Thursday, August 28, 2008

She Works Hard for Her Money

Blogger World, something happened to me Monday at work. It’s a good thing. However, no one knows that it happened to me. Let me explain. Monday I was busy at my desk working. Yes, working. Not surfing the internet, not typing up a blog post, and definitely not stalking my favorite Hollywood celebs. My boss walked by my office and this conversation took place:

Boss- Oh, you are here today. (It was noon; I’d been in the office all morning)
Me- Yes, sir I’ve been here all morning.
Boss- Fridteay we decided to promote you to a SR.
Me- Great.
Boss- Now, this promotion comes with a pay raise.
Me- Thank you sir.
Boss- You’re a great worker, everyone thinks the world of you….yada, yada, yada.

You get the point. I received a promotion and a pay raise. Normally, when promotions occur a global email is sent out announcing an employee’s promotion. Unfortunately, I have once again slipped through the cracks. No email was sent out on my behalf, which I find disappointing. I have received this big promotion and no one in my office knows. Oh, and don’t even get me started on completing my MBA. No one in the office has congratulated me on that accomplishment either. Although, someone did just ask how classes are going. I told them I graduated two weeks ago. I’m assuming my coworkers will figure out that I’m done with school. But maybe I’m giving them too much credit-it has been about two weeks.

Today, I am treating myself to my favorite sandwich and cookie for lunch. It’s my reward to myself!

Sidenote: A true friend dedicates a whole post to you...check out Holly's Blog to see mine. Have I ever told you that my friends are awesome? Well they are!


monamachel1 said...

Do you want me to send a huge flower thing with balloons and ribbons that say "congrats on your promotion" on one and "congrats on graduation" on the other?? See if your co-workers catch on?? I will! Then, if still nothing, you can glare at them and think mean thoughts!!

Bone said...

Hmm, maybe you should talk to your co-workers more.

Or send out a weekly OKChick status report email.

Or send them a link to your blog. Or maybe not.

Emily said...

Congrats! That's great. It's good to know your hard work pays off, even if no one else knows it.

Renee said...

hummm weird office. I thought that normally when a promotion happened they had you come in for a meeting, told you that they wanted to promote you, you accept the offer and they discuss when you take on the new position. Then they send out a global email informing your coworkers of your promotion...then the party with cake happens. Or is that just on TV?

Renee said...

congrats on your promotion!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... don't worry I too am one of those people who slip through the cracks... you get used to it after a while.... maybe it'll work in your favour somewhere along the way?

Suzanne said...

Congratulations!!!! And...what is your favorite sandwich and cookie?

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Sorry it was so anti-climactic, but congratulations! Obviously your hard work is paying off!

OK Chick said...

Thank you guys!

Mona- Flowers, balloons, or ribbons would be great. Thanks.

Renee- WE don't do the cake thing unless it's a birthday month or someone is getting married. Maybe other companies do the cake thing?

Suzanne- I'm a fan of Razmatz and any cookie from City Bites. It was a good lunch!

Holly said...

I am glad you liked your the blog post! Now where is the picture of that mouse???

TC said...

Yay!!!! :)

That's positively fabulous news! And while I'm sorry to hear that your co-workers are clueless about your life... you aren't the only one. Mine are as well. Sometimes I think that's a good thing.