Thursday, July 12, 2018

2018 Garden

The evening started with 1 bell pepper and 5 cherry tomatoes I picked from the garden. Despite being beautiful, they seemed lonely.  

I paired my new garden friends with leftover shrimp, onion, and a few spices.  The end result was magic. 

Not only was it delicious; but healthy and quick. It took fifteen minutes to whip up this creation...from garden to table. You can't beat a tasty meal in fifteen minutes. This is why I love having a garden! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wedding Planning

Do you remember the time I was going to be a good blogger? Yeah, me neither. Oh well, we do what we can in a day. Right?

Last time we talked I mentioned I was engaged. Time out. You know, it was mean of me to drop an engagement bombshell and just walk away. Sorry, Blogger World. Hopefully, you guys will still be my friend? Please. Perhaps this will persuade you?
First of all, ignore my wrinkled hands. I was in desperate need of lotion. Second of all, isn't the ring beautiful??? Canada Travis picked it out all by himself. It's exactly what I would have selected. I love it!

Right now, we are deep in the trenches of wedding planning. Since I'm super cheap and have two sisters, I did not hire a wedding planner. Currently, things are moving along nicely. We have a date, place, invitations, reception food, cake and I have a dress. I'm sure we've accomplished more but I do not have my checklist in front of me. Yes, I have a checklist. Scratch that, not a checklist. I have a notebook dedicated to this wedding. It's full of list. Lots of list. I require lots of list for this shindig.
If anyone has helpful tips for making a wedding stress free I'm all ears, or all eyes.
Leave me your suggestions.