Thursday, July 3, 2008

Useless Information

After we celebrate our country’s birthday with lots of fireworks and hamburgers, we’ll have another birthday to celebrate. The bikini. Saturday marks the bikini’s 62nd birthday. I think the bikini is looking mighty fine for 62 years old! I mean, who can say that as they get older they get smaller? No one! SOOO here’s to you bikini. I hope you have a great birthday. I will be celebrating by visiting my local pool.
Sidenote: Today is my mom's birtday. So Happy Birthday Mom. A good daughter would have done a great blog dedication. I know...I'm worthless.

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Renee said...

well I won't be wearing a bikini any time soon...although I did wear the top to mine the other day...I had shorts on to cover my rear though.

Happy Birthday to your mom!