Monday, July 14, 2008

Please meet...

Blogger World, meet my new toy. I’m so excited to add this Polar Watch/Heart Monitor to my collection of gadgets that are supposed to help me run faster and farther. Between Little Shuffle and this Watch/Heart Monitor you should be able to track me from the moon.

Friday I purchased my new toy, and I’ve already used it seven times. I love it! This thing tells me my heart rate, how long I’ve been working out, how long my heart rate is at the top of my zone, and how many calories I’ve burned. Isn’t it amazing that a simple watch can tell me all this information? The only thing missing on this watch is

A few things I’ve learned since I started using the Polar Watch/Heart Monitor. First, my heart stinks. I want a new heart! I can’t get my heart rate up past 167, and my aerobics friends get their heart rates up to 179. This weekend I ran, went to 4 aerobics classes, and played tennis….and nothing. I was working hard, and I still couldn't get it past 167. The second thing is I could eat way more crap than I allow myself. In one my aerobics class I burned 400 calories. I knew that aerobics was working; Guy #3 always said my aerobics classed weren’t doing anything for me. HA! I beg to differ. The final thing I’ve learned is I have way too many gadgets for working out.


Renee said...

very cool! Ya know I thought it was a good thing that your heart rate doesn't go up too high when you're working out. I thought it meant that your heart is able to keep up with you without going beserk. maybe I'm deluding myself cuz my heart rate stayes low when I work out. The machines at the museum in the Hall of Life always tell me that I have a good strong heart...I'll stick with that info until my doctor tells me otherwise.


TC said...

I thought the same thing as Renee... that it's a GOOD thing it doesn't go higher than that!

That watch is pretty cool... I've been thinking about buying a pedometer. Any suggestions?

Bone said...

It would be even cooler if it had like a little mini Tetris game on it. Or if it could read your mind.

Scotty said...

Lower heart rate = better. What's your resting rate? I bet thats low also.

I want one, I have actually been looking at them recently. Now, I am jealous.

OK Chick said...

Renee- I just like to be with everyone else...a high heart rate.

TC- Sorry I can't recommend any good pedometers. Mine came from McDonalds, it was some giveaway. It works pretty well, for being free. :)

Bone- Good call. I might not run fast if I'm trying to play Tetris.

Scotty- It's pretty cool. The only thing I wish I would have gotten is the feature that tells me how far I've ran.

Kara said...

Oh I miss my HR monitor. It died last year and I never got around to getting it replaced :(

And your heart does not stink - in fact the opposite! The lower it stays when you are exercising the fitter you are! And 167 is just fine - my aerobbic HR is 142-169 - after that it's into anaerobic.