Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A farmer for the night...or for an hour

Last night Mr. T and I went deep into the forest to pick blackberries. Fine, it was a cute little farm way out in the boonies that had blackberries you could pay to pick. As I told Mr. T:
"Do you realize we are paying to work?" However, we both agreed that it was fun and we'd do it again...even if it cost us $10 in gas to get out there. Here are a few pictures from our great adventure:

This is the cool thing we had to carry around. It got heavy after a while, which is why Mr. T carried it most of the time.

As you can see blackberry picking is messy. My hands were just as dirty as Mr. T's. I think most of it was from eating lots of blackberries. Hey, we were picking them too, but you had to taste a few every once in awhile.

Toward the end we got lazy, or I got lazy. If the berry wasn't in arm's reach...I didn't pick it. The farmer told us that we had to get under the bush to find all the good ones, which I did for about 25 minutes. It was getting my knees dirty. I'm kidding, I'm not all city girl!

Look at all the yummy blackberries we picked! Mr. T is holding 15lbs! Yes, we will be eating blackberries until we die. But do not worry the lovely farmers gave us lots of recipes to try. I can't wait to make blackberry cobbler, blackberry cake, and blackberry pancakes! Blogger World, you are all invited over for a blackberry feast!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sassy Saying of the Day...

Today's Sassy Saying of the Day comes to us from my favorite sitting in class website, Cosmo. I thought today's Sassy Saying of the Day was so great that I had to pass it along to Blogger World. Enjoy!

Live on the edge.

By the way, we will be doing more Sassy Saying of the Day here on This is my world! I like saying/typing Sassy Saying of the Day, which you've probably realized since I've managed to put it in every sentence!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bite Me Facebook

Really? Does Facebook need to a broken heart for Single Relationship Status? Actually, I can't tell if it's a broken heart or a dead heart. Either way, not good.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fun Facts

Today’s Friday Fun Facts come to you courtesy of my Organizational Development/Design class. Last night we watched a documentary over McDonald’s. Since I learned so much, I thought I’d pass the info on to you. It’s all part of trying to educate my readers. Feel free to brag about your new knowledge.

McDonald’s was started by two bothers. One of the brothers wanted to make 1 million dollars before he died. When he made the comment, he only had $8.50 to his name. He accomplished his goal.

McDonald’s was started because of a hot dog stand. The hot dog stand was making so much money that they figured food was the way to make money. The started McDonald's, which had car hops to deliver the food. After years of success they reinvented themselves to go along with the fast times.

The new McDonald’s had a simple menu- fries, hamburger, cheeseburger, floats, and soda. No car hops, self service, and was able to make a hamburger in 30 seconds.

Ray Kroc wanted to make McDonald’s a franchise. The brothers didn’t want to mess with making McDonald’s a franchise, they were happy with their one place. Kroc volunteered to do it for them, and sold 18 franchises his first year. All McDonald’s restaurants that Kroc got opened he made 1.9% of their sales, the McDonald’s brothers received 50% of Kroc’s 1.9%.

Ray Kroc, which I think Kroc is the coolest last name EVER, bought the McDonald’s empire for $2.8 million. He was tired of giving up his money.

Ray picked McDonald's locations by flying in a private jet and looking for churches. If he saw a church he thought good American families were around, which is who he wanted as customers.

Ray Kroc was a great sales man. He started out selling paper cups then moved on to selling the multi-mixer milkshake mixer. It made four milkshakes at one time.

He met the McDonald’s Brothers because they bought 4 multi-mixers when everyone else was closing their Soda Fountain Shops.

Favorite info I learned last night:
The McDonald’s Brothers sold the McDonald’s name and all the restaurants to Kroc. However, he the McDonald’s Brothers did not sell Kroc the first McDonald’s, but since Kroc owned the name the brothers had to change the name of their restaurant. The new name was The Big D. Kroc was so mad that the deal did not include the first restaurant that he went and built a McDonald’s a block away from Big D! The Big D went out of business.

Kroc developed some of McDonald’s biggest flop menu items. The Pineapple Burger! Hello, that’s gross.

