Monday, November 12, 2007

Tag, You're It

Sorry I didn't do this last week, but today I had time to squeeze in a quick post.

This feature is called, Tag, You're It, and it's similar to a meme. Each week, we'll choose a topic and answer it ourselves. Then it's your turn to answer it in the comments section or, better still, post about it on your blog. This week's Tag, You're It wants to know: What's your favorite place in your neighborhood?

I decided on Lake Hefner. Lake Hefner is in the middle of OKC. Really, some important people in Oklahoma decided to build a lake and put it in the middle of the city. If you think about it, it’s neat to have a lake in the middle of the city. Although, it’s not a true lake because you are not allowed to swim, water ski or even jet ski in the lake. So really it’s a large fishing pond, and rich people pretend it’s the ocean to play with their sailboats. Anyway, here are some of the reasons why this lake is one of my favorite places…

Running/Biking Trails. There’s a full trail around the entire lake. I believe it’s 10-12 miles to run/bike around the lake. I’ve never run the whole thing. However, last year Mr. T and I walked around the lake. It took us like 4 hours.

Races. You know I love a good race. I love to get up early Saturday morning to run. I really do! Most of my races are held at the lake. It’s a nice place to run. The scenery is pleasing to the eye and it keeps my mind off of running.

Restaurants. Some of OK’s finest restaurants are butted up against the lake. All of them have patio seating, which I love. There’s nothing better than sitting outside with a couple friends, enjoying a great meal. There have been a couple times I forget I’m in Oklahoma; I imagine I’m in Maine sitting by the beach. But then some redneck walks by and brings me back to reality.

Trees. Oklahoma is not known as a very tree loving state. We just don't have alot of trees, we love the tress but they don't love us. A handful of places around the state have trees and Lake Hefner is one of those places. They lining the trails, which is a nice shade when it’s 1000 degrees and you are trying to run/walk.


Anne Dayton said...

Wait, wait wait. They BUILT a lake in the middle of the city? How cool is that? And it has a lighthouse! I think I would love running here and then hitting the restaurants afterward.

TC said...

Wow... how cool would it be to be rich enough to say, "Hey, I want to build a lake in the middle of the city?"

Although, I don't think there is room for another lake in Madison. As an isthmus, we already have three. Of course, there is no lighthouse, but still. Lotsa water love going on.

May Vanderbilt said...

Um, was there an unknown donor who gave all the money to build the lake? If so, is it possible that this person has the first name Hugh?

This lake looks amazing. Ok Chick, I'll meet you at Pearl's for some crab cakes!!

Bone said...

But then some redneck walks by and brings me back to reality.

LOL Oh, that happens all the time here, too.

I love the water. Prefer the beach, but lakes are good, too.

Missed you at the wedding.