Monday, August 25, 2008

Until London

Last night Sister #1 and I watched the Olympics closing ceremonies. Of course, I didn’t sit through the whole thing but I did catch the last hour. I did make it in time to witness Jackie Chang sing. Did anyone else see him randomly on stage there at the end? It was weird. He was on stage singing with famous Chinese pop singers. I had no clue he could sing, that is if he was really singing. But if that was him singing at the end, he doesn’t have a horrible voice. He should start singing in his movies. Ummm, this post is not about Jackie Chang singing. Sorry I got side tracked! Anyway, back closing ceremonies.

I was kind of sad to see the Olympics come to an end. I have really enjoyed watching the games. Like most of the world I was glued to my TV watching the Olympics. Those TV people had me sucked in at the very beginning. It was those sappy stories they play about each of the athletes; which reminds me. Do all Olympic athletes have a sad situation or physical problem that they overcome? I mean, is that a requirement to enter into the Olympics. Some of those athletes stories could have double as an Extreme Homemaker story. The Roommate and I started to realize everyone’s story was sad a few days ago. Sorry, side tracked again. But that is a legitimate question.

So for the past two weeks I’ve watched track, basketball, volleyball, rowing, gymnastics, and whatever else was on when I got home from work. I was addicted. I can’t remember an Olympics, winter or summer, where I actually watched the games every night for two weeks. I was really rooting for USA. I kept up with the medal count, and I did my best to read about what events USA would take, if I didn’t see it for myself.

Today, I salute USA! My hat goes off to all the USA athletes that made it to the Olympics. You made us proud and you entertained us!


TC said...

I didn't see as much the second week. I started to limit my TV time to those events I thorougly enjoyed, like beach volleyball. The BMX stuff does nada for me, so why bother you know? But yeah, I felt a lot of American pride watching them this year as well. Then again, I think I'm usually pretty pro-American.

Renee said...

I didn't watch as much this year as I have in the past. I think a lot of it had to do with the weird scheduling...and a lot had to do with MSN posting results online before they showed the tape here 2 hours later than the east coast.
I was throughly mad at the gymnastics so I didn't watch it much and every time I did I got even madder.

I agree that USA did an awesome job. We have some real talent out there.

monamachel1 said...

Rowing is my closet sport. I love watching it. Anytime I see it on, Olympics or even just a college event, I watch it. I love it. I'm totally facinated by it. It just amazes me that that many people can row a boat at the same speed at the exact same time!!

TC said...

Btw, will you be doing a Birthday Post for Rachel Ray? Or are you strictly a Paula Dean aficianado?

OK Chick said...

Mona- I had no clue you were a closet rower fan. Interesting. The Roommate rows.

TC- I had no idea it was Rachel Ray's bday. However, I am a Paula Dean woman through and through. It's my southern roots and love for butter.

TC said...

I knew about the Paula Dean obsession, but I wondered if that extended to RR too. For some reason I thought she was from the South as well? Guess not.

And yeah, I think that Wisconsinites (especially the older generation) cook a lot like Southerners. There is a great love of butter in my family as well. (Another part of that is the support of the dairy industry... gotta love your farmers you know?)

P.S. Are you going to be doing weekend updates now that I made you kind of famous? O:)