Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Updates

Oh my word, what a weekend. It was a crazy, busy weekend. It was so busy that it took me until right now to recover. Really, it did. I bet all of you are waiting for me to bust into how I spent Friday/Saturday at home watching reruns of Numbers. But I didn’t this past weekend. This past weekend I ventured out of my home! Since I’m sure none of you believe me, I’ll prove it in my WEEKEND UPDATES!

You know how I’m always cooking good food for my friends? Well my friend Suzy likes to do the same thing. Friday night she cooked for me and few other friends. It was a great meal. We had pork chops, mango salsa (or something like that), peas, bread, pasta salad, and vegetables. Then for dessert we had homemade ice cream and this strawberry pretzel thing. All of it was SO good. I ate until I was almost sick.
After dinner I rushed home to change clothes and pick up Sister #1. When I arrived home I found that Sister #1 wasn’t home alone. One of our friends from TX had come into town and wanted to hang out with us! So the three of us loaded up and headed here to listen to this man. It was fun! Also, Aaron Watson is a cutie! However, he has a wife, kids and loves them with his whole...blah blah!

I did the normal Saturday routine- aerobics, clean, and pool. I’ve become quite the pool girl this summer. It’s been three years since I’ve been able to be a pool girl and I’m loving it! If I ever become rich, I’m building a pool in my backyard. Oh and then I’ll have a pool boy take care of it for me. Yea. Where was I? Saturday plans. Right, so Saturday for lunch Sister #1 had a BBQ for some of her friends. A few of her friends were in town for a wedding, and Sister #1 cooked tons of food for us. Sister #1 always goes over board when cooking food. She made hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, potato salad, chips, salsa, and a massive cookie cake. She didn't make the massive cookie cake, it came from Wally World. By the way, Wally World has great cookie cakes. We are still eating on our cookie cake. If anyone wants some cookie cake let me know. It’s making me fat and I want it out of my kitchen!
Saturday night a friend had his wedding here. It was very nice. I’d never seen a wedding at a boathouse. But the wedding was very classy. If I ever get married, I might consider having mine at a boathouse. It's almost like being on a beach. I said almost! After the wedding a few of us went out around here. If anyone out there in Blogger World comes to OKC for a vacation. No, I’m not kidding! There are actually people that take vacations here. So if you become one of those people you must go to Bricktown. It’s fun!

Church in the morning, and came home to eat leftovers hamburgers. After the kitchen was cleaned I was off to the pool again! I love the pool, have I mentioned that? Also, I have a rockin’ tan right now. Don’t worry I am wearing sunscreen. Good grief I volunteer for the American Cancer Society.


TC said...

I haven't had homemade ice cream in... I don't know how long, but a long time. Yum!

Renee said...

busy gal! And whoa that guy was cute! at least eye candy isn't fattening! LOL!

I hope you get to rest up this week.

Kara said...

What on earth is a cookie cake??