Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend Update

I’m doing Weekend Update when there’s really stuff to write about. I usually post a Weekend Update when the weekend was full of absolutely nothing. I end up wasting a post on dinner and a movie. Which don’t get me wrong dinner and a movie is exciting, but not meeting a famous movie star on the street exciting. Well, that didn’t happen this weekend but you get my drift. Anyway, here is my Weekend Update….

1st half
The first part of the weekend took place in Dallas. Yep, I high tailed it out of Oklahoma as fast as the Oklahoma wind would carry me. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I went to Dallas with Tonya and Suzy to see the traveling Broadway production of The Lion King.

The play was showing at a Civic Center located in the heart of the Texas State Fair. So our ticket to the play allowed us to enter the State Fair. In my opinion, Texas has a so-so state fair. It’s bigger than Oklahoma’s, but bigger isn’t always better. Bigger equals way more traffic and lines.

We walked around prior to the play for about an hour before we decided we’d had enough of the Texas State Fair. However, I did not walk away before trying the famous Corny Dog. Everyone and their dog told me I HAD to try a Corny Dog, because they were the greatest corndogs I would EVER eat. Well I disagree; I didn’t like the famous corndog at all. I think my elementary school cafeteria had better corndogs then this. I was mad that I waited in line for the stupid corndog. Also, Texas has this great system where you do not pay for food/beverage with currency. The good people at the Texas State Fair make you buy coupons. The coupons allow you to purchase food/beverages and ride rides. I do think this is a good system, but make the system known to the public. Otherwise, they wait in line for a stupid Corny Dog and realize you need coupons! By the time we made it to the play I realized I’d bought way too many coupons and the dumb Corny Dog had cost me $20! I could have wasted my $20 worth of coupons on something better like- Fried Cookie Dough! All in all the Dallas trip was very fun. I had a blast with Tonya and Suzy, and the shopping wasn’t bad either. By the way, the play was amazing! If you get the chance to see The Lion King, please go you won’t regret.

2nd Half
As you know, or may not know. Oklahoma is turning 100 years old in November. I know! Can you believe we’re already 100? I think we look pretty good for 100. Due to this monumental birthday all kinds of fun events have been planned. One was the Centennial parade that took place Sunday. And guess who attended??? Me. The Roommate, Jason, Tracy and I decided we could not miss this fun event. How could I miss a Macy’s type parade in my own state? Oh, they even had Macy’s balloons in the parade. Sure, they were the reject balloons from five years ago but whatever. The parade was very fun! I got to see famous people like; Miss. America, James Garner, famous astronauts, Shannon Miller, and some other people I didn’t recognize but were famous.
The roommate took some pictures so please enjoy the parade through these pictures...
(Square Dancing is my favorite-they danced in front of us)


Paul said...

I am jealous. I have seen The Lion King on Broadway twice now and I would keep going back. It has so much: singing, costumes, set, story... It's one of the good ones (behind Les Miserables of course).

I almost called up Jason to see what he was up to on Saturday and thought about coming down. But the fact that I just spent $1200 to fix my truck and another $1400 for new furniture, I figured my money was better spent elsewhere. Would have liked the square dancing though: swing yer partner round and a round, kick her in the butt and she'll fall down. Kiss yer partner if the night is young, and don't be afraid to use your tongue. Yee Haw.

Anonymous said...


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