Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Due to my ONE demand for a new post, I thought I’d post something. Thank you Bone for caring and admitting you miss my Weekend Updates. Sorry, I didn’t have an extremely exciting weekend so I didn’t bother with the Weekend Update. I mean I was on an amazing streak with the Weekend Updates. I really hated to ruin it with a boring Weekend Update. So Bone, I thought I’d post some Ramblings. Will that work? I hope so because I’m a full paragraph into this post and there’s no turning back.

My sources,, sent me pictures of Katie Holmes/Cruise/married to short man who jumps on Oprah’s couch running the NY Marathon on Sunday. Ok first of all, if I ever run a full marathon I want there, I want them to take pictures, and then I want them posted all over the freakin internet. I’m serious! Ok, not really. But she looked good for running over 5 hours. OH and then she got all dressed up to go out later that night. HELLO, I totally do not believe that she was able to wear heels after running 26.2 miles. I could barely walk…for a week after I ran a HALF MARATHON. And let’s not even talk about what happen after I ran my first half marathon. I spent more time in the Medical Tent then actually running the 13 miles. Ok, moving on because I’m getting mad at Katie.

It’s finally Fall. I’m a fan of Fall. Today I’m wearing a sweater, because it’s the perfect sweater day. It’s zipped up all the way because it feels like winter in my office. No joke. I’m about three seconds away from busting out the gloves and hat. Yes, I actually have gloves and hat in my office. I also have an umbrella and beach ball.

I just got on MSN, and this headline caught my eye- Man Adopts Crocodile as his Son.
I truly believe society has lost it. Oh wait; this headline just restored society's creditability …How to Avoid an Embarrassing Gas Attack. I actually, laughed out loud when I read that headline. I didn't just LOL, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Sadly, the article wasn't funny it was serious. I guess that's a major problem, you know having embarassing gas attacks.

I played matchmaker this past weekend. I came out of retirement. I didn’t really retire, my friends just made me retire. I’m not allowed to disclose to Blogger World how the date went. They might read my blog and get mad at me.

I’m thinking for dinner I want little smokies. I’m a huge enthusiast for little smokies. Do you like I just used the word enthusiast while talking about little smokies? I realized I could not use the word fan because I’d used it earlier. I did some Shift F7 magic and came up with enthusiast. So in a nutshell this point is really pointless, unless you want to know A) what I’m having for dinner or B) how I just made myself look smart.

I believe I’m going to close on that last point. I really have nowhere to go from there.


Bone said...

Wow. I had no idea you were a little smokies enthusiast. Nor that you had a beach ball in your office.

Do you ever start hitting it around to other people in the office, you know like they do at ball games sometimes?

How were the smokies?

colin said...

new post new post!!

OK Chick said...

I usually don't play with the beach ball. I might start.

The smokies were amazing! I paired them with some mac and cheese. It was a great meal.

colin said...

I have is for randmom stuff and the other is for's broken down mainly for my parents. They'll read the Portland one to see what I'm doing or how super duper Portland is...the other is just for stupid stuff and they don't check it as often, but my friends do.

Kara said...

So how did the date go??

Come on... I'm sure they won't read the comments section ;)