Monday, August 11, 2008

I don't want to grow up

Graduation is in less than a week away- five days to be exact. I kind of assumed after I graduated things would be different in my life. In the back of my head, I thought the clouds would open and the perfect job for me would fall on my lap. Silly I know, but I guess that’s what I was expecting. So what do I do now? The clouds have not opened and the perfect job hasn’t fallen on my lap. I’m stuck and not for sure what I want to do. I guess now is when I should think about becoming an adult. You know, buying a place to live, owning things adults own, and thinking more about 401K Plans. Man, being an adult doesn’t sound like fun. I want to go back to the days of playing hide-and-go seek with the neighbors and making up dances in the garage with my sisters.


monamachel1 said...

I totally agree with you. I try hard to not be an adult all the time!! You can always get your doctorate!!!!

Tabs said...

ME TOO!!!!

TC said...

I'll drink to that!

(As long as it's water. I watched too many obnoxiously drunk people Saturday night so I prefer no alcohol for awhile.)

Renee said...

I totally agree, growing up sucks! Stay young. LOL!

I'm sure that something good will come along.

Scotty said...


re: your question... not sure, haven't been to either post-grad ceremonies :)