Friday, August 29, 2008

All My Children

I’m currently eating lunch and watching All My Children. I’m not a big soap fan, but All My Children is a soap I can tolerate. I think it’s because my grandma would watch AMC every day. She called it…"her story”, and we would watch it right after lunch. Trust me, after spending a week in Arkansas I would know everything about AMC. Some summers I would get so hooked on the show that I would have to call grandma to get AMC updates. What! I get sucked into shows easily. I hate that about myself.

Here are some of my thoughts on soap operas. Do you realize you cannot watch the show for a year and still know the storyline? It’s true! I guess that’s not a bad thing if you only watch the show about three times a year, like me. Also, these shows have crazy storylines. Blogger World, the people of Pine Valley (where they live) are dealing with some crazy stuff. For example, we have memory loss, baby mommas, baby daddies, murder, ghost, stealing of spouses, and drinking problems. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d move from Pine Valley if everyone around me had a crazy life.

But even with all the craziness I do still enjoy the show from time to time. Today appears to be one of those times. Now if you would excuse me, I must see if Erika is going to go out with Adam. Trust me…my grandma is rolling in her grave right now. Erika and Adam together, what is the world coming to!


Renee said...

My mom used to watch the ones on CBS and so by default I did too. We watched together when I was a tween...and then I watched them again when I was in college between classes...and then again when we lived overseas. even with the HUGE gaps in time between watching I always knew what was going on within a week of picking it back up.
So since we got back to the states I have made a very good effort of NOT watching them or the evening soaps either. I've been such a good girl since Melrose went off the air. I almost started Desparate Housewives, but I quit them too. I'm free! hee hee

heather hub said...

my memaw and your grandma should talk. memaw hasn't missed an episode in, well, maybe ever. she'll even say, oh it's just getting so ridiculous...but she keeps watching it. i use to watch it too b/c of her...i was really into it back when greenlee was being a menace and ryan and jillian were falling in love.

Holly said...

When I was growing up my mom/grandmothers used to watch Days of our Lives every day! Even now 20 years after my mom stopped watching, I can still turn it on and pretty much catch the storyline. Pathetic.

Bone said...

I haven't watched AMC in years. I can't even remember any characters on there. Wait, is Erica still on it? And Tad?

You should start watching General Hospital, then we could talk. Laura's back!

TC said...

I used to watch As The World Turns with my Mom as a little girl. I'm not much of a fan of soaps now either, but I kind of miss it... just a little bit :)