Franchise owners are the ones that developed the popular menu items- Big Mac and Fish Sandwich.

SO there you have it-random info about McDonald’s!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thoughts...

This will be an easy Booty Camp Session. She’s an easy instructor.

Scratch that…she’s not that easy of an instructor.

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late. Crap! I can’t sneak in the side door this morning. I didn’t even get a non-fat Chai this morning. I have nothing to show for being late.

No emails! You’ve got to be kidding me. What am I suppose to do for the next thirty minutes.

Honey Nut Cheerios, 1% Milk, English Muffin, and a Banana. Aren’t I being a good girl this morning?

Is that the Beastie Boys I hear coming from my radio? Well what do you know, it is.


Wow look at my arms. I see some muscle coming in. Hmmm so Booty Camp is paying off.

I could rip someone’s head off right now. I need to go run.

What in the world is my hair doing today? I have curly-wavy thing on the left side and Farrah Fawcett thing on the right.

Wait for it, wait for it. Now she gets the joke.

I don’t know how I feel about getting old. Everyone looks so sad, but dang it these green beans here (eating lunch at Luby’s) are GREAT!

Sweet Jesus someone brought us homemade cookies! Mmmmm

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I kissed a coworker and I liked it

Alright, so I didn’t kiss a coworker. But I had you guys excited, didn’t I? Actually, I have a strict policy on dating coworkers. And that policy would be…I don’t date them. I have this policy for a couple reasons. Number one, I don’t like awkward situations. I’m assuming dating a coworker could get pretty awkward. Number two, half of my family works in the same industry as me. I don’t need anymore obstacles at work. Number three, there is no one I would even consider dating at work. So there you have it…OK Chick’s 3 policy rule for no dating at the office. Does that last statement even make sense? You get what I’m saying.

Yesterday at lunch, my lunch partners had a discussion on dating at the office. Of course, this conversation was directed towards me since I’m the only single person at lunch. I’m pretty sure they have given up all hope of me finding someone on my own. I guess they have resorted to pushing coworkers off on me. I let them finish their spill on how great some of our coworkers are before I broke my 3 policy rule to them. They were upset….

Coworker #1- I think you are being silly. You have way too many rules. I don’t know how you expect to meet someone outside of work.

Coworker #2- Well I think Mr. Intern is very good looking, and he always talking to you. I think you should break your policy for him. It’s dumb. You better hope Mr. Right just knocks on your front door; because that’s the only way you will meet him.

Coworker #3- You don’t want Mr. Intern. (Pause as she thinks) I think you should go for Mr. Manager.

Ok. I didn’t even know where to begin with these comments. In the past I have found that it’s better to just smile and nod, then argue. Sister #1 taught me that about ten years ago. So that’s what I did. I smiled and nod. But in my head I was thinking….

Coworker #1- Well I think you are being silly. You haven’t been single in about 38 years. You wouldn’t last one second in singlehood. Not. One. Second.

Coworker #2-Shut up! Mr. Intern is about 7 years younger than me. Is he even 21? Can he buy me beer? I don’t drink beer, but if I wanted a beer could he buy it? Oh and also he talks to me because I give him work not because he’s interested! AND, AND…I think you’re dumb! Go ahead and imagine me sticking out my tongue. Oh and one more thing, my Schawn’s man is very good looking…so Mr. Right just might knock on my door. And…cue sticking out my tongue one more time.

Coworker #3-Thank-you! Someone that’s not completely stupid. Oh, you should have stopped with the first sentence. Isn’t Mr. Manager married with three kids? Oh my mistake, its four kids.

My lunch partners are married and always offer dating advice. Sometimes the advice comes at the most random times. Seriously, we could be talking about the cost of yogurt and one of them will spout off some dating advice to me. I think they are trying to give me advice thinking I won’t notice its advice. But then that makes me sound like I’m a moron. Who knows with these people? However, for now I’ll go with the smile and nod method. It’s gotten Sister #1 far in life.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It’s ’bout as bad as it could be...

Monday night is usually a class night. But last night my teacher canceled class. I was so excited for a free Monday night. I had big plans for my free Monday night; which included sitting on my couch and watching TV. I didn’t say they were great plans.

