in America. 

In January, The Sisters and I decided we'd run a race each month for a full year. Last month, we did not run a race. My sisters and I planned to run a race in July, but missed the race. I've never missed a race. NEVER! I'm upset over missing July's race. It's a sensitive subject.  

It appears Russian criminals have stolen 1.2 billion usernames and passwords. This is fantastic news for me. I cannot remember my passwords for anything! If those guys/girls could send me my passwords that would be great. It'd save me the trouble of writing everything down and keeping up with the piece of paper that has all my passwords. 

Recently, I read that a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich on store-bought white bread is the finest sandwich known to mankind. Who determined this? Don't get me wrong, I love tomato and mayonnaise sandwich. It's good, possibly great. However, I don't know if it's the finest sandwich known to mankind. 

From time to time I like to check Delta's website for cheap airplane tickets. They never have cheap tickets, but I still check. Yesterday, I noticed you can fly from Boston to Bermuda for $119. I pay that price to fly to Houston! If you live in Boston, you should go to Bermuda. Do it for me, who lives in OKC and cannot fly anywhere direct or cheap. 

That's all the Ramblings I have for today. 

Over and Out

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Party

This past weekend was my dad's 60th surprise party. My sister, mom, and I have been working many months to plan this party. We had every detail planned! Blogger World, I wish you could have attended. Not only was my dad completely surprised, he was speechless; which is no small task. The man always has something to say!

My sisters, mom, and I had a lot of fun planning the party.  My dad works hard for his family, and it was nice to throw a party in his honor. He deserved the party for sure...even if he'd already thrown his own party last month. *INSERT EYE ROLL HERE*

When he entered the room everyone screamed Happy Birthday. He thought he was attending a Back to School dinner for my mom's school, so a party never ever crossed his mind.  

Like I said...he was speechless. All he could do was laugh and smile. 

 Happy Birthday cake and 60 candles. 
Two weeks ago, Sister #1's BFF had a surprise party for her mom. At their party they had 60 candles in a block of wood. After my mom witness this she told Sister #1's BFF we needed to borrow the wood candle holder for my dad's party. 

Almost all my dad's siblings made it to the party. One sister was unable to attend. My dad was so proud to have his siblings at the party. He enjoyed introducing each of them to his friends and coworkers.

A picture of my dad with his brothers. These guys are like a bunch of women. They are constantly talking on the phone to each other. I'm not exaggerating. It's ridiculous! 

Here are a few pictures of some cousins. Not only did my dad's siblings attend, their families came too. It was like a mini reunion; which was very fun!

My family

This is one of my aunts. She loves taking pictures. Truth be told, you want her to take your picture. She's good at making you look slim and hot in a photograph! 

 Two of our aunts volunteered to be the bartenders at the party. 
They were really good, and they were free. 

Ok, I'm sure everyone is bored with family pictures. I'll wrap up this post. 
It was a great weekend...maybe the best of the summer.