Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Summer

FYI this is when I start to get cranky....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update with Pictures

It's hard to believe the weekend is already over.  This weekend was full of jam pack excitement. 
 Now that I'm an iPhone owner I'm able to snap pictures very easily. Therefore, I have lots of pictures for you guys. Your welcome!

I told you it was full of jam pack excitement.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Q&A with OK Chick

Once again I've disappeared off the face of the planet. Please except my deepest apologizes. Most of all I apologize that you've had to look at my pink tutu picture for 10 days. Yikes! The best way to get rid of the picture is to post something new. Therefore I give you Q&A with OK Chic; questions asked by me, answered by me. They may or may not be answered truthfully. Kidding..sort of.

OK Chick, what have you been doing with all your time?
Watching TV.  I told you guys about my new TV and fancy cable, right? Well I've been getting my money out of those two things. I've been watching my USA shows, Meet the Hutterites, reruns of Home Improvement/Cosby's, and some Kardashians. And before you get all judgy about me watching The Kardashians, I want it noted that my fancy cable package did not come with Bravo. Therefore, I still cannot watch my Housewives of Any City.  

So, you've spent the past 10 days just watching TV?
No. I've also consumed lots of Mexican food. I need to detox from all the Mexican food I've eaten.

Have you learned anything new in the past 10 days?
As a matter of fact I have learned something new. Earlier this week The Sisters and my mom attended a cooking class. It was a Soul Food cooking class. We made breakfast, and it was delicious.
The ham steaks were tasty. We fried a brown sugar ham steak. Have you seen these in the grocery store? If so, you must purchase one ASAP!

Also, I recently learned how to turn the sound on/off on my iPhone. Yes, I'm serious.

When is your next trip?
Very soon. The family and I will be traveling to Dallas for Back to School shopping.

Why does your family go Back to School shopping when 2 out of 3 kids are done with school?
No idea. I don't argue, I just go. I mostly go for the family togetherness time.

So anything else you'd like to share with us?
No, I think that's about it. It's been a bit slow on the home front, but I think soon and very soon life will get exciting. It always does.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Rad

My Saturday started out like any other Saturday for most people...
Oh, you don't wear tutus on Saturday? Really? I recommend that you start. It's quite liberating.

Saturday morning, over 8,000 crazy Okies participated in the Color Me Rad 5K.  Basically, it's your typical 5K. Well, except for the fact that along the course volunteers throw paint on all the participants.

Fun? You bet!

Everyone had a great time. I look forward to the race next year. Besides, it was a great excuse to wear my tutu for a few hours.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

That one time I did yoga

Last month I posted my Summer Bucket List.....

1. Host a BBQ 
2. Road trip to Dallas
3. Hike
4. Snow cones
5. Attend boot-camp with KC
6. Pick vegetable from my parents garden
7. Ride a roller coaster
8. Attempt standing up paddle-boarding
9. Drinks on a rooftop patio
10. Try Yoga
11. Visit a new town in Oklahoma
Well....last night I completed #10.  
Before I attended my first yoga class, which was last night, I envisioned yoga to be something like this...
I mean, this chick looks totally relaxed. 
However, I found my yoga experience to be more like this...
Now, I don't know this lady but I feel like we can relate. 
Last night I attended a one hour and fifteen minute hot yoga class. When I left the class I was exhausted! Oh, and it's extremely sweaty.Yes I know, it is expected to sweat during HOT yoga but good grief! I swear it looked like I'd ran thru some sprinklers, which is what I wanted to do after I was done.
Even with all the sweat and awkward moves I still enjoyed myself. However, I think I'll stick to Jazzercise and running. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Brazilian Market

Last night The Sisters and I were given a craft task. We were asked to create a Brazilian market with the following props: 2 tables, 2 white sheets, clothes line, anything we needed from the teacher's work room, and a few Brazil soccer jerseys. One hour later we had this for our Brazilian Market ....

I think it's pretty dang good! Of course, I would only expect the best from The Sisters and I. You see, the three of us combined have over 70 years of classroom decorating experience. We know how to decorate on a budget.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Update

Holy cow what a weekend! I had a jammed packed weekend full of excitement, festivals, food, family, and friends. Blogger World, it was a good weekend.

This was a huge day for me. The following things happened...

1) I inherited a new TV, a fancy HD TV. 
2) I got cable for my fancy TV.
3)I installed the cable all by myself. 

I'll give you a moment to process those three things. It's pretty major. I'm sure your jaw dropped after reading the second point. No? Wow nothing surprises you guys. I want it noted that the third point is a completely true statement. I did install the cable all by myself.

Sister #1 and I completed our first duathlon. It technically was not a duathlon. However, since I'm the one that completed the race, I get to call it whatever I want! We kayaked 500 meters in rushing rapids, and ran 3 miles of major hills. Ok so maybe there were no rapids, but the course was hilly. The race was a blast! It was hard, but not so hard it was miserable.

The day only continued with more excitement. My evening was spent in Lawton, OK watching race cars. I'm going to be honest, I've never watched race cars. I didn't know what to expect, but it ended up being a very fun experience. It was loud, dirty, and very manly. I highly recommend a Saturday evening at the Lawton Speedway.

The evening was spent at Liberty Fest. My little town has a great 4th of July celebration. One of my favorite activities is Taste of Edmond. All the local restaurants come together for an evening of sampling. It's the greatest event ever!!! You basically eat for 2 hours. We tried all kinds of great food, from some great eating establishments. Here's a picture of Sister #1 on our 10th course. It was a 15 course dinner.

Sadly, that's the end of my adventures. Happy Monday to everyone!