Due to class being canceled, my teacher assigned lots of make-up homework. I think he wanted to make sure we didn’t turn stupid from not sitting in his 3 ½ hour class. Apparently the man has zero faith in his pupils. Now, I can’t say my teacher didn’t give us plenty of time to complete the homework, because he did. However, I’m a procrastinator. I like to wait until the last minute to complete tasks. I mean really, is there any other way to do things? I think not. I blame all of this on the fact that I love to work under the gun. I love the stress of working under a deadline. Yeah, I know it’s weird. But last night…once again I put off all the homework until the last minute.

Around 8:30 I was getting tired of homework. I was three hours into my free Monday night, and I hadn’t watched a single minute of TV or sat on my couch! My brain was starting to turn to mush and I needed a break. I decided I would finish my last homework assignment and go for a run. I assumed my last homework assignment would take all of ten minutes. I mean, it was an easy 7 question quiz. I was wrong. The easy 7 question quiz took me one freakin’ hour. I was so frustrated! Sister #1 had to hear me yell outburst about how much I hated school, how much I hated math, and how I will NEVER EVER GO back to school-EVER! Sister #1 is used to my stress outburst, so she just turned up the volume on the TV to tune me out. I said I like the stress, I never said I handle it well. Anyway, after I finished my 7 question quiz it was time for my run. I finally made it out the door when I felt something hit and land on the top of my head. My first thought was- great it’s raining. However, I looked down on the pavement and realized there were no signs of other rain drops. I slowly moved my hand to the top of my head and felt wet gooey stuff. It was bird poop. The bird poop set me over the edge. Instead of being an adult, I handled the situation in a very five year oldish way. I just let out a loud frustrated yell. Then in a very Paris Hilton way, I stomped back inside. Blogger World, I would just like to be an example of why you should not wait until the last minute to do your homework. Kids are you paying attention? Bad things happen to procrastinators, like birds poop on them!

Sadly, I’m mostly preaching to myself, because right now I have mounds of homework that need to be completed before Thursday night.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Updates

I haven’t done Weekend Updates in a couple weeks. Frankly, I’m tired on Monday mornings. The thought of typing a massive post about my exciting weekend is just too much to for a Monday. But today, I’m up for the challenge. Also, I’m bored so there you have it.

I took Friday off. I thought I deserved a day off since I’d work 13 hours and then went to school. Besides, my company didn’t want me to come in all tired; I’d been worthless, which is very similar today actually. Anyway, the day off was nice. I got my teeth, carpets, and car cleaned, Of course, I did all those things at different points of the day. But I was productive.
Friday night Sister #1, a friend, and I went to see Mamma Mia. It was good. I recommend the movie. I would stamp it $9.00 worthy, but that’s me. I do realize that Mamma Mia is not for everyone. The movie is not near as good as the play, but it was still really good. If you have a chance to see the play, go see it.

Saturday was a busy one. It started off with some aerobics and a booty camp class. Ah, can I just say that I’m still feeling Saturday’s booty camp class. My arms and booty hurt! After all that I decided to do yard work, which is a fancy way of saying I mowed the yard. Currently, my mower is dead. Sister #1 wanted to try to revive it, but I told her we (she) should buy a new one, and she did. But until she gets the new lawn mower, we have to use my parent’s mower. My parent’s mower is nicer than mine, but it is so stinkin’ heavy. I’m sure I looked cool mowing the yard. Here I was hurting from aerobics and booty camp, and trying to push a 2 ton lawn mower…in the heat! Ok, so it was 11:00am and it wasn’t that hot yet. But I want it noted that I was hurting!
Saturday night I had intended to go eat for a friend’s bday, but that didn’t work out. However, I did manage some fun for my Saturday night. Instead of a fun dinner, I went to see Batman. Now Batman was good as well, but I don’t know if I stamp it $9.00 worthy. It was a bit long for me. It might have been the fact that I’d seen 2 movies in less than 24 hours. Who knows, but it’s pretty good. I was entertained the whole movie, my butt just got tired.

