Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Highlight from Memorial Weekend

I LOVED having Monday off. I vote we have every Monday off!!! Who's with me?

You guessed it, the races were canceled this weekend. Again. But I suppose it would be difficult to drive on this: 

Since there was no racing, the weekend was spent shopping! My favorite purchase is a bit dorky, so don't laugh. 

I invested in a new lunchbox. My new lunchbox can keep contents chilled all day. This was a huge selling point because I no longer have to use the stinky work fridge anymore!! Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Confessions of a Racecar Woman

The minute I came up with my cooking show idea, it started raining. I have not been able to cook for the pit crew and racecar driver since my last post on this subject. The racecar crew has experienced three rainouts this month. 

A true confession; I'm not crying over the rainouts. It's been nice having a whole weekend free. For instance, this past weekend Canada Travis and I trained his new puppies. 
Aren't they cute? This brother/sister were dumped along Canada Travis's house. He couldn't turn them away. Therefore, Daryl and Maggie are living with Stagger and the 10 chickens. 
Stagger isn't thrilled with Daryl and Maggie joining the group. 
He spent Saturday evening watching the thunderstorms...alone. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here are some pictures you'd find on my Instagram account...if I had one. 

My pretty flowers!

Youngest and cutest pit crew.

Deer love Canada Travis

Meet Stagger

Dinner, which was delicious.

One of the many rainbows we've recently seen.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Craft Time

This weekend was a rainy/stormy weekend. In an effort to entertain ourselves, Canada Travis and I had craft time. We decided to make candles. No really, we did...

I thought this craft would be a flop. There's no way melted wax and string are all that's involved. 

I was wrong! The craft was not a flop and it only required two ingredients. Here's proof that we had a successful craft. 
This candle burned for 6-7 hours! We were so impressed with ourselves!!!
We made about twenty candles; which will be kept in Canada Travis storm shelter.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Racecar Woman

As you know, I spend many spring and summer weekends at the racetrack. 
This year is no different.  However, something new has been added to our racing weekend. I've taken on the responsibility of providing dinner for the racing team; which is 3-4 people. 

Saturday, was my first meal. I selected PW's Beef and Cheddar sandwich.
I'm happy to report the sandwiches were a hit with the race team! Not only were they tasty, it was mess free. The full meal was Hot Beef and Cheddar sandwiches, chips, and brownies. Everything was delicious! Here's a picture of my sandwiches...

 I have to be honest, cooking for the race team has taken racing to another level for me. I love it! I feel like Pioneer Woman providing food for her cowboys. Personally, I think there's potential for a cooking show here. Who wouldn't want to watch me destroy a kitchen cooking food for racecar drivers???? 

If anyone has suggestions for racing food please let me know. I'm all ears!