Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Ever wonder what goes through my head? Well, here are some of today’s thoughts.

Why can’t the copier and I get along?

Have I really had that on my pants all day?

When is this day going to end?

I wonder what liquefied Tofu taste like?

Do you really sleep better if you go to bed smiling?

Do I smell hot dogs?

Why can’t I remember that I hate Carmel?

Is 14 grams of sugar a lot for a container of yogurt?

Holy crap, I didn’t realize my arm would hurt this bad after a flu shot.

Why is my arm hurting this bad after a flu shot?

I just ate 3 Dove Chocolates in record time.

Is he following me around the office?

Why can’t the toilet let me finishing peeing before it flushes?

Dove Chocolate is amazing.

How in the world does Ryan Seacrest have that big of a house?

Does she realize she can buy a bigger size pants, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing?

Did it really take me thirty minutes to copy those pages?

How does she get her hair that cute everyday?

What am I doing wrong, maybe more hairspray?

Is it really just now 3:30! AHHHH

Why do I have to send a love note to someone? Why doesn’t someone send one to me!

As you can see, none of it is important. Althought, I just realized I think about food way too much! I wasn't even hungry today.


TC said...

Why can’t the toilet let me finishing peeing before it flushes?

I can't tell you the sheer number of times I've had that same thought! And then, the worst is when it flushes (and flushes... and flushes) while you're peeing, and then when you're done... you have to hit the manual switch to get it to flush!!!

d.j. iverson said...

i don't why this cracked me up, but it did. i guess it goes under 'its funny cuase its true'.

Krista said...

Who are you sending love notes to?

OK Chick said...

It was on a Dove Choc. wrapper. I will not be sending a love note out, because I have no one to receive the note.

Bone said...

I really enjoyed this tour around the inside of your mind.

Fortunately I do have answers to some of your questions. Or maybe just one.

Do I smell hot dogs?

Possibly. I grilled burgers and hot dogs last night. So that's probably what it is.

As for the copier, it's not saying "PC load letter" is it?