After the normal Sunday routine, church and lunch, it was off to do homework. Have I mentioned these set of classes are killing me? Well they are, but I like these set of class because they’re interesting, so I guess it’s an even trade. Anyway, I studied for a few hours, and then decided playing tennis would be more fun, and it was. After an intense game of tennis, where I totally lost three sets in a row, we decided to jump in the pool to cool off. Can I just say that jumping into a cool pool after being super hot and sweaty is the greatest thing ever!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life as a Bachelorette

3:40am- Alarm goes off-hit snooze
3:45am- See Above
3:50am- See Above
3:55am- See Above, but think about getting up
4:00am-Jump up freaking out that I only have 30 minutes to get ready for the day
4:30am-Run out the door with water and Strawberry FiberOne Bar in hand
5:00am-Pull into the airport parking lot for my flight to Small Town, TX
5:15am-Four other coworkers and I take off in a private jet (yes I felt like a Rock Star) to go to Small Town, TX
5:45am-Eat a doughnut, while flying in private jet, hoping the sugar will give me energy-failed attempt
5:46am-Read the Daily Oklahoman
5:59am-Finished the entire Daily Oklahoman, which I only do when I’m on flight with nothing to do
6:05am-Land in Small Town, TX
6:06am-Pick up rental car to drive to Smaller Town, TX
7:00am- Arrive in Smaller Town, TX
7:05am-Meet coworkers that live in Smaller Town, TX
8:00am-Breakfast with coworkers from Smaller Town, TX (yes it was my 3rd breakfast)
9:00am-With safety glasses, hard hat, and steel toe boots on, off to a job site…yes I was looking hot
9:30am-Arrived at job site for a tour of everything being done there
11:00am-Back to Smaller Town, TX office for more chatting and sitting around
12:00pm-Lunch…which consist of Chicken Fried Steak covered in tons of gravy along with fries-yes I ate everything
1:30pm- Quick side trip to do a drive by of this place
2:45pm-Back in airplane for flight home…and about three seconds away from throwing up everything I’ve eaten the whole day
3:45pm -Land and about two seconds away from throwing up everything-it was a bumpy landing
4:30pm-Back at my casa to finish up random things for class
6:00pm- Class
7:00pm-Ready to die
7:08pm- So tired I’m seeing stars
8:00pm-Still in class
9:00pm-Still in class, but not even for sure what’s being discussed
9:30pm- Barely able to walk out of class
10:00pm-Home and in bed

Ok, so that's a normal day for this Bachelorette. I usually don't take a private jet to Small Town, TX and I never wear my hard hat. I do own one, but I don't wear it very often. Oh yea, and I don't ever get up at 3:45am!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Please meet...

Blogger World, meet my new toy. I’m so excited to add this Polar Watch/Heart Monitor to my collection of gadgets that are supposed to help me run faster and farther. Between Little Shuffle and this Watch/Heart Monitor you should be able to track me from the moon.

Friday I purchased my new toy, and I’ve already used it seven times. I love it! This thing tells me my heart rate, how long I’ve been working out, how long my heart rate is at the top of my zone, and how many calories I’ve burned. Isn’t it amazing that a simple watch can tell me all this information? The only thing missing on this watch is

A few things I’ve learned since I started using the Polar Watch/Heart Monitor. First, my heart stinks. I want a new heart! I can’t get my heart rate up past 167, and my aerobics friends get their heart rates up to 179. This weekend I ran, went to 4 aerobics classes, and played tennis….and nothing. I was working hard, and I still couldn't get it past 167. The second thing is I could eat way more crap than I allow myself. In one my aerobics class I burned 400 calories. I knew that aerobics was working; Guy #3 always said my aerobics classed weren’t doing anything for me. HA! I beg to differ. The final thing I’ve learned is I have way too many gadgets for working out.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fun Facts

Here in OK it's a lovely Friday afternoon. The sun is shining bright and the windy is slightly blowing. Today is the perfect pool day. However, I'm not at the pool. Instead, I'm doing homework and cooking for Sister #1 and I's catering event. Where is Sister #1 you ask? At the pool! Don't worry tomorrow my cute butt will be at the pool, and she'll be slaving away in the kitchen. It's an even trade. I figured since I'm the one playing Suzy Homemaker today, I could take a short break and post some Friday Fun Facts. SOOO for your enjoyment, here are Friday Fun Facts about OK Chick part II....

