Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dating 101

I’m a dating mastermind. I can dish out advice to my friends faster than…you. For example, you need help getting that super cute guy from work to notice you; I know the things that will get his attention. You need help finding a date to a basketball game; I’m the girl that loves to play matchmaker. What should I wear on the date; I have the perfect outfit. I have all the answers for everyone but myself. But this year, 2008, things are going to be different. Oh, I’m not going to have all the answers on dating. Yea, it would be nice if I had all the answers. If I had all the answers I’d write a book on dating and retire with the money I’d make. Imagine all the money I’d make. Anyway, where was I before I started dreaming of my future as a millionaire? Right, changes in 2008. I have declared 2008 The Year of YES! I need to start with the basics on dating. I believe the basics are going on dates. The Year of Yes will be dedicating to saying yes to all dates. Criminals, and cheaters are excluded from Year of Yes.

I have to say the Year of Yes started out with a bang. I had a guy ask me out three days after we declared 2008 the Year of Yes. Also, on that day another guy asked me out. THEN another guy asked me out a week after guy #1 and guy #2 asked me out! Can you believe it? Three different guys asked me out on dates. Oh, and these weren’t bad guys, they were cool guys. It wasn’t like I was gritting my teeth to say yes. I was saying yes happily! In my eyes, it appeared that the Year of Yes had been a fantastic decision! I was starting to think I had actually stirred myself in the right direction for dating.

Ok, so that was back in December. We started Year of Yes at the end of November. Now, let’s fast forward to the present date- January 9, 2008. Ask me how many dates I have had since the end of November?

You: OkChick, how many dates have you had?
Me: Zero.
You: But how can that be? Three different guys asked you out?
Me: I know, I know. What can I say? Actually, I have no idea what to say about this, except WHAT THE FREAK!
-End of conversation with myself, pretending to be you-

So as you can see, the Year of Yes has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. It appears I do not have a problem getting the dates. I guess the problems lies with actually getting the guys to take me on the dates, which I never considered a problem. I must say none of my friends have had this problem. I kind of thought it was a given that when a guy asked you out, you actually went out. I cannot understand how three different guys can ask me out, but NONE of them actually take me out. This must mean I said yes wrong. I do not know how you can say yes wrong? Do I need to say yes louder, quieter, more affirmative, or less affirmative? I need a dating course. Do they offer dating courses? If so, I guess I need one. Anyone, know where Dating 101 is offered?


auntlinda34 said...

SO let me get this straight?? 3 guys ask you out but never actually took you out?? What kind of loosers are they?? post their names... they need to be addressed! Lindz..I think you are pretty and very very funny!! I don't know what the deal is!! I think you need to move? Come to may end up marrying a future President of the US of A!

d.j. iverson said...

ouch. as a representative of the male species let me officially apologize. that really sucks, and then multiply it by three. as a guy that has asked a female out in the last month but not actually gone on that date (yet) let me offer some consolation in saying that the last six weeks are by far the craziest of the year. i'm sure the intention is there, but the follow through is simply lacking. it's still lame though.
hat's off to you though for the year of yes. that's a gutsy call. more power to you, and i can't wait to read about how that goes.

TC said...

Wow... that's seriously ridiculous! I can't believe they did that!

Maybe you need to change it to you "Yes and you better actually follow through with the date or I'll blacklist you, sucker."

Or not.

Bone said...

I really enjoyed your conversation with yourself, pretending to be me. Those really were the questions I would have asked.

Are these guys aware you could possibly score them some Cowboys tickets? AND you like Seinfeld?! What is wrong with these people?

monamachel1 said...

Well, atleast you got asked. You are three up on me!!

heather hub said...

next time, say "Yes. Now would be good." then just stand there with your hand out, waiting for them to take you somewhere.

Holly said...

Are you going to give me credit for being the other mastermind of the YEAR OF YES????

OK Chick said...

Aunt Linda- I can not release their names. I don't want to get in trouble. I might never get a date.

DJ- Thanks! All guys should be more like you!

TC & Hub- I will try your suggestions next time.

Bone- I know! I'm a catch not only can I get Cowboy tickets- I can get playoff tickets!

Holly- NO! This is my post. Write your own post about Year of Yes. Kidding. Everyone, this was Holly's idea. I just came up with a section two of our Year of Yes.