Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Oklahoma!

Today is a SUPER special Birthday Blog Dedication. On, November 16, 1907 my grand state became part of the United Sates of America. Today is Oklahoma’s 100th birthday. Happy Birthday Oklahoma!!! Wow, this year has been the year for monumental birthdays. First, it was the digital happy face, and now Oklahoma. What a year!

I know I complain often about Oklahoma. I gripe about the weather, roads, redneck people and weather people, but deep down I really like the state of Oklahoma. I feel that Oklahoma is an extraordinary state. I mean Oklahoma’s crazy weather could be a post all in its own, but I won’t go there. I think I post enough about the weather on this blog. Instead, I’ll share a couple facts about Oklahoma. No, I didn’t Google this information. These are all things I know…or things I’ve heard on the news/radio this morning.

-There are 25 languages spoken in Oklahoma.
-Teddy Roosevelt announced at 9:17am that we were part of the good USofA. We were the 46th state.
-We have had two state capitals. The first capital was in Guthrie, and for some reason we moved it to OKC. I can’t remember why it was moved.
-The first oil rig was drilled long before we were even a state. See, we were giving the country oil before even being recognized as part of the country.
-There’s a statue of an Indian on top of our capital.
-Oklahoma’s flag honors 60 groups of Native Americans.
-We were the only state not to have a dome on our capital building. It’s true! We couldn’t afford to build the dome. I thought it was cool that our capital building was different from all the other states. However, our Governor disagreed. Now we have a dome on the capital building.
-An Oklahoman invented the first shopping cart.
-We have a lot of Indian Casinos throughout the state. I didn’t hear this on the news/radio it’s just an observation.
-There is an oil rig sitting in front of our capital building. It’s still an active well too.

As you can see Oklahoma is a fine state. Oklahomans take pride in the fact that Oklahoma is our home. We love our state and our football! We have survived F5 tornadoes, bombings, oil bust and even the hideous fashion style of cut offs and mullets when being interviewed on national TV. So here’s to you Oklahoma….

We know we belong to the land

And the land we belong to is grand!

And when we say Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!

We're only sayin'

You're doin' fine,

Oklahoma! O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A


Suzanne said...

Great post! I was planning to do a bday post too...I may have to steal some of your facts! Btw...I bought the paper for your book, I just haven't had a chance to make it!

Bone said...

Happy birthday, Oklahoma. I like how you remembered Oklahoma and forgot your sister :)

OK Chick said...

I look forward to my coupon book.

I didn't forget about my sister, I just didn't have time to post something.