I cannot make Mac-n-Cheese. I always screw it up. It’s the noodles, they get me every time.

I would eat every meal outside if I could. Sometimes I think I'm the only person that likes to eat outside.

I do not drink Coke, or Pop as you non-Southern States call it.

I secretly like the show Reba.

I hate losing…even though I lose very often.

When I was in high school my guidance counselor told me I wasn’t college material. I’m thinking about sending her an email letting her know, not only was I college material… I was also MBA material! Of course, I will also attach a clip from Toby Keith’s “How Do You like Me Now” video.

I think one of my favorite songs is Red Wine. I’m assuming that’s the name of the song, they say it at least 100 times in the song.

I always have good birthdays. One year everyone in Hard Rock Café sang Happy Birthday to me.

The Sisters and I have never had a dog. Never.

The Sisters and I did have fish.
I don't watch American Idol.

Well this is all the facts I can share today. Sorry. The laundry is calling my name... very loudly!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to make my day

This morning I was running early, and by early I mean- I was going to make it to work on time. Since I was running early I decided to stop and grab my favorite hot beverage, which is a non-fat Chai Latte. Sidenote: I realize you people know what my favorite hot beverage is, but just to clarify for any new readers out in Blogger World. When I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot I noticed the drive-thru was crazy busy. Instead of just skipping the Starbucks run, I decided to go inside for my drink. As I patiently waited for my favorite drink, the manager looked over at me and said, “Ok Chick, has anyone every told you that you look like Tina Fey?” “Oh yea you do look like Tina Fey, all your missing is the scar,” replied my normal drive-thru guy. Aside from the fact that I realized I visit Starbucks too much, it was quite the confidence boaster. And this folks, is why I love Starbucks and why I will be stopping to get a drink tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Blogger World, you are in for a treat. Today feels like a Ramblings day, which means you get a Ramblings post...

Five weeks until yours truly will have her Masters of Business Administration. I can’t believe how fast a year has gone. When I signed up to go back to school I thought…oh this is going to be the longest year of my life. Boy was I wrong! I guess first I should focus on getting through these next set of classes before I jump to graduation. These last classes are time consuming. Last night I spent hours doing homework and I’m still not done. But the end is near folks. Pretty soon there will be no more posts about homework, finals, and class! So basically, I won’t have much to talk about anymore.

Yesterday the big boss came to me asking for help. See, the MBA is already paying off. Ok, so he was asking me to help plan the company party but whatever. It’s been fun planning the party, because there are only a handful of us that know about this party. It’s like I’m on Mission Impossible trying to complete a mission. You know, without all the killing and stuff.

I can’t say my 4th of July was super exciting this year. I spent part of my 4th running a race. I haven’t run a race in over a month; I decided my legs needed a break. Ha…that makes me sound like a hardcore racer. I’m not by the way. I’m also not in amazing shape anymore. The race was an 8K, which is around 5 miles. It took me 53 minutes, and I had to stop and walk. I was disgusted with myself. I thought Booty Camp was supposed to keep me in shape?

Its official, OKC is finally getting an NBA team. Sure, we had to steal them from Seattle, but we can’t help it that the Starbucks State didn’t care about basketball anymore. I will help Washington get over losing their team…I’ll buy a couple Chais.

Sister #1 and I have our third catering job this weekend. It’s for a friend’s 30th birthday. He has requested we make two dozen cupcakes, along with some other food. I’m a fan of cupcakes. I think it’s the perfect amount of cake for a person. I don’t think Sister #1 and I have decided what type of cupcakes we will make. Suggestions????

Blogger World, if you remember I decided this summer I was going to a concert a month. I believe I called it…Summer Concert Series. I think that sounds right? Anyway, I started out the summer with my boy Kenny, June brought True Colors, and now we are at July. The concert for July was going to be Coldplay. However, Coldplay decided to change the date of their concert to November. How can groups do this? How can they put tickets on sale for a certain date and then say…hey just kidding we’re going to come 5 months later? Needless to say, no concert this month. I was bummed too. But do not worry; I’m making up for it in August. As of right now, I am going to three concerts in August. Yes three!

