Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend in Nashville

This weekend Sister #1 and I ventured to Nashville. Our friend Kyle was getting married, and we couldn't pass up a trip to see him get hitched. The wedding was beautiful. It was your typical church wedding, but the wedding reception was pretty fun! We gambled, ate, and listened to good music. For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures from our trip. Enjoy...

Look who I found walking around Nashville? Bone! Ok, not really. Bone, Sister #1, another friend, and I meet in downtown Nashville for a great dinner. We enjoyed a nice Smoked Chicken dinner at Jack's BBQ. It was yummy. Well, I thought it was it yummy.
The next day, Sister #1 and I visited The Carnton Plantation. This plantation was a hospital during the Civil War, because it was caught in the middle of a battle. It had a very interesting history.
After we looked around the house, we found this in the backyard. 50 Confederate solders were just hanging out. I guess this is normal in Franklin, TN?
Another plantation we visited had a free wine tasting. Of course, we took advantage of the free wine tasting. It was good...they were sweet wines.
The reception was at The Factory. It's my new favorite place. We had fun taking pictures at all the random things they had in The Factory....

At the reception they had gambling. I made some money. Of course, it was fake money but whatever...I won and that's all that matters.

The trip was quick, like all our trips, but we had loads of fun. Nashville is probably ranked one of my favorite cities. I would rank it at a 2b, with #1 being Portland and 2a being NYC.


Renee said...

Oh WOW! What a fun sounding trip and you got to see Bone too...he he! I need to check out the pix on FB too.

I may have to make a trip to Nashville, I've never been there.

Scotty said...

Nashville, or Nash-vegas is an AWESOME place.

I especially like how there is live music just about everywhere.

Bone said...

I still can't believe I got to meet OKC AND Sister #1! Nashville's always fun.