Monday, July 7, 2008

Letters from Ok Chick

Dear Ann Taylor,
I’m wearing your skirt today, which makes me look super skinny and hot. I appreciate your slimming styles. I just want you to know that I will continue buying your clothes!

Ok Chick

Dear Bride,
I will not be attending your bridal shower because I was not invited to your wedding. But thanks for thinking of me when you were sending out invitations through MySpace.

Best Wishes,
Ok Chick

Dear Subway Worker,
I ordered a Veggie Delight sandwich, which means it’s just bread and veggies. I would appreciate it greatly if you did not skim on the veggies because that is all I’m eating!

Ok Chick

Dear Sun Chips,
I’m a huge fan of your Garden Salsa chips. They are fabulous and some what healthy. Keep up the great work!

#1 Fan,
Ok Chick

Dear Friend,
You’re not that busy, so shut up already.

Ok Chick

Dear Random Guy at the Mall that hit on me,
I know I look cute in Ann’s skirt but no. I’m afraid the answer is no. See, the thing is, I’m just not into you! Better luck next time.

Ok Chick

Dear Co-Worker who stole my parking place,
I know you waited to come back from lunch when I left. I just know it! I had to park 10 miles away from the building. Sure it was good excercise, but I was hungry!

Not Your #1 Fan,
Ok Chick

WOOO I feel better! Thanks to TC for letting me steal this idea.


Renee said...

whoa! you were invited to bring the bride a gift but not to the wedding? that's way too rude!

glad that your skirt looks hot on you! YAY!

TC said...

I'm trying really hard not to do a fun, giddy/happy little clap at my desk right now :) I love it when people find a small amount of inspiration from something I've done... hehe.

However... I have a question. It's still 2008, right? And is 2008 not YOY? If so... did random boy at the mall just flirt with you or ask you out? 'Cuz if he asked you out... O:)

OK Chick said...

Renne- I know! I kind of thought it was weird too. I hate to say rude, but you know weird in the rude way.

TC- Yea, it's still 2008. However, no. It's still my game so I can make up the rules as I go!:)

TC said...

Oh I see. Thanks for clueing me in to the new and improved rules 8-)

Emily said...

Dear Ann Taylor,
I love your clothes more than life itself. I really do. But I just do NOT have 300 bucks to drop on a matter how cute it is.

Thanks Tons!

d.j. iverson said...

genius idea.

Bone said...

Wait, wait. I wanna try.

Dear bed,

I miss you. Last night was bliss. I didn't want to leave you this morning. See you tonight.

Thinking of you,


TC said...

I may be needing help writing another letter to Text Boy. I'll keep you updated.

ann said...

I'm totally stealing this idea. :)