This past weekend I went to see Get Smart. It’s cute. I don’t know if I stamp it $9.00 worthy, maybe $5.00 worthy. But if someone is buying your ticket, it’s worth it.

Are you guys watching the show WipeOut? I know, please do not judge me for watching this show. I realize it looks stupid but it’s actually funny. Sister #1 and I watched it last week. We were too lazy to get up and look for the remote, so we just left it on the channel. But surprisingly, it made us both laugh. It’s funny to watch people fall and then others make fun of them for falling. Oh come on, we do it all the time in real life! I know you do it too!

I suppose that’s all the Ramblings I have for today. I will leave you with this information…July is National Hot Dog Month. Get excited people, get excited!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Letters from Ok Chick

Dear Ann Taylor,
I’m wearing your skirt today, which makes me look super skinny and hot. I appreciate your slimming styles. I just want you to know that I will continue buying your clothes!

Ok Chick

Dear Bride,
I will not be attending your bridal shower because I was not invited to your wedding. But thanks for thinking of me when you were sending out invitations through MySpace.

Best Wishes,
Ok Chick

Dear Subway Worker,
I ordered a Veggie Delight sandwich, which means it’s just bread and veggies. I would appreciate it greatly if you did not skim on the veggies because that is all I’m eating!

Ok Chick

Dear Sun Chips,
I’m a huge fan of your Garden Salsa chips. They are fabulous and some what healthy. Keep up the great work!

#1 Fan,
Ok Chick

Dear Friend,
You’re not that busy, so shut up already.

Ok Chick

Dear Random Guy at the Mall that hit on me,
I know I look cute in Ann’s skirt but no. I’m afraid the answer is no. See, the thing is, I’m just not into you! Better luck next time.

Ok Chick

Dear Co-Worker who stole my parking place,
I know you waited to come back from lunch when I left. I just know it! I had to park 10 miles away from the building. Sure it was good excercise, but I was hungry!

Not Your #1 Fan,
Ok Chick

WOOO I feel better! Thanks to TC for letting me steal this idea.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Useless Information

After we celebrate our country’s birthday with lots of fireworks and hamburgers, we’ll have another birthday to celebrate. The bikini. Saturday marks the bikini’s 62nd birthday. I think the bikini is looking mighty fine for 62 years old! I mean, who can say that as they get older they get smaller? No one! SOOO here’s to you bikini. I hope you have a great birthday. I will be celebrating by visiting my local pool.
Sidenote: Today is my mom's birtday. So Happy Birthday Mom. A good daughter would have done a great blog dedication. I know...I'm worthless.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Ask or Not That's the Question

Rachel: So I was with Joshua for an hour today, and he has not asked me out. It’s just so frustrating!
Phoebe: Why don’t you ask him out?
Joey: Oh, yeah, totally! That’s such a turn-on!
Rachel: Really? It doesn’t seem desperate?
Joey: Oh-ooh, that’s the turn-on.

Blogger World, you know I’m a woman of the 21st Century. I believe women can do anything men can do. I believe in wearing sunscreen and recycling to save our earth. I believe that we should eat more things that come from the ground than from a drive-thru. I thank Al Gore everyday for inventing the internet and the wonderful people at Apple for inventing iTunes and iPods. I am 100%, with out a doubt, in tune with the 21st Century. However, one 21st Century trend I cannot get into is women asking guys out on dates. Now don’t misunderstand me, I think it’s perfectly fine if a woman ask a guy out; and I’ve done it before. Heck, I did it in high school and college. When I was in high school I asked a guy to prom, twice, two different years, and he turned me down both times. I kid you not! It’s my friend Keri’s favorite story. She loves to tell people the story. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is I can ask a guy out, I just don’t like to do it.

Yesterday I was told by two different people that I need to ask a guy out. It’s a guy in my MBA program. We will call him Guy #4. I like Guy #4. He’s a cool guy and he is really nice. Guy #4 has bought me lots of non-fat Chai drinks throughout the year, so he’s high in my book. When the first person suggested I ask Guy #4 out I was wishy washy about the issue. Then a second person suggested the same thing. However, the second person was making it a dare which was enticing me to prove him wrong. Needless to say, I had two people telling me to ask Guy #4 out. But in the back of my mind, I couldn’t shake a couple thoughts. Here are my thoughts: Why should I ask out Guy #4? If he wants to ask me out he’ll do it. It’s been my experience that when I do ask a guy out it never works. Sure, the guy goes out with me once, but that’s the only time we go out. I’m assuming it’s because the guy was never interested in me to begin with, which is why he didn’t ask me out!

Normally, I would take this problem to my favorite sitting in class website, Cosmo. However, my company does not feel that Cosmo is a work appropriate website. Since no Cosmo, I turn to Blogger World for your opinions. Back in January we established that I wasn’t good at this dating thing. Remember, I had three guys ask me out and it took them forever to actually take me out. Really only one of those guys actually took me out. Oh ok two, since Guy #2 just took me out last week. So maybe I’d do better with this dating stuff if I just went around doing all the asking. But I don’t want to do that. Actually, I’m not going to do that…I don’t care if I don’t have another day for the rest of my life. I will take up knitting to pass the time. OK, so I didn’t mean that at all. I would suck at knitting. I can’t even sew a button! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is… I think I’m going to go against the two people and not ask the guy out? I think.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Updates

Oh my word, what a weekend. It was a crazy, busy weekend. It was so busy that it took me until right now to recover. Really, it did. I bet all of you are waiting for me to bust into how I spent Friday/Saturday at home watching reruns of Numbers. But I didn’t this past weekend. This past weekend I ventured out of my home! Since I’m sure none of you believe me, I’ll prove it in my WEEKEND UPDATES!

You know how I’m always cooking good food for my friends? Well my friend Suzy likes to do the same thing. Friday night she cooked for me and few other friends. It was a great meal. We had pork chops, mango salsa (or something like that), peas, bread, pasta salad, and vegetables. Then for dessert we had homemade ice cream and this strawberry pretzel thing. All of it was SO good. I ate until I was almost sick.
After dinner I rushed home to change clothes and pick up Sister #1. When I arrived home I found that Sister #1 wasn’t home alone. One of our friends from TX had come into town and wanted to hang out with us! So the three of us loaded up and headed here to listen to this man. It was fun! Also, Aaron Watson is a cutie! However, he has a wife, kids and loves them with his whole...blah blah!

I did the normal Saturday routine- aerobics, clean, and pool. I’ve become quite the pool girl this summer. It’s been three years since I’ve been able to be a pool girl and I’m loving it! If I ever become rich, I’m building a pool in my backyard. Oh and then I’ll have a pool boy take care of it for me. Yea. Where was I? Saturday plans. Right, so Saturday for lunch Sister #1 had a BBQ for some of her friends. A few of her friends were in town for a wedding, and Sister #1 cooked tons of food for us. Sister #1 always goes over board when cooking food. She made hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, potato salad, chips, salsa, and a massive cookie cake. She didn't make the massive cookie cake, it came from Wally World. By the way, Wally World has great cookie cakes. We are still eating on our cookie cake. If anyone wants some cookie cake let me know. It’s making me fat and I want it out of my kitchen!
Saturday night a friend had his wedding here. It was very nice. I’d never seen a wedding at a boathouse. But the wedding was very classy. If I ever get married, I might consider having mine at a boathouse. It's almost like being on a beach. I said almost! After the wedding a few of us went out around here. If anyone out there in Blogger World comes to OKC for a vacation. No, I’m not kidding! There are actually people that take vacations here. So if you become one of those people you must go to Bricktown. It’s fun!

Church in the morning, and came home to eat leftovers hamburgers. After the kitchen was cleaned I was off to the pool again! I love the pool, have I mentioned that? Also, I have a rockin’ tan right now. Don’t worry I am wearing sunscreen. Good grief I volunteer for the American Cancer Society.