Monday, March 15, 2010

The way we roll

Hi. Around this neck of the woods, today marks the first day of Spring Break. Blogger World, Happy Freakin' Spring Break! I hate Spring Break. I hate it along with Summer Break. Since I no longer receive a Spring Break or Summer Break, I basically loathe any adult that receives these made up holidays. What? No, I'm not jealous some people receive a week off work for no reason. No. Seriously, I'm not jealous. Anyway, enough Debbie Downer...moving on to the real post.

One cold day in February I was looking at ariplane tickets, dreaming how great it would be to go on a trip. Southwest Airlines was having a killer sale to/from the following cities: Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis. I mean these tickets were dirt cheap, $39.
While dreaming of a nice weekend vacation the telephone inturrupted my thoughts. The following conversation took place one cold day in February.

Sister #1: What are you doing?
Me: Looking at cheap tickets.
Sister #1: Where are you thinking of going?
Me: Maybe St. Louis, so I can go shop at H&M
Sister #1: Oh, why don't we get tickets? It can be your birthday present. We could go for the day.
Me: OK
Sister #1: It looks like Tuesday, March 16 works for the cheap tickets.
Me: OK (getting more excited)
Sister #1: Now, this is your birthday present from me. You will not get anything else. Are you ok with that?
Sister #1: Alright, we're book for Tuesday, March 16th. We fly out at 6:30am and fly home at 8:30pm. Is that enough H&M shopping for you?
Me: YES!

Tomorrow, Sister #1, my mom, and myself are taking a day trip to St. Louis. The day will be full of shopping, eating, and more shopping. So, how is that for spontaneity?


Cap'n John said...

You' St. you can shop at H&M?

I know my wife was all squealing fan girly when the local Mall proudly proclaimed they they were getting an H&M, then was really bummed when they didn't have anywhere near the selections she knew the east coast H&M stores had,'re...flying to St. Louis to go shopping?

Actually if I translate this into local (Aussie) terms, it's not much different from when I used to catch the train into Melbourne, Vic. for the day. Being that I could get a Student discount on the already heavily discounted "Off Peak Super Saver" fare, I could go down and back for around $10 (but that was over 20 years ago).

And what did I do in Melbourne?

Visited numerous comic books stores and game stores ;)

Yeah, men and women aren't that different.

Renee said...

wow! I hope you have a great flight and a wonderful time. :D

OK Chick said...

Cap'n John- I plan to take my mom and Sister #1 to the Arch. They have never been to St. Louis. I guess we are doing something besides shopping. HA!

Renee- Thanks!

TC said...

Man, I gotta find me some tix to anywhere for that price!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cap'n John said...

Wow. Shoe spam. You don't see that very often.

LB said...

Yay for spontaneity! Can't wait to see the update on what you did, what you saw, what you ate, and what you bought! (in order of reverse importance)

PS: When I come to OKC for FUN, you will be the first to know! Driving all the way to Mustang, USA is fun and all, but doesn't allow for much flexibility when I am sitting in boring meetings all day! :)

LB said...

That's awesome! What a coincidence. Do you know lots of people who work for a particular publishing dynasty there? That's where I work!