Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Highlights

I survived Thanksgiving. It was a great Thanksgiving. I believe this ranks as one of the best. I was able to see pretty much my whole family, which is unusually for Thanksgiving. Here are a couple highlights from the Turkey Day.

I’ll just go ahead and get the cheesiness out of he way. Spending time with my family. It was wonderful to see a ton of my family. I saw grandma, pappaw, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, great grandma, great aunts, great uncles and random people that could possible be related to me. Ok, not really. Anyway, my extended family is LARGE. Well not LARGE but large in numbers, so sometimes I don’t get to talk to everyone. Trying to talk to everyone can take up the whole evening. But this holiday I believe I talked to everyone. Although, I mostly talked with the girls. We talked about make-up, moisturizers, and food. The boys talked about hunting and stuff I don’t care about.

Helping Sister #1 (Jamie) cook. Sister #1 and I cooked Thanksgiving lunch. I was the assistant. I made a pie, green bean casserole, peeled 2 sweet potatoes, opened a can of corn, and open the can of cranberries. Sister #1 did the rest, which included- dressing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, gravy, and deviled eggs. Sister # 2 made the tea. It was her first time to make tea, and she did a great job. I know it sounds like I didn’t do a lot but I did. I assisted in every dish, except dressing and pecan pie. I was still asleep when she made the dressing, and I don’t like pecan pie. Mostly I washed dishes. I washed more dishes then I ever want to wash again. But I must say, we did a super job on the Thanksgiving meal. No one starved, and no one had to eat a PB&J sandwich. Although, as we were setting the table we realized we’d created a meatless Thanksgiving. No Turkey. No ham. Whoops!

Watching football. I watched the greatest game Friday night. Go Razorbacks!
Finally able to wear winter clothes. Thanksgiving was the first day I’ve had to wear a coat. It was nice to wear my winter clothes. I love the cold. Oh and I was able to wear my cute scarf Holly gave me for Christmas last year. I looked very stylish.

NO HOMEWORK! It was nice to read books that have nothing to do with Economics or computers, the luxury of recreational reading. Now it’s back to Economics and computers.

Coming home to find the BC Clark radio commercial already being played. It’s the best commercial ever! It’s a jingle that is played every year during the holidays. It’s an Oklahoma thing.


Bone said...

Congratulations on the meatless Thanksgiving dinner. lol

That was a great game! I was pulling for Arkansas, too.

Holly said...

I am so glad you got to wear the scarf!

monamachel1 said...

It sounds like Arkansas was good. Congrats on that dinner. Meat isn't important!! I was happy Arkansas won too. Oh, and go MIZZOU!!!!!

TC said...

No turkey???

And you don't like pecan pie?!?!?! *Gasp*

OK Chick said...

Mona- you guys were missed.

TC- I don't like Pecans.