Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm throwing on my Louboutins

I have fully recovered from the tri. After the race I treated myself to a big fat cheeseburger and a delicious cupcake. Then, the next day, I rewarded myself with a massage. I'm big on rewards. But now I have moved on to training for a half marathon in April. It's all about running from here on out. I know, you guys are thrilled to have Running OK Chick back!

Anyway, today's post is about This Guy. First of all, I have decided on a nickname. It's R&R. However, I don't know if R&R will be around long enough to enjoy his blog nickname, so don't get attached to him.

R&R and I have hung out a few times, and most of the time it's been enjoyable. He's a nice guy and very considerate BUT, there's always a but, there are a few things that drive me nuts. Blogger World, I've tried to look past it, I really have. However, I'm kind of a high maintenance girl, as in I know what I want and I don't really take crap for anyone. For example, R&R likes to dominate the conversations. The dude will ask me a question and when I go to answer his question, he interrupts me. Most of the time I never get to finish my answer, because he went off on some tangent. Blogger World, I do not like this! If you ask me a question...DO NOT INTERRUPT ME! I don't think that's too much to ask. Do you?

Folks, as you can probably tell this isn't going to work....this thing between R&R. Tomorrow night we're going on a date. A real date. How do I end it on a first date? I'm really asking for your help. This is my Dear Ok Chick Letter to you. How do I handle this without looking like a jerk?


Renee said...

well first off I see you saying

OK: "Look R&R, I rea....."
R&R: "did you catch that program on CNN last night?"
OK: "ummm no, but I was trying..."
R&R: "but it was really cool it was on the abstract numbers of the ..."


R&R: "Hey! Why did you interrupt me?"

OK: "sigh! See ya later!"

Anonymous said...

Don't blow him off just yet. I know you guys have hung out a few times but maybe he's so excited when he gets to see you that everything comes out at once. If it continues say something to him about it. Such as hey R&R have you ever noticed you always interrupt me and don't let me answer the questions. He may not know he does this. But if you say something and he keeps on, drop him.
Good Luck
Sister #1

OK Chick said...

HAHA Renee, that made me laugh.

Michelle said...

so he fell asleep playing his game....yes, my 2 year old has played games on my iphone, for close to a year, so sad I know....

Emily said...

Ok Chick! You cannot write him off before the date has even begun!

Ok, I am an interrupter. I hate that about myself and I try to change. It's really my way of identifying with the person, to let them know OH MY GOSH ME TOO. So maybe it's just his way of letting you know that he's really into what you are saying.

Give a poor guy a chance.

The Lj's said...

Love the nickname ;)! Don't throw in the towel yet... He probably is nervous and talking helps calm him... Just cut him offf and say I was tryng to finish my answer to your previous question... He wil get the hint!

Anonymous said...

Call him out on it, and give him a chance to improve. If he doesn't, then give him the boot. Interupting is either a sign of nervousness or rudeness. Give him a chance to let you figure out which it is.


LB said...

Throw him a few hints, but don't write him off just yet. He may have other redeeming qualities that make you forget about the interrupting. But I think he's just nervous. Maybe be honest about it with him, and if he doesn't get defensive and owns up to it, then definitely keep this guy around a little longer...and see...