Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Dating Committee

If you remember about a month ago I mentioned my brilliant idea of a Dating Committee. If you read The Roommate’s Blog she dedicated a whole post to My Dating Committee. I was really moved that she would spend time typing up a post all about me. It really touched the heart! Anyway back to me, The Roommate has been hard at work trying to find me a date, with no luck. Although, we have had a few prospects. For example, the IT guy at her work was a prospect for about a day, that went over real well with me. Needless, to say I vetoed him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I have nothing against IT guys; they keep the Technology World running, and have more power at any given company then the CEO. But…actually I can’t remember why the IT guy got the boot. Hmmm, I’ll have to consult her about our reasonings. Nevertheless, we’re still looking for Mr. Perfect or Mr. Willing to take OKChick out…whomever we find first.

When The Roommate first took on the challenge to head up My Dating Committee she was assisted with a qualified team of two other people. Blogger World meet My Dating Committee:

President, The Roommate
The Roommate has known me for about…some years, I can’t remember how many years off the top of my head. We met in college. So around 5 years, give or take? I believe, The Roommate really does want the best for me and is willing to search high and low to find me a date. After all, I did help her get her boyfriend so she can at least get me a freakin’ date!

Vice President, Jamie
Jamie has known me for 22, no 23 years, nope 22 years. Right, my sister and I have known each other for 22 years; momentary brain fart! Anyway, I would hope my sister could figure out what I want in a guy. If not, I know she knows what annoys me, so at least she’ll keep me far from annoying guys.

Member, Jason
Jason is my friend. He’s one of my bestest guy friends. I’ve even traveled with Jason- overseas. It’s a true friendship when you can travel on an Europe on Speed trip, and walk away still friends. Jason brings male perspective to the committee. His wisdom will be much appreciated!
Also, I assisted him in hooking up with The Roommate, who is the President of My Dating Committee.

Newest Member, Hub
Hub comes to us from Dallas, Texas. The other day The Roommate heard an alarming static that frightened her. I can’t remember what it was, something about 29% and singles. Whatever it was, it scared The Roommate so she felt we needed to look outside the state of Oklahoma for additional committee members. Hub will be our representative in Texas.

Newest Member, Tabs
Tabs is another out of state member for My Dating Committee. Tabs comes to us from Portland, Oregon. I love Portland so I’m excited for Tabs to join the committee. Tabs job is to find someone for me in Portland so I can move there, work at Nike, and run all day.

So now Blogger World you have met My Dating Committee. I’m sure you will be receiving updates on their progress ASAP, or next year, or never. As for now, I must sign off as I have a very important meeting scheduled with Oprah. She wants to hear more on this to Dating Committee concept. I think she’s looking to book me on a show. I’ll keep you posted.


Kara said...

So I discussed teh 'dating committee' idea with my two roommates this morning (before reading this funnily enough) and they thought it was a great idea except for one problem - we all move in pretty much the same circles and know/meet the same guys!

So now time to look further afield simply for members of the committee!

Holly said...

I think that my Capitol Hill girls think I need a dating committee. They are always wondering (outloud) if I am going on any dates...I would really be frightened (yet somewhat intrigued) to see who they might come up with for me.

heather hub said...

do i get awards and/or prizes if i find the winning guy?

OK Chick said...

Yes you win a big prize. You win a big spot in my wedding! HA