Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Updates

There is nothing like a Weekend Updates on a Tuesday. You know, I haven’t done a Weekend Updates in a few weeks. I guess mostly because the past few weekends have consisted of studying; and that makes for a really boring Weekend Updates. As you can see, I am doing you guys a favor. You can thank me later. Alright, let’s get into this Weekend Updates, shall we?

As I’ve mentioned about 20 times, this weekend is graduation. Of course, no graduation should go uncelebrated and this includes MBA gradations. Friday night some of my school buddies and I went out to celebrate completing school. It was a very fun evening! I believe there was about eight of us, well seven that actually went to school and one random dude. No joke! A random guy came out to celebrate with us. Actually, it was a guy’s friend who was in town for weekend.
The evening started out here, for some oyster nachos. Then we decided to head here for dinner. By the way, I don’t know what has happen to this establishment but I was very disappointed with my salad. My $13.00 salad consisted of 4 pieces of steak, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some croutons; which is fine if that is what I’d ordered!!! I was mad! I was suppose to receive toasted sweet pecans, dark green lettuce, lots steak, and…well it’s just a way better salad than what I was given. After the disappointing meal we headed here. I wasn’t too impressed with this place. It was fun, but not worth all the hype it’s received around town. I mean, it’s a 3 story bar with 350 beers.

Saturday morning I was up at the butt crack of dawn, or 8:40am. However, I rushing around like a mad woman trying to get to a review session that started at 9. I made it, but about 15 minutes late. Trust me, I didn’t miss anything. After two hours of accounting and finance I was ready to stab my eye out. I didn’t, because I need both eyes.
Sadly, for me the rest of Saturday was not exciting. But unlike me, my family was spending an exciting weekend shopping and eating. And to make matters worse, my extended family was at the lake enjoying the sun. I would like to give a shout out to the extended family, mostly The Cousin. She pretended like I was with them enjoying the sun. This is me with them on the boat.

Saturday afternoon I tried to call my family, to give them the bored sob story, and they didn’t care. My dad said that they were going to dinner and he’d call me back, which he didn’t. So therefore, my family is not getting a shout out…only the extended family. Besides, my family doesn’t even read this blog, only the extended family reads my wise thoughts. Anyway, Saturday evening I did find two friends that felt sorry for me. Hey, the sob story finally worked on someone. They graciously allowed me to eat dinner with them. There’s nothing like a big greasy cheeseburger with great company when you’re bored out of your mind. It was one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had. Oh, and we had fried pickles. LOVE fried pickles.

NOTHING. Oh, I did eat another cheeseburger. It was from a different place; not quite as good, but way better than Friday night’s food and better than cooking something myself.

Edit: Saturday afternoon my WONDERFUL friend Holly had coffee with me. Actually, neither one of us got coffee but it was nice to see my friend in person, we don't see each other as much. I apologize for not noting this in the post. It was a highlight for sure.


monamachel1 said...

The extended family missed ya!! You could have eaten lots of fried food instead of the hamburger!!!
I also love fried pickles!! I can't find anyone else who does. Maybe it is a southern thing.

OK Chick said...

Fried pickles are the best, especially with Ranch. Oh man that's good stuff.

Emily said...

Did you go to Flat Tire? Their fried pickles with ranch are the best.

TC said...

Fried pickles are pretty popular around here. My sister-in-law loves 'em. Me, not so much. Fried cheese curds though... heavenly.

You could have felt free to join me Saturday night: maybe MY night would have been better. My own weekend went like this:

Thursday night: drive to hometown to go out with friend from high school before she leaves for Peru. Hit local, hicktown bars for a few drinks. Find out nothing changes. Ever. Hang out at bar until 1:30 a.m., then go home and start a minor family battle with Mom.

Friday morning: realize that even though I own no less than five bottles of sunscreen, I forgot all of them. (And bug spray.) Drive to local Wally World to acquire said items.

Friday afternoon: two hours later than planned, finally put the canoe in the water. Spend the next three hours canoeing with two classmates from high school, one of said classmate's younger brothers, and three dogs.

Friday night: shower, then drive self and friend to Madison.

Saturday morning: Get up at 5:45 a.m. to take friend to bus to head to O'Hare to fly to Peru. Find out favorite coffee shop went out of business. Go to Starbucks instead. Plug garbage disposal in sink while peeling potatoes in preparation for party.

Saturday afternoon: Attend family reunion, where brother, sister-in-law and then nephew are the closest people in age. Go home to start work on party prep.

Saturday evening: have friend who is supposed to be co-hosting party not show up until way later than she was supposed to and not help at all. Have three of her friends show up hours early. Have two of my own friends not show up. Don't get drunk while everyone else does. Eventually get drug out to a dance club and bars that I didn't want to go to. Have issues with the designated driver. Finally get to bed at 2 a.m., exhausted and pissy.

Sunday morning: wake up at 6 a.m. and force myself back to sleep around 7. Wonder when some of the strange people crashing on the floor in my apartment are going to leave.

Sunday afternoon: Head to the Union. Almost die by hands of crazy driver on the way to Union. Enjoy brat and ice cream at union in the sunshine. Eventually head up State Street. Spend HOURS on State Street as my friend and her friend cannot move at any speed other than reverse in Madison. After State Street, hike up Bascom Hill (way less evil than it was in winter with full backpacks!) to climb up Abe Lincoln's lap. (It's tradition for students who graduate from the UW to do this: I had yet to do it.) Spend over an hour taking ridiculous and crazy photos while climbing Abe's statue.

Sunday evening: Once camera batteries died, head to Olive Garden for dinner. Finally go home and pretty much pass out.

OK Chick said...

No I went to Ron's. Have you been there? SO GOOD! I haven't had Flat Tire's fried pickles. I have had their s'mores, which are AMAZING!

OK Chick said...

TC-Nice weekend. If I had that weekend...it'd take me all week to recover. Also, nothing ever changes in hometown. It's fun to see people from high school still living it up in hometown. It makes me laugh.

By the way, fried cheese curds? I've heard of these????

Renee said...

I blogged my Sunday...and you saw it. Saturday was pretty much prepwork for Sunday...oh wait I blogged it too. LOL! I'm a dork.

I'm sorry your weekend was such a bummer in the food dept. We haven't gone to Outback in years cuz there isn't one near enough to us and we got tired of paying for all the hype. I think they've really gone down hill since they first started out. They were good back then.

Holly said...

Hey why didn't I get a shout out??? We hung out this weekend.

OK Chick said...

Holly! I thought about our coffee date after I left. I will edit you in right now! I'm so sorry. Hanging out with you, was of course a highlight.

Emily said...

Have I been to Rons?! The original Ron's is 1/4 a mile from my house! So good. So greasy. Ron's is where we discovered my son is a ketchup addict.

OK Chick said...

Really? I had never even heard of Ron's until Friday night.

TC said...

Fried cheese curds are the best. Depending on the batter, I recommend dipping in either ranch or ketchup. Or nothing at all.

Now I'm craving cheese curds.

You must try, if ever given the opportunity. Like you know, on your next trip to Wisconsin ;)

And yeah... I haven't done much this week after that weekend! Other than work of course.

Bone said...

Wow. You're taking after me. I think I once did a weekend recap on a Wednesday. Maybe even a Thursday.

I am so that random guy. Unless you think he's weird, then there is no way I'd ever do anything like that.

It's a really sad moment when your parents have more of a life than you do. I've been there a few times.