Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Fun Facts

Here in OK it's a lovely Friday afternoon. The sun is shining bright and the windy is slightly blowing. Today is the perfect pool day. However, I'm not at the pool. Instead, I'm doing homework and cooking for Sister #1 and I's catering event. Where is Sister #1 you ask? At the pool! Don't worry tomorrow my cute butt will be at the pool, and she'll be slaving away in the kitchen. It's an even trade. I figured since I'm the one playing Suzy Homemaker today, I could take a short break and post some Friday Fun Facts. SOOO for your enjoyment, here are Friday Fun Facts about OK Chick part II....

I cannot make Mac-n-Cheese. I always screw it up. It’s the noodles, they get me every time.

I would eat every meal outside if I could. Sometimes I think I'm the only person that likes to eat outside.

I do not drink Coke, or Pop as you non-Southern States call it.

I secretly like the show Reba.

I hate losing…even though I lose very often.

When I was in high school my guidance counselor told me I wasn’t college material. I’m thinking about sending her an email letting her know, not only was I college material… I was also MBA material! Of course, I will also attach a clip from Toby Keith’s “How Do You like Me Now” video.

I think one of my favorite songs is Red Wine. I’m assuming that’s the name of the song, they say it at least 100 times in the song.

I always have good birthdays. One year everyone in Hard Rock Café sang Happy Birthday to me.

The Sisters and I have never had a dog. Never.

The Sisters and I did have fish.
I don't watch American Idol.

Well this is all the facts I can share today. Sorry. The laundry is calling my name... very loudly!


monamachel1 said...

Why would a high school counselor tell a kid that??!! That is awful!!
I can't cook rice. Sometimes I can steam it and it will turn out ok. But reg rice, nope!!!
Good luck on your catering thing!!! Hopefully it will be a huge hit and someone rich will offer you lots of money for their rich person party then that one will be even bigger then they will offer you a show that will be better than Rachel Ray!!!!

Renee said...

mac & cheese is my specialty! but my family prefers Kraft. :eyeroll!:

I hope you get what monamachel1 wished for you...that would be cool.

TC said...

Our HS guidance counselor told a good friend of mine that she was pretty much never going to be able to do anything beyond being a CNA.

She's an officer in the Air Force today.

Douchebags, one and all.

Good for you.

Burg said...

Great guidance.. Nice educational system we have.

Scotty said...

No Mac-N-Cheese?!

Eating outside is the best. When I grow up I will have a table outside I can eat at all of the time.

Holly said...

I can't believe your guidance counselor said that! Not very good counsel. You should for sure tell her about your MBA.

Kara said...

Please tell me you're at least talking about real Mac and Cheese (you know with milk and flour and cheese) not that horrid organge Kraft stuff out of the box!!

I can understand real mac and cheese (it's all about stirring the milk at the right speed) but how could you not manage something that only requires snip, pour and nuke?!

OK Chick said...

Sadly's the box stuff. I can do the homemade Mac-n-Cheese.

Aubrie said...

I'm a closet Reba-watcher, too! High five.