Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update

I finished all my work in time to post a short weekend update. I know, you’ve been on the edge of your seat all day waiting. This weekend was another jammed packed exciting weekend. I believe this makes weekend #4 were I’ve had a life. Watch out folks before you know it I’ll be partaking in things like dinner at a restaurant. Step back!

Friday night I finally rented a movie. I haven’t rented a movie in years. Ok, that’s not true I had to rent two movies for my Ethics class. So strike the first sentence. Actually, I haven’t rented a movie that I’ve actually wanted to watch in years-that’s better and more accurate. Anyway, I rented a movie. Stacey and Suzy both came over for a relaxing evening of popcorn, M&Ms, and a movie. We watched Because I Said So. It’s cute. Oh also, has everyone had popcorn and M&Ms together? If not, you must try this!

Saturday night my sister and I had a Halloween party. I love Halloween and I like to throw Halloween parties. This makes my third Halloween party to throw at my house. It would my fourth but I was stupid last year and didn’t throw a party. But I do believe this year’s party was a big success. It was a costume party so everyone dressed up and then laughed at each other. The Roommate, sister and I were a group costume. The Roommate was Dorothy, Jamie was Wicked Witch and I was the Good Witch. Here’s a picture of my sister and I. The Roommate has more pictures up on her blog.

I tried to rest but my sister had other plans for me. She took me house shopping. Oh, I’m not moving she is, but we don’t really know when. I guess you could say she’s just shopping around.
I’m not a big house looker. I don’t know why because my family loves to look at houses. I guess I’m the black sheep in the family. But it was actually kind of fun to look at a couple houses. I did find her a nice neighborhood, where she found a super cute house.
Well that was the abbreviated version on my weekend


TC said...

I love Halloween, it's by far my favorite holiday!

Cute photo... looks like the party was more than likely a success :)

Bone said...



I was holding my breath for your weekend update. You have so much more of a life than me. My weekend consisted of going to the driving range, working, and watching football.

Somehow I knew you were the black sheep :)

Holly said...

I thought you had a Halloween party last year. Weren't we the Flintstones? Did I dream that up?

OK Chick said...

Holly- that was two years ago. Last year I did not have a Halloween party. I went to the Zoo, which was fun.

Tc- Thanks

Bone- I'm a good black sheep.