Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crash into me

Last night Sister #1 and I went to the Dave Matthews concert. It was a pretty good concert. The weather was perfect, mid-80s, and our seats were pretty good. Also, Dave played for over two hours. Actually, he might have played longer but Sister #1 and I pooped out at 10:15. Hey, we had to get up for work and this old fart needed her beauty sleep. I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to hear my favorite song, Ants Marching. I guess you can’t have everything.

The concert was held in OKC triple-A ballpark. Sister #1 and I have been to this ballpark numerous times. We’ve been there for baseball games, races, and other concerts. Our tickets last night were in Section 208. Do you know it took us 15 minutes to find where Section 208 was located? Yes, we did realize it was upstairs but we couldn’t figure out how to get upstairs. I couldn’t help but laugh because we’ve been to this ballpark SO many times.

When we finally found our sections we were happy to see that Section 208 was a calm section. We sat next to an older biker couple. The husband was one of those guys that has tattoos all over his arms, wears the cut off Harley shirt with big boots, long ponytail, and has couple earrings. You know the type. He looked mean, but ended up being really nice. The kicker is when we told me he likes to listen to Dave while drinking wine on picnics with his wife. I was like excuse me, you go on picnics? I guess this proves that you can not judge anyone by looks, which I try not to do but fail many times. Also, Sister #1 and I were blessed to sit behind one drunk guy. He was pretty entertaining. He decided to join our section right as the concert started. Needless to say, we were all thrilled to have him join us in Section 208. He didn’t stay long because he fell down the stairs and found is friend Justin.

I guess you could say that Dave put on a great show for OKC. My August concert series started off great. Sunday will be concert #2…ZZ Top and Brooks & Dunn.


TC said...

I love the picnic line :)

Oh I've done that getting lost in a place you've been numerous times before. I'd tell you my most recent story, but I promised the other party it would stay between him and I O:)

ZZ Top and B&D? Together? Interesting. It's been years since I last saw B&D live, but they were fabulous in concert! Of course, they should have been, as they won entertainers of the year that year but whatever.

monamachel1 said...

Huh?? ZZ Top is with Brooks and Dunn?? That is weird.
I have heard DMB is really good in concert.

Renee said...

sounds like you had a good concert. glad that drunk guy left you.

love summer concerts. they have concerts in the park in my little town, but we haven't gone as they're all local bands. Dh would love to see some jazz, but DD would roll her eyes at that.

OK Chick said...

Yup ZZ Top and Brooks & Dunn. I agree, odd combination but it should be a good show.