Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Update

As I said yesterday, I had a jammed packed exciting weekend. This makes the second weekend in a row for me to have exciting events take place. Without further ado here is this week’s Weekend Update:


Friday night Holly and I had a pre-run dinner. It was great. Holly made spaghetti while I brought green beans and biscuits. It was the perfect prerun dinner.
I’m afraid that’s all I have for Friday night. I know it’s not TOO exciting, but it sure beats sitting at home watching Numb3rs. Although, I really like the show Numb3rs… I think the nerdy math guy is cute.


Here’s where all the excitement comes in to play. Please, brace yourself.

Saturday AM I woke up early to run a race with Holly. Saturday was Holly’s first race, and I’m happy to report she did great. We, along with 15,000 other people, ran Race for a Cure. Holly and I participated in the 5K part of the event and kicked butt. Sure we didn’t come in first place, like my coworker, but we finished. Here’s a picture to prove I actually do run races, like I always write about; and prove that Holly did along side me. Don’t we look fabulous? I guess we look as fabulous as you can look after running over thirty mintues, and waking up at 6:30 to run.
I believe I’ve converted her into becoming a fine runner. Yes, that’s me- improving one friend’s health at a time!

After the race I had to rush home because I was hosting a Southern Living Party at my house. Actually, my sister was hosting the party and I was just helping. So I guess you’d say I was cohosting? Anyway, Jamie and I had two hours to make oodles of food for our swanky party. I’m sure I looked goofy cooking in my running clothes, with my bib still pinned to my t-shirt, but whatever I was in a hurry and I didn’t have time to take a shower. Don’t worry I took a shower before guest arrived. Jamie and I were making the finishing touches when the guest started to arrive. The party was a success, because Jamie and I know how to throw party.

After the race and the party, I still had one more event before my Saturday was completed. My family, minus Jamie, headed to Stillwater to watch OSU beat Kansas State. The game was very intense and exciting. We were on our feet almost the whole game! This was my second OSU game to attend, where I was actually cheering for OSU. You know, I like OSU football games. I was raised as a Sooner fan, and I am fully aware that you cannot cheer for two teams in the same conference. I’ve read the ESPN Page 2 Fan Rules-I get it, but I like OSU football games. They’re fun. They do the Waving Wheat!



TC said...

If you look like that after running for 30 minutes, I know a lot of women who would like to cause you bodily harm (myself included?).

I’ve read the ESPN Page 2 Fan Rules


Whatever it takes.

OK Chick said...

I hope I don't look like that either. I look like a complete goofball! This is a horrible picture of me.

Suzanne said...

Good job on the running! What is a southern living party & what kind of food did you make???? I just need to know what colors you want your book to be...just e-mail me!

OK Chick said...

Southern Living is home decor stuff. Great stuff!

I made pumpkin dip, corn dip, pecan crusted chicken fingers, and these awesome brownie/pumpkin cupcakes.

TC said...

My point being, if I ran like that for 30 minutes, I'd scare children and animals away for life.

You look ridiculously good